Ghost, Demon or Something Else?

By  Lura Ketchledge

There are more questions than answers in my true story. Before this experience I did not question if there were demons. To put it bluntly I thought demons were made up fictional creatures like the boogy man.

My experiences with ghosts for the last twenty five years have been positive and comforting. The few times I have been truly frightened by a ghost I later realized my fear was a misinterpretation of the situation, not a threat.

Twenty five years ago back when I was a ‘babe’ it wasn’t unusual for me to draw attention from the opposite sex. Sorry to say with age and time all good things end.

 My story begins with something every driver dreads, going to the division of motor vehicles office. It was a sunny day in Florida and I was wearing a trendy, vulgar looking outfit that I mistook for good taste. As I entered the building I saw an odd looking man ushering people into a line. My first impression was that he looked like a troll in a fairytale. He was bald on top, had long dirty hair on the sides and was ready to explode out of his clothing like a stuffed sausage. Worst of all he appeared to be disgruntled with his job like a postal employee that dreams of killing all his co-workers!  When he looked at me I politely turned my head away and got in line. I had a busy day ahead of me and I quickly forgot about the odd man once I left the DMV.

          Back then I lived near the beach off a main road in a small rented house. I can’t remember if it was that night or the next night after I went to the DMV when it happened. I went to bed the night in question right after the news and quickly fell asleep. Around two in the morning I was awakened by footsteps and a man whistling in my living room. The tune he was whistling was loud enough to wake me and the idea someone was in my little house terrified me.

The intruder was blocking my only exit so I pretended to be a sleep. With the lights out I could still see and prayed he would walk past my room .The element of surprise was not in my favor and I feared for the worse. There was something sinister in the air something horrible about to happen to me. The whistling stopped abruptly as he entered my bedroom!

            It was him that little Troll from the DMV or was it? His body was off white not completely white but close. He looked like a ghost but I knew it couldn’t be a ghost because the man at the DMV wasn’t dead he was alive! The Troll felt menacing to me like a villain in a slasher film .He came toward my bed and sat down facing me! He knew I was awake and he grinned when he looked at me. I knew this was a supernatural event something bad, almost evil .I felt like I was the target and something horrific was going to take place!

Was it a bad ghost or some sort of demon taking the shape of a man I had casually met? Was it possible for the Troll to astral project and come to my house to hurt me? There was no mistaking he wanted to inflict injury! Did I remind him of a girl in high school that had snubbed him or a co worker who had turned him down? When you are terrified out of your mind you never forget the face of the man who wants to kill you. I saw the contempt in his eyes and his disregard for me as a human being. All his body and clothes were whitish in color and as he reached out to touch me he vanished!

I was in a dead panic at this point. I wanted to phone the police, rouse the army and call up the National Guard! Instead I turned on all the lights in the house, woke the dogs and patrolled my house in search of the Troll who had invaded my home. At this point if he wasn’t dead already I wanted to kill him!

Why had this man come to my house? What did I ever do to him to make him so hateful? Was it a demon masking him-self appearing in another form? Is that even possible for a demon to do? I have read about astral project but how in the world would that creepy man know where I live? Could a ghost even whistle? I have asked myself these questions for years. So far I haven’t figured out the riddle.

I broke my lease to my house and moved a few weeks later back to New York. I can only tell you the facts of what happened that night the rest is speculation. So far the Troll hasn’t returned. A mystery still surrounds that night in a little house near the beach. Was it a demon, was it a ghost appearing as another, or was it something else?

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