Good or Bad Space Aliens?: Aliens, Who Abduct People, Are Really Good?!

By Paul Schroeder

 Years ago, I would have sidled away down the bench a distance from anyone who broached this subject; they must surely be some kind of crazy.

You’ll notice, that the partial title above,  is labeled,  “In-House Letters from the Lunatic Fringe” .

Though I have moved a distance back, closer, on that bench, to such discussion, I still know that it must sound nuts, to the unknowing which prevails,  in ‘average’  OTHER people..

Rather than scary and crazy, the topic of alien abductions to actual abductees  often elicits  debates about aliens’ common traits , tactics  and motives  in their nonhuman kidnappers.

I have to remind sanguine abductees that these entities do not knock on your noonday door and politely ask if you’d “care to be ‘abducted’, if you nothing else to do, just now?”

Taken body and spirit, wrapped in REMs (rapid eye movement), we are considered a product, not a sentient entity race worthy of respect and dignity and mutual non-interference..

These thieves are highly technological and very highly psychic.
They are abducting, controlling, nighttime, bedroom negative-thought entities, who pilot and frequent UFOs.

Has this been going on from the beginning of time?
Are we someone else’s valuable property?

 Debated between abductees, themselves, the topic seems less an odd singularity of unaccepted reality and becomes a predominant reality, in itself.

Ontological shock is profound within abductees.

When I write, I walk that tightrope; most people do NOT  ever have a serious discussion  about  UFO alien pilots’ motives.

 In the World’s public domain, there IS no such UFO discussion.

 If UFOs are ever mentioned as a phenomenon, in the free press media, the total focus is on the craft, not a syllable about the pilot, his motives and tactics.

I AM now become one, to sidle away from, a distance down the bench.

Alien abductions, UFOS and nonhuman alien entities are still topics that alert uninformed strangers,  as a symptom, that you’re crazy.)

  The In-House-Debate:

Dear Paul,

These aliens are here for our spiritual evolution and aren’t ‘bad’, at all. They aren’t that awful, not really at all anymore. You must respect their efforts to help us evolve. My research says that your beliefs about aliens are wrong. We must surrender any fear to them because they are here to evolve us, spiritually.

Dear Bruce,

 You’re so “all wet” that you may as well be a fish and not at all a thinking human being.

My experiences with these alien beings clearly contradicts everything that you have ever learned or been told, by clearly uninformed others.

Dear Paul,

These terrifying experiences of yours that you write of come from within you. You have a fear of the visitors themselves.

I was frightened at first like any body would be but I faced them and now reap the benefits from experiences I have. I have realized more about my existence, purpose of being, and the whole scheme of things from my experiences than I ever thought possible.

It is the Grays I’m referring to.

I can have a complete stranger come to my house and know his or her intentions simply by sight. This is but one of many abilities I have acquired through my experiences.

Are you sure you aren’t dealing with entities from another dimension who do not have your best interests in mind instead of ETs? ETs deserve respect.

Dear Bruce,

I too have had much growth in intuition; spending time in the company of very highly, potently psychic beings does unquestionably increase alien abductee’s psychic abilities.

 But, it also has allowed me to sense ghostly energies, which in turn, attracts more of them to me, a  growing problem and hardly a improvement in my life.

I also have a healthy respect for aliens AND for our government in its collusion with aliens playing at God,  in breeding and hybrid experiments, but I like little of alien’s or our government’s aspect.

 I have a very healthy respect for alien technology and their psychic prowess, and for our government, but also harbor a deep resentment and mild abhorrence for them.

Aliens easily and often play games with our minds.

I am sure that’s why your “Stockholm Syndrome” is so all inclusive and so insistent .

Many abductees tell of horrid surgical procedures and even worse psychic, eyeball-to eyeball experiences, with nonhuman grey aliens.

They always skulk around at night, like burglars, abductor ‘farmers’ of our spirit, seed and of our endocrines.

Kidnappings is another word for abductions; no one with good intentions would so sneak around;

they are clearly up to no good.
 We are biped cows for the milking.

 I am one who resents the periodic milking and tries to kick over the pail.

That is why we are treated ‘differently’ by these same entities.

 I am convinced that they have  brainwashed you, left you out to dry in the UFO community for disinformation purposes.

Dear Paul,
You are still missing my point.

They use the fears we have locked deep within our own minds. Whatever fears a person has buried deep in their mind will come out during an experience.

They want such experiences to surface so the subject can face them and let go of whatever the problem it is that caused these memories to exist. For example, if a 30 year old man was molested by an uncle he will harbor such traumatic memories in his mind even though they are buried and he has no conscious recollection of the incident. When he is abducted his old memories which has remained obscured for decades will come out. This may be in the form of the visitors playing the role of his uncle. They will bring such traumatic memories out because no one is able to realize higher spiritual knowledge if they are carrying around the excess baggage of traumatic memories.

It is a process similar to what psychiatrists use here in Norway.

One must face their own devils before they can move on to a normal life.

It is a mind cleaning process so to speak. My research proves that aliens are good not bad.

Dear Bruce,
I AM very phobic of: tall heights, sharks in deep ocean, electrical house fires, dentists, surgery, dark closets, highway speeding, losing loved ones, jungles, diseases, deer ticks, cockroaches, handguns, organized criminal hoodlums, falling on black ice;( I could go on for quite a while).

 Abductions and nightly nightmares have NEVER had ‘scenarios’ involving ANY of these deep seated fears.

If what you say had any truth they would have sought to illuminate my fears in a comparable  remediable disguise.

I have no repressed traumatic sexual or any negative childhood experiences that might be central, core problems, and thus surfacing when with abducting aliens.

Although I do understand what you are saying, you are way somewhere else and off down a wrong long hallway.

As proof, that they are evil bastards at heart and powerfully untoward, I recount two poignant frozen recollections I have of their alien dispositions, during my abductions.

 I awoke and found myself onboard a large craft.

I was in the presence of small greys who radiate psychic feelings into our minds.

To describe even one of these many encounters is difficult but astoundingly revealing.

 In this abduction experience, I became lucid and willfully turned a wrong corner.

All of a sudden, I was swept away, in the grip of a sudden overwhelming TERROR.

I had wandered into a large workroom;  a moving conveyor belt was served by a double handful of running young boys.

At first I was almost bowled over from the TERROR; it was visceral and tsunami-like in power.

Beyond belief, it was all coming from one small grey, who I noticed.

He was standing towards the back of the room, arms folded; one little grey was broadcasting telepathic waves of TERROR like a concert speaker set at a deafening 500 decibel level.

Behind a glowering scowl, like a powerful transmitter from a radio station, one small grey broadcasted psychic waves of disabling TERROR, generating a potent mind controlling power over the room’s occupants.

TERROR, broadcast into my mind also affected the more vulnerable minds of what I now saw to be ten or more young boys who were about the age of eight or nine who scurried in TERROR to unload the moving belt  consumed by that same blast of disabling total TERROR that I now suddenly felt.

They were filling a room, unloading various goods from a moving belt, controlled and engaged in slave labor. They ran consumed by a TERROR that I now struggled against.

I mentally  fought to escape, to slalom sideways away from it.

Fighting the TERROR was like swimming upstream against a powerful current.

I struggled across it and managed escape into yet another room.

I then lost lucid recall.

I have often prayed for those young boys.

 I believe that microcosm experience, echoes the macrocosm,

the larger picture of alien intent and tactics in most alien-human interactions.

You have an optimism about alien interactions, full of hope and denial.

You are somewhere else and off down a long hallway.

This optimism towards alien motives reminds me of the optimism of many European Jews of WW2 in Europe.

Judenrat, overseers- committees of Jews were appointed under Gestapo control.

As intermediaries, these Jews, in turn,  delivered these orders. They stood between German S. S. orders and all of the certainly doomed ghetto Jews throughout  Europe.

These duped Jews were consumed of an optimism that grasped at any and all straws, false hopes and concrete denials, in the face of mass exportations to Death Camps and wholesale murders of Jews by Germans in the ghetto streets.

I have often recalled that TERROR scenario in my mind’s eye and have prayed for those lost boys, a symbol of alien tactics and motives.

 I can well imagine our world
 in the hands of similar comparable alien intelligence and it isn’t your sanguine  picture version.

In another horrid encounter with a  nonhuman entity, onboard a craft, I was negatively slammed sideways, telepathically.

A tall reptilian stood before me.
 I felt undeniable psychic waves of HATRED; overwhelming telepathic waves of intense hatred,  loathing that radiated in palpable waves.

This undeniable tangible psychic HATRED strongly emanated from an immensely tall reptilian, a Spielberg creation half saurian/half human, a ceiling high in stature.

I was too agog to remember to feel fear.

Our space friends and brothers?

Your research has led you astray or you have encountered different entities during your abductions.

These entities of whom I write are vicious, demonic in nature and treat us in the same perfunctory  way that we treat laboratory rats.

Dear Paul,

It is surely your formal religious background training and rigid religious belief system that forces you to label these alien entities as evil and not Space Brothers.

You must be writing to scare people and to earn big bucks.You should be writing Science Fiction because my research findings reveal that they are here to help mankind. It must be demons not aliens. I have no bad feelings towards you.

Dear Bruce,

Concurrent with seeing a virtual squadron of UFOs assemble overhead, at zenith, at eight o’clock on a cold December 2nd in 1995, poltergeist activity and vivid worst scenario nightmares consequently began, and continue unabated, to date.

I had gone from unknowingness to suspicion to resistance within just a few years.

Demons do not need overhead  luminescent, highly technological craft, UFO ovals in shape, to manifest.

The astounding alien answer in part begins with the realization that we are, by nature, beyond our awareness and general understanding, inter dimensional beings.

We contain and exude both physical energy and spiritual energy.

As some of our psychic “energy” extends into other dimensions, these energies can be seen and regularly utilized by dark entities.

Reptilian/grey aliens, pilots of UFOs, demons, and other dark astral wildlife, most frequent this dark dimension.

Although aliens can be ‘physical’, they are unseen in the room with you, discorporate manipulative and controlling intelligences.

Rather than us being ‘helped’ by aliens, they help themselves to us.

 To them, you’re a ‘human study’ under the guise of testing; our “loosh” is farmed as energy food through implant drains/ and ethereal connections; we are like pinned insects, tortured by boys .
Reptilian juveniles jump onboard our energies as joyriders for a feast.

 Evil is as evil does.

Sounds like a bad, silly B movie:”Vampires from outer Space!”

Abductees are seen the way that aphids are seen by ants; dithers/ stress are choreographed, micro managed to get us ‘aphids’ to give off a drop of honey, “loosh” energy to feed the ant ‘farmers’.
These inter dimensional pilots of UFOs are farmers; they do indeed ethereally feast on our “Loosh”  produced from our angst.

 Mind-control combined with occupation of abductee’s bodies, a possession of the fourth kind is occurring all over our World, a silent invasion ; the battlefield is within..

Most human ‘cows’ are unaware of nightly milking by reptilian-greys ; most ‘cows’, wrapped in a mind controlled dream are marched around an alien craft and awaken none the wiser.

Taken In REM’s, kept on short psychic leashes of control, few people are even dully aware of the abduction, a nighttime, subtle meddling. The farmer comes to milk the cows.

I resent, resist and try to thwart such abductions, if I can and I counsel others who like me suffer in the same way.

I resent the episodic milking and may kick over the pail and even threaten the farmer, himself.

That very well may be why we are treated differently by these same entities.

Aliens often seek us in the same way that remora and lamprey seek denizens of the deep, for parasitic reasons.

Grey-reptoid aliens will even throw demons who they have access to, into the equation to muddle things, just for spite, for those who show resistance, which greys hate in any form.

Many “in the know,” now accept;

“…it was obvious that the aliens were no benevolent spirit guides or Earth guardians! They were deceivers with questionable motives who had interfered in abductees’ lives. Not only this, but once the truth behind their activities was seriously challenged, reprisals ