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During the holiday season I was able to visit and catch up with friends and relatives. One of my friends comes from a large Irish family living here on Long Island New York. My friend told me the following account of a strange situation that took place with his family during the past year. His life and that of his family was both saved and changed by the warnings of his mother’s ghost. Below find the story exactly as my friend shared it with me. This is what he told me happened to his middle brother as well as his older brother and sister. The event took place on the east end of Long Island New York:

“My middle brother, a few years older than me, owned a large house on the east end. He raised his family in the house as well as had a wing added that my mother lived in until the end of her life. My brother lost his wife when his son was about 10 and the fact that  my mother was there worked out well for my brother and his boy. 

My brother’s son grew up and got married, my mother passed away and my brother no longer wanted to live alone in the big old empty house. His son married a local girl and my brother gave the house to his son to live in with his new wife. My brother now lives near my house which is close to his work and the rest of our big family in the center of Long Island. 

After a few years of marriage my brother’s son, who now lived in my brother’s house, decided to renovate and expand the old house in to a huge modern home. This was around the time my brother started to notice a cold odd behavior towards him from his son’s wife and her family.  

My brother and I come from a tight knit close family.  Although we did not mention it to our brother the rest of the family also noticed odd, rude and unkind behavior towards our family from his son’s wife and her family.  It was not a major issue but it was a fact that none of us enjoyed spending too much time with them. The young woman was often disrespectful and insulting to many of our family members. Her family treated my family coldly as well as being just flat out rude.   Since we do not act this way towards one another dealing with these unkind unpleasant people was new to my happy loving large family. The young wife and her family had a dark negative energy about them that was clearly recognized by all the members of our warm happy Irish clan. We all shrugged it off and tolerated it for the sake of my brother’s son. We all thought as long as he was happy nothing else mattered.

My sister and I noticed that our brother seemed depressed and preoccupied at times and decided to ask him what was worrying him. He told us his son seemed upset and unhappy and he was worried his son’s marriage was in trouble. He hoped that the new house project would bring enough joy to the couple and that it would help carry them over this rough spot.

My brother also told us that he had taken a ride out to visit the renovation of his old house that his son now owned and had experienced something that had him deeply upset and concerned.

He told us he had just finished walking around the construction site where he felt a cold uneasiness around him and  the house. He said he could not put his finger on it but felt a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach as he walked around the newly framed part of what was once his old home. He said it seemed joyless and cold and this really upset my brother.

He was walking back to his car to leave when something caught his eye. My brother told us that there standing in the middle of the back yard about 25 feet away from him was the clear defined figure of our deceased mother. He said she was in shades of grey, black and white but clear as day -there stood our mother looking directly at him.  My brother was startled and just stood there in shock looking at our mother’s ghost as she looked directly back at him. He said he think he muttered the word “Mom” but was not sure if he said it out loud. He said that our mother just stood there.  She was not smiling in fact she   looked concerned and finally she said to my brother the word “Jake”. With that my mother disappeared. My brother became upset and headed quickly to his car and drove home. 

My sister and I did not know what to make of it. Jake was a longtime friend of  our family who we knew since childhood, in fact we all grew up with Jake. Jake sold insurance in the town where we all lived as kids. My sister and I thought our brother’s experience was odd and unnerving to say the least.

My brother was very upset by this vision of my mother and continued to show signs of upset and depression.  We soon found out that his son was becoming distant and cold to my brother as well. We were concerned about the unfolding events.

My  sister  decided to talk to our oldest brother about the changes taking place in our brother’s life and his vision of our mother. My sister and my oldest brother decided to take a ride together to visit the house to see if they could figure out what was going on.  

My sister and my older brother drove out to the construction site of the house to find they just arrived as the young wife was leaving. They pulled up to the house and got out of the car. The young wife marched up to them and without a greeting of any kind yelled at them” what the hell are you doing here?”  She told them to stay the hell away and got in her car and sped away. My older brother and sister were stunned at her actions. My older brother felt something was very wrong and he and my sister walked around the outside of the house being renovated. They too felt a strong bleak dark unhappiness around the house that was upsetting and sad.

My brother and sister decided to leave the property and turned to walk back towards the front of the house where their car was parked in the driveway by the newly constructed garage. They both stopped in their tracks as they came face to face with the ghost of our mother standing before them at the corner of the new garage. Her colorless image stood grimly looking at them. My brother and sister stood frozen next to each other at the site of our mother’s spirit standing before them. Suddenly both my brother and sister heard my mother’s voice clearly say the name -Matt-O- to them. With that she dissolved into a mist and vanished before their eyes.

