‘Flying Saucer’ Towed Through Their Town


It is usually a topic about which the authorities remain tight-lipped.

So transporting a flying saucer on the back of a truck in broad daylight was more than a little out of character.

Is it a UFO? Residents of County Cowley, Kansas, were stunned when a 32-ft mysterious object was seen being transported on the back of a truck

Or so thought the residents of Cowley County, Kansas when a 32-ft suspicious object was transported through their town.

Tongues immediately began wagging, with onlookers certain the object, barely disguised by a grey tarp, was a UFO.

The claims were only exacerbated when the local sheriff said he had been asked not to divulge anything about the mysterious craft.

But much to their disappointment, a spokesperson for aerospace company Northrop Grumman revealed the suspected UFO was actually an X-47B, an unmanned combat drone the navy hopes to land on aircraft carriers.

But onlookers weren’t convinced.

‘There was this funny sphere that went through on this big trailer and my first thought was, “That looks like a UFO”,’ shop worker Kammi Root told ABC-7.

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