Getting ‘The Feeling’

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Karen Meyers, a one time resident of Windsor, Ontario, recently submitted the following chronicle of her UFO sightings near Lake St. Clair, which began late in 2006.  Other sightings were near Lake Erie. There is a remarkable consistency between her reports and many others that we’ve received from the Lake Ontario region, including Paul Shishis and Allison Kruse.

Lake St. Clair from Space
(Landsat Photo)

Of particular interest to us, psychically and psychologically speaking, we find that “getting ‘The Feeling’ ” is an often reported characteristic of hundreds of UFO witnesses who either get “The Feeling” to go outdoors or to a particular location, only to see a UFO appear to them, or another group of people who get “The Feeling” to shoot a photo of a particular scene, sky or mountain, lake or ocean, only to find a UFO prominently in there photos, and bemused because they did not actually see it when they got the impulse to take the photo.

Getting “The Feeling” for UFOs
My UFO Sightings 2006 – 2007

By Karen Meyers

(Copyright 2012, KM/RDM – All Rights Reserved)

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

I have wanted to write to you for a while now and hope that you will enjoy my story. 
I started to have UFO sightings in the fall of 2006. 

When I say ‘started to’, I mean that evening was the beginning of what was to be, (to use a Fortean term) an experience of ‘high strangeness.’

A bit of background about myself might be helpful.  I was 37 at the time that it all began.  I’m a woman who has worked in the health care profession.  At the time I was married and lived in a small Southern Ontario town, Lakeshore.  I lived with my husband at the time but we have since divorced.  Our back yard included a deck with a hot tub and for many months I enjoyed sitting in it in the evening and watching the sky. 

A first sighting included my ex-husband, and myself and a friend who was visiting, however, she did not see what we witnessed, which was simply a small bright light that was slowly ascending in the southwest. 

The light moved on a straight path until suddenly it did a sharp angular turn on a point, changing its directions.  My husband and I were astounded but did not analyze it too much.   A short while later he had gone in, but I remained out in the hottub.  At some point I gazed up to the eastern sky.   I was amazed to see an orange semi translucent orb which was stationary until I spotted it.   When I saw it, it suddenly arced overhead to the west and disappeared out of sight.   To say I was surprised is an understatement.   I think I yelled out in excitement.

That being that, life went on.

I thought about what I had seen with great interest.   I was looking forward to the next opportunity I would have to observe the sky at night.  It was to be October 2nd, after 10 p.m. or so when I had gone out to relax and watch. 

I was alone and looking toward the east when I saw a light traveling fairly low as far as planes would fly.   I assumed that it was a plane, but continued to watch as it travelled. It seemed to move at a fast speed, relatively speaking.  I noticed that it did not display any blinking light whatsoever.

I realized that sometimes when watching the sky, it will take a moment or so before you can actually seethe blinking lights. (I think they are called FAA lights)  

More then a minute had passed and I could still not see the blinking light.  It traveled steadily south until it reached a point and turned sharply which meant it was now headed toward town (my location),. I watched it coming in steadily, it seemed to be increasing in brightness. 

I held my breath wondering how this would play out.  I could never have predicted what happened next.  As this light, which had now become a glowing extremely bright white, got to the point where it was above where I was, it shot down like a missile toward the ground.

As it reached its lowest point it became a brilliant orange and altered its shape to become first a horizontal glowing orange line, then just as quickly, a glowing orange vertical line. 

After its morphing, it shot up again like a missile and completely out of sight. 

Shocked doesn’t accurately describe how I felt after witnessing this. I walked back into the house after this and told my husband. “You wouldn’t believe what I saw”

I knew that it would be hard for anyone to believe this story if I told them.  It was so incredible. After that night things started to get very strange.

When I thought about what had happened that night, I could not help, but lean toward drawing a connection between the thing that shot down and myself.  I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  I learned after some time that I couldn’t speak to just any one about these sightings.  It never ceases to amaze me how closed-minded some individuals are. 

