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We are pleased to inform you about an important book entitled ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’, a work that deals with some highly important current issues: from the controversial nuclear tests in the oceans and their dreadful future consequences to the much-discussed question of the existence of conscious beings in other planets of the universe.

With enlightening language, this book informs us about the existence of a huge heavenly body six times bigger than Jupiter that is approaching our planet Earth. We are told not only about the consequences of this approach but also about the true origin of climate change and the great geological activity that is taking place deep down on the sea bottom.


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Based on his direct conscious experience, the author, V.M. Rabolu, teaches us in his book the system to eliminate our psychological defects and the techniques for astral projection as the only formulas to face the forthcoming times.

‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ is the result of the author’s research in the superior dimensions of nature and therefore it is a book written with Consciousness. Anyone can experience themselves that the statements in this work will be progressively fulfilled over the time.

Due to the immense importance of this universal message for humanity, the Alcione Association is sending from Spain free copies of the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ to any interested person worldwide. In order to request a copy you can visit

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