Flying Saucers Over the White House

A Biography of Edward J. Ruppelt,
a Man the Government Didn’t Want You to Know

“Do aliens exist?”
It’s one of the big questions of our lifetimes and was already answered in the 1950s by Edward J. Ruppelt, when he stated:
“We found out that UFOs frequently visited Washington. …fifty targets had been tracked from 8:00PM till midnight.”
Edward J. Ruppelt was not just an ordinary citizen. He was a U.S. Army Air Force officer and the first person connected with the U.S. government to seriously research the subject of extraterrestrial life. The U.S. government
appointed him to lead “Project Blue Book” in the early 1950s, which was the official U.S. Air Force investigation into the UFO phenomenon.
British author and UFO researcher Colin Bennett wrote Flying Saucers Over the White House, a unique biography about Ruppelt, which is for the first time being released in the Cosimo Books.
In this biography, Bennett not only describes Ruppelt’s life as a military man and UFO investigator, but examines his UFO findings, the military industrial complex surrounding his research and the subsequent alleged military cover-up of his conclusions.
This biography is indispensable reading for UFO fans, anyone interested in the fascinating life of Edward J. Ruppelt, and citizens who want to understand how governments can initiate investigations but suppress the implications when the results are unfavorable. Now sixty years since Ruppelt’s research, as we are still left wondering whether aliens exist, Bennett has given those interested in UFOs an opportunity to discover ufology through the eyes of the man who started it all.
The work of Colin Bennett, including Flying Saucers over the White House, has received wide praise from various corners: “While Ruppelt and his world belong to the past, the demons of Bennett’s [Flying Saucers Over the White House] are still with us—as you are about to discover.” —from the Introduction, by Nick Pope, UFO Desk Office, UK Ministry of Defence, 1991–1994
“Colin Bennett’s purpose in writing the book is to present Edward Ruppelt’s information to a newer, more open generation–to let it decide what it wants to believe. ……… This is a must read for anyone interested in the origins of UFOs, or in the reaction of the government toward what has become a respectable area of study.” —Todd Rutherford, “Publishing Guru,” 2011
COLIN BENNETT has written several books, including The Entertainment Bomb, Looking for Orthon, and Politics of the Imagination, which won the Anomalist Award for Best Biography in 2002. Bennett also wrote an introduction to Ruppelt’s book The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects (reissued 2011 from Cosimo Classics). After leaving school to become a professional musician, Bennett returned to college to study English at University of Oxford, Balliol College. He wrote several plays that were performed in London before reinventing himself as an electronics engineer
and founding a consulting agency. Bennett currently resides in London where he continues to write and discover new interests.
The Inside Story of Captain Edward J. Ruppelt and his Official
U.S. Airforce Investigation
with Introduction by Nick Pope
Cosimo Books, December 2010
ISBN 978-1-61640-454-3
Paperback, 172 pages, $16.95 / £12.99
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