Nevertheless, things continued to appear in the area around my home. 

Often times I would spot these white objects, which seemed to vibrate as they moved silently high in the sky. 

That was the other thing about the object that shot down.  It was silent.   Everything I witnessed was silent. 

One night, I was out alone, (my ex-husband and I worked different shifts so I was usually sitting out there by myself) observing the beauty and the stars and looking for anything unusual when what I believe were two of these vibrating objects appeared suddenly, travelling at a rapid rate, but then they came down much lower.  

I don’t know how to explain this, but when they went by they seemed to pause for a moment above me.  I’m not sure if these were the same white vibrating objects that I would see at a much higher altitude but one thing was for certain, these ones were white and vibrating intensely. 

At times when I saw the white objects high up there, they would be in groups of anywhere from 2-12. 

As this went on for many months into the fall and winter, the things that I saw, which were unexplainable were too numerous to describe in this article. 

There were other effects as well though.  Sometimes I would feel what I can only describe as a ‘pull’ to go outside and look up the sky.  Sometimes it would be accompanied by a sensation of my energy level dropping drastically. 

The times that I responded to “The Feeling,” I witnessed a few different things. 

Once it was what seemed like ‘flying rods’ darting between clouds on a semi-cloudy day, late in the afternoon. 

Another time (and I know that this is another escalation of the “weirdness quotient” of my story), I saw a craft, which was triangular moving between clouds.  It wasn’t one of the huge triangles that have been witnessed by others, but smaller, looking more like one of the modern jets like an F-16 or something, but not exactly that.  There was no noise to it whatsoever. 

Time passed and spring 2007 arrived.  I was still continuing my nightly vigil, making note of my sightings to a forum on a website about UFOs and aliens etc.  I was getting some great support and feedback from the individuals there, and still have friendships with some of them. 

The ultimate sighting occurred at the end of April 2007. 

What happened that night was/ beyond bizarre and I will live the rest of my life wondering what it was.  It was wondrous and I don’t know why it happened.

 It was a beautiful evening on a weekend.  It was so clear with no clouds and a balmy temperature.  About 11 p.m., my husband and I decided to go and sit outside in the hot tub.  I was in a good mood because I was happy that I had him there that night in case something happened …I would for once have a co-witness.
We were sitting on the side of the tub with just our legs in up to the knees, chatting.  I was telling him what to look for and whatnot.  As I told him, that we always have to ‘look to the east’, as the words had just been spoke what I then saw caused me to yell out, ‘oh my God there they are!’  My shouting startled him badly and as he started to tell me to pipe down his exact words, were, “Would you.. .’ and then he stopped mid-sentence as he saw what I was seeing.  There were multiple, what seemed like orbs of lights.

I counted nine in all.  However it wasn’t just what I saw that blew my mind by what these ‘lights’ did as they passed over as at an incredible speed.  What I saw was these nine lights, which were organized into 3 groups of 3, pass over top of us, but as they did they rotated their position in the formation, shifting, but maintaining the 3 groups of 3. 

My husband was stunned, saying things like:
“Oh my god!…
“Holy sh-t!”… …
”What the hell was that?”

There was no sound at all to them they just appeared from behind the tree line from the trees around our neighbor’s yard.  What has also stuck in my mind from that experience was that those lights, that night, seemed to appear as if on cue to what I said.  

I decided to buy a camcorder after that night and see if I could capture something on video.  There were some things that showed up and I even posted a video on YouTube. However, the spectacle of sightings was most vividly seen first hand. The camera didn’t have the best night vision capabilities and night was when most of the activity occurred.
What caused all of this activity?   To this day, I wish I knew.

I came to believe that perhaps there was an inter-dimensional porthole somewhere close by.  I no longer live in that area and haven’t been back, at least at night, to observe.  The sightings preceded a time of great change for me. There was a death in my family in May of 2007 and eventually it ended up that I had to leave the area. 

What happened there is something that will stay with me forever.

Karen Meyers
Formerly of
Windsor, Ontario


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