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Richard Palmisano is in my thinking one of the best Ghost Hunters out there. I say this as he is one of the few that goes about looking into this part of the unknown in a logical careful manner using the best methods and people he can find.
When Richard takes on a case it is given time and hard work . Richard and his ghost hunting group  known as  ‘The Searcher Group ‘ conduct a full investigation before making any judgment or report on the case at hand.  Richard and  his team do not visit a possible haunted area for a few hours and call it an investigation. The Searcher Group take whatever time is needed to work out what is going on in a place considered haunted.
It may take days or even as along as a year to figure out what is happening . This paranormal team does not jump to conclusions or spend a few hours falling over themselves before making incredible statements. Richard and his team of investigators do the work the right way in careful methods until they can find the answers to the areas and events they are called to investigate.
Richard has been working on a new book “The Ghosts of the Canadian National Exhibition”. This was a long term in-depth investigation into the grounds and buildings of one of Canada’s most recognized locations.  This book will be coming out this July and can easily be found on Amazon.
“Ghosts of the Canadian National Exhibition” was a 13-month investigation of one of Canada’s most iconic locations. The Searcher Group investigated the grounds and buildings discovering this location is by far one of Canada’s most haunted locations. The book is packed full of information on the spirits who roam the buildings in this investigation supported by over 30 photos.
I recently talked to Richard about this long interesting investigation of an area in Canada long known to be haunted, to see if he found evidence of  things unknown.
Richard told me that he and his Searcher Group did encounter many odd activities and experiences that seemed to give them reasons to feel the areas that they spent time looking at were indeed  haunted.  Hearing this from a man who is the most logical skeptical investigator of  all things considered  haunted – I  knew this had to be an interesting investigation.
While talking with Richard,  I asked him if he encountered any events that were solid in his thinking or involved any concrete proof. He told me in fact he  had.  During his yearlong investigation for his new book he spent a great deal of time at a site that was  once a battlefield.
Not only was this area of land a battlefield it also served as a burial ground for those who were killed during the battle. It was a case of the men being dug under where they were slaughtered.  The battle on this land happened  during the war of 1812.
The battle took place when General Pike attacked Fort York during the war of 1812. 
The battle itself on this area of land took place in the year of 1813. During this battle many men died yet their remains were not given, at the time, the respect or dignity that a military man would ordinarily receive. The remains of the fallen military men were simply buried down where they fell without fanfare or markings. It was a sorrowful sad time for all involved.
The battlefield years later  in 1860 was turned into an official Military Burial Ground. However the men who fell and were buried there from the war of 1812 remained  without care or concern.
During the research for the new book that investigated this area The Searcher Group spent time in this battlefield/cemetery
The Searcher Group had been told many strange things had been heard and seen in the battlefield / cemetery site for many years.  The group spent careful days looking into these claims. During their research of this site  The Searcher Group brought one of their gifted mediums to the area for input.
The medium told the group a strong sensation of injustice was coming through from the site.  The feeling came from the injustice done to how the fallen men of the war of 1812 were discarded during the battle of 1813 when Pike over took York.
Although those who fell since 1860 when the site became an official Military Burial Ground were honored those who fell before it were left in shallow unmarked graves. The sensation of their injustice was clearly and powerfully felt by this medium.
The Searcher Group of investigators were together in a group standing in the middle of this battlefield/cemetery discussing this with the medium when to everyone’s astonishment one of the teams members , Richards brother Paul, was hit in the head with a flying object of some kind.
The man reacted to the ping in his head with the others watching as the item flew from nowhere and hit him upside his head.
The group watched as the object fell to the ground.  Paul bent down and  picked up what had just pinged him in his head. The group was astonished at what he found.
There before them on the ground was the item that hit Paul which was a British half penny of  lower Canada dated 1812 with King George the third on one side and Lady Justice on the other!  

Can this be a anything other than the injustice of the past hitting this group directly in the head?  I think not!
Without question the past came to life on this battlefield by way of this  old strange penny arriving out of nowhere and landing directly into the hands of this investigative team. The Searcher Group has no doubt that they were informed that the fallen and forgotten of this battlefield/ cemetery made it clear they indeed have been laying in wait to expose their feelings of disrespect and lack of honor by way of their tragic burials.
I have attached a photo of the actual penny that the researcher Paul was hit with at the battlefield/ cemetery. If you look closely you will notice a small hole drilled into the penny. As a history buff  I know that it was common practice at this time in history  for the soldiers to commonly drill holes in their coins so they could place them on a cord or string to wear securely around their necks or around their wrists. Uniforms at the time were not designed to keep safe the coins of the military men so this practice of small holes in the coins was the preferred  method of carrying money. I immediately realized hole in tact on the coin that this most likely was a real treasure find of The Searcher Group during this investigation.
I asked Richard Palmisano if he had given the penny over to any of his trusted medium contacts to see if any further information could be arrived from the strange coin. He told me he was not able yet to do so  but will keep us updated if anymore can be found via the teams mediums from the coin from nowhere that invaded our space and time to make a point!
The group soon found they were drawn time and again to this mysterious haunted field of battle now graveyard where they had other strange encounters and events occur during their investigation.
Richard told me that once while the group was walking through the cemetery  they encountered a strange glowing mist develop in the trees that came from thin air out of nowhere and just as suddenly disappeared. They could not find or figure out the source of the mist but where able to capture a photo of it seen below.  


Richard’s  investigations of the unknown are always first on my list of encounters I want to learn about. I know that his team really researchers with care, time,  equipment and proven experiments the truth in  his area of the paranormal.
I will try to keep updated on  The Searcher Group and will continue to write about their uncanny real encounters with the unknown of haunting and ghostly activity. 


Ghosts of the Canadian National Exhibition

The Searcher Group
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