Shaken and shocked my brother and sister ran to their car and drove quickly away from the house. They knew that our mother was going to great lengths to show herself to her children and also without question was seriously trying to warn us about something. As they drove home they tried to piece together what was happening to the family with the two strange visits from their mother’s spirit and what she was trying to convey with her message of the two names.  Jake which was the first name she gave is a longtime friend of the entire family . Matt-O is a cousin of the families on our deceased mother’s side who is a local Police dectective. My brother and sister thought it wise to visit each one of the men to see if they could find a link to their mothers visit and their brother’s unhappiness.

The next day my oldest brother and my sister went to visit Jake at his insurance office in town.  They knew Jake well and did not hesitate to tell him about the strange appearance of our mother’s ghost at my other brother’s old house.  They explained to Jake how our brother had given the house to his son and his wife and told him about the renovation being done to the house. They also told him about the odd nasty behavior of the wife when they drove up to the house the day before.

Jake sat and listened carefully to my brother and sister. Jake seemed concerned but not shocked by the report of our ghostly mothers visit. Jake explained that he had been meaning to contact my brother as he was confused by recent phone calls by my brother’s son’s wife in regards to the amount of life insurance my brother had and if it would be possible to increase the amount as a surprise to my brother as a gift from his son. Knowing this was a strange request Jake only told the young wife he would look in to it and left the matter standing until he could contact my brother to see what was going on. Jake knew at once the request was sinister and was trying to figure out a way to approach my brother with this odd request by his son and his wife. 

Jake suggested the family contact Matt-O to ask his advice on this delicate situation as he was family and a detective in the local police department and would know if there was any reason to be concerned by all the strange actions of my brother’s son, his wife and her family. Jake also thought that the visit of our mother’s spirit made it clear she felt it needed attention which she made clear by making two visits to her children.

My brother and sister took Jake’s advice and did visit Matt-O.  Matt listened to my family tell the story of the strange behavior of my brothers son and his family as well as the visit of our mothers spirit. He called Jake and spoke with him about the insurance requests and told us he would look into the matter and get back to our family if he found anything odd to be concerned about.”

This is the point where this story ends as far as my friend relating it to me. The rest of the story I will tell as delicately as possible.

 My friend’s brother and sister were called about a week after the police detective told them he would look into the matter. I will not go in to details as it is too painful for all involved. I will tell you that plans were being made to harm my friend’s brother by his son’s wife and her family for the reward of money and my friend’s brother’s estate. The plan was sloppy, easily discovered by the detective and cruel.  Sadly people were arrested and family sent to prison.  It was heartache to all concerned and a needless crime of greed hate and anger by evil mean people. 

Without question this  is an awful story with a bad ending however the ending could have been far worse if not for the love of the families mother who even in death found  her way  back to warn her children about the plot to end her sons life. If the spirit of their mom had not warned three of her children to this danger the outcome may have been far worse for the family. 

Sadly this destructive event  has caused pain and sadness for all involved. It was the work of evil people planning harm to an innocent victim. There is no way for this story to have a happy outcome which is truly sad for all concerned. It also makes me wonder if those who spend their time on earth doing mean spirited harmful things understand that they one day will pay for their vicious  deeds. One thing I think we all can agree on is that karma can take time but for sure be it this life or another payback takes place and as the saying goes- “payback can be a bitch”!

Needless to say this family did not need this event to believe in the afterlife. They already had a long understanding that the spirit continued on. The visit of their mother to warn them about this devastating  plot was listened to and her direction followed by her children who knew she loved them and was trying to warn them. Together they weathered this storm and together they pray often for peace and happiness of their mother’s soul and thank her for continuing to watch over them.

I found this to be an extreme story and took time to think about relating it to others via this article. I decided with the permission of my friend to write it in hope it will somehow allow others to open their hearts and minds to things they may reject or fear. I personally think that the love we have for the people in our life does follow over to death. I think that the good and love part of being a living human being is the entire reason for life.  It is our choice and our test during each and every day of being alive. We face love and hate as well as good and evil daily. It is our choice and our fate how we handle it . Without the balance of love light and good  you have only darkness and evil.  The only thing that can combat that in life or in death is the love we develop and the good we do while living our human life.   When making a choice think of these things and understand the right way will last with you far past this one lifetime. Here is to good choices, choosing to do the right thing in life and as much shared love as possible to fill our days while  walking this earth.

Cheers to our New Year

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