Future of ET and Earth Change

Earth’s Changes Positive & Negative in the ET UFO Community – Aliens vs. ET
Theresa J Thurmond Morris 

There is a war going on in the universe as the energy we now regard as positive and negative.
Some of us may feel it in our own lives.
Some may go to their chosen church and know about this positive and negative pull on their own personal energy as that of good and evil.
Some who are of cultural religious backgrounds and especially Christians will know this as the evil Satan and the Good Jesus. The archetypes that we have chosen to use in America are predominantly white Anglo Saxon protestant.
One might go so far as to say that those from European descent came to the North American continent and founded the original 13 colonies that became what we now regard as the 50 United States plus territories under the United States government rules, regulations, procedures, as well as, culture and traditions.
This is under scrutiny today as there is a browning of America happening the same as is happening all over the world with ethnicity issues and religions of the world.
World dominance is not new but is actually history repeating itself repeatedly. Those who are about history, philosophy, and the sciences now have a larger say so due to the biology and technology being a part of the information and communication of today’s progress on this planet.
It is time that we all learn about each other in the global community as we widen our mental territory. With the new technology communication gadgets in the information age, we can all now know more, see more, hear more, realize more, and communicate our geographic locations and demographics first hand. We have all become aware of cell phones in the world or know someone that has one that is sharing the new information in the remotest locations around the world. Soon the whole world will know in all countries what a cell phone for communication may offer.
Capitalism deals with products and services as the best mode of transportation and communication process. We who desire to enter the Global Trade and Transportation highways are dealing with all countries that include what was once thought of as the third world countries.
We are changing our interests and learning to better the entire world with our sharing in shifting and uplifting the entire global population in this information era. This in the spiritual world will soon become the Ascension Age for the fact that we all desire to shift and uplift the knowledge of our spiritual abilities to accept our of body experiences as that resembling our essence leaving our physical unit containers at the time of our physical death on earth.
We will all die and we are hoping to assist the entire human essence sentient intelligent being species to understand that we are all the same humanoid species.
We are growing, changing, and communicating our known whereabouts and our needs to the rest of the entire global population. Some more than others however, the plan is working to shift and uplift the critical mass humanoid global population consciousness to a higher level of acceptance.
We will all learn to accept the world with higher expectations for the entire global species. We are raising our sights into the stars of where we once thought was not possible that is until we as a humanoid race set foot on the moon. This represented our ideal of what humankind then known as humankind could accomplish. It is known that it was the United States of America won the race to the moon by putting two Americans on the moon first.
We shall always hold that as a first major accomplishment for our entire humanoid species. The acknowledgement of the country and ethnicity of our origin stopped there on the moon. Since then, the world saw that this was a major accomplishment that the entire world could recognize and be proud of a major accomplishment of putting our kind in space on another planet although called our moon.
That was in the year of 1969 in the last century, the twentieth century. This is now the 21st century and we should be much further along in out eternal progression.
Those who believe as the majority does on earth are considered creationists!
We who believe in a God are all lumped into one category as creationists. This includes most religions that were created on earth. No one has considered the entire total history of all worldwide civilizations except through our history that we can find to prove that there were other manmade civilizations and world religions on earth. The world was once thought to be flat and yet we have older markings that can be seen from the sky that prove that while some beings on earth thought the world flat, there were markings on the earth that could be seen from the sky that prove otherwise. There are now maps that were created from overhead that at the time they were made was not possible.
We have reasons to begin suspecting everything that we once thought about our ancient ancestors and that includes the history and ancient artifacts found. There are new artifacts that are ancient being discovered daily. We need to regroup and rethink our present lifetime history that we have created now in not only the present but also how we thought our recent past in the last two centuries and all those prior.
We are about learning how much we thought we knew and how much we did not know or discover since we did not have as many archaeologists, biologists, physicists, astronomers, and other specified professionals. We need more professionals that can be trained for the future discoveries on this planet, in the water, lakes, seas, oceans, and on all land both high and low.
We are going to begin seeing the energy that some call ghosts and others call demons. We will begin understanding those who may be visiting earth who are considered both good ET and evil Aliens.
WE are going to being discovering that which we can learn to know always existed but were afraid to confront in our past for fear of being outnumbered.
We shall all now become aware of why all the wars were fought for not just land and survival but belief systems and the need to be ruled and the need to be right.
We are going to all become not only more intelligent and spiritual but changed in a big way.  Some as creationists are beginning to see this is part of which we are and is part of the major divine plan. Those who are evolutionists will see it as time for our entire species to evolve with our 5% difference and same DNA that has not evolved in our DNA melding together as one species.
The change will do our species well. We may be from various ethnic groups but we are all to become one melting pot on this planet. What it all means will be changing daily and directly at a faster rate of speed. We will not only improve on our physical levels but on our mental levels as well. We shall see beyond our existence as only one way on earth but as we shall learn more about physics and our traveling in space, we shall learn more of our outer boundaries and what we shall begin to create in space time and in the outer realms of this universe in the metaverse, xenoverse, Omniverse, and maybe even what lies beyond the present macrocosm we call the Omniverse created by the Omnipotent or energy that has always been we presently regard as the god particle and one God. We are given a migratory gene and it is time for the most enlightened and intelligent Shaman and Scientist to converse and begin conversations on this planet about what we expect to learn for future travel in space and in other dimensions that could exist in our outer other than two and three dimensions in space. Love and Light to all. TJ 

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