Flying Saucers In the Ancient Orient

Report from Japan

The article “FLYING SAUCER IN ANCIENT ORIENT” of the 50th anniversary. I participated in CBA at the age of 16. CBA is a UFOLOGY organization of Japan founded in 1957. CBA communicated with the UFOLOGIST in the world, and the UFOLOGY organization.

One of the pioneers of UFOLOGY of Japan and Mr. Matsumura were aviation magazine reporters. He photographed the first Flying Saucer in Japan in January, 1957.

Mr. Matsumura and a co-worker observed Flying Saucers in Haneda Airport. This record is the oldest record in UFOLOGY of Japan.

CBA observed many Flying Saucers and Mother Ships. And the man from another planet’s voice was heard with the space communication machine.

In July, 1959, Mr. Matsumura got into the Flying Saucer and he went to the Mother Ship. Young men were assembled in the meeting of the universe from the world.

Mr. Matsumura photographed many UFOs from the airplane. He is the person who approached UFO most.

The organization of the universe (COSMIC UNION) was in contact with the earth from ancient times. The partners of a space organization are the kings of Persia, and the prophets of Israel.

People of the universe put emphasis on execution of “justice.”

According to Mr. Matsumura, “the law of the universe” is claimed with “justice.”

Our world is the “false” world.

There are much “hypocrisy” and “deception.” However, it searched for man’s ideal from the Socrates era. Socrates searched about man “virtue.”

He discussed a possibility that man’s ideal would be given by God. Does “God” exist really sure enough?

Here is a big problem.

“Language” and an “image” are produced by man’s brains. The figure of “God” is not visible to objective space. However, the ancients claim that Moses looked at God. It is claimed that Jesus Christ rode on clouds and ascended to heaven. “The son of God” rode on clouds and returned to Heaven.

Where is it with “a heavenly country”?

Mr. Matsumura of CBA showed some opinions about these subjects in the paper.

1. “God” is a human being with the advanced intellect which came from the universe.

The vehicles which…

2. “God” used are Flying Saucers and Mother Ships.

3. “God” taught the law to mankind.

4. Man lost true character by the “monster.”

5. Man is governed by the “monster.”

6. The ancient “monster” is alive in the present age.

In 1962, CBA investigated the ancient ruins of the Japanese iislands.

They did big discovery in Kyushu and Hokkaido.

History is record of “those who defeated the battle.”

The past of Japan was erased by the conqueror.

However, “erasure” was not perfect.

An Ainu people is a Japanese native.

They lived in the whole country in Japan.

However, they were north ousted by military power.

The ancients who live in Kyushu worshipped “the fire which descends from the sky.”

The “fire” was drawn into the ancient tomb.

It is the same as the thought of ancient Egypt.

The world after death was assumed to unification with gods.

“The fire of the universe” which came down from the sky was observed by CBA.

And many photographs of evidence were taken.

The fire of the mystery called “Shiranui” flew from the water surface to the air.

I witnessed them. On 1962, 1963, 1970, 1982, 1983.

I looked at the fire of the mystery seen on lunar-calendar August 1 once a year.

Such “luminous body of the universe” has been witnessed by people also all over the country.

There is the truth history of Flying Saucers.

Japan is surrounded by the sea.

“Fire in the air” often appeared out of the sea. People said “fire is God”.

The Ainu people are exiled to the north end.

They have told Culture Heroes.

The name was called “Okikurumi Kamui.” “Kamui” of Ainu language is the origin of Japanese “God =Kami.” The capital of Culture Heroes is called “HAIOPIRA.” HAIOPIRA is a place sacred for Ainu people. CBA performed between construction from 1964 to 1967.

Young men gathered from all parts of the country. “The monument of gratitude” was built by them in Ainu’s holy place. “obelisk”, “the flower bed of a concentric circle”, and “a solar pyramid” — it is this building with three.

And ,we built the artificial mountain. The deep hole was dug and the base rock was shaved. A lot of concrete was kneaded.

Those days, I was a young man in his teens. Night and daytime operated the winch.

Many young men looked at UFO on the holy place.

There was “glory” which shines before the young man who lines up and utters the voice of an oath.

The place is equivalent to “Moses’ mountain.” A certain woman saw the shining huge misty lump move at a low altitude. Neighboring residents looked at the form of “burning the bush” in the “landing point.” The clouds which carried out the form of the Flying Saucer intercepted the heavy rain. The nearby town was a heavy rain on that day. However, the sky of the holy place was fine weather.

Many “miracles” occurred.


The question to the UFOlogy person who lives in the world.

There is a tradition of the mysterious fire seen from ancient times at a specific place and specific time in Japan.

Although they differ in a name by a place, they are considered to be the similar air phenomena.

“fire in the air”, the “lamplight of a dragon” ” “a demon’s fire”, “unknown fire”, “a Tengu’s fire”, and “the fire of God” — there is a name.

A specific date is based on the lunar calendar. The many are concentrated on the New Year, and New Year’s Eve. Are there such any tradition and talk in the country in which you live? If there is record in the tradition and the old book of the mysterious fire, please tell me.

Kiyoshi Amamiya
Japanese UFOlogist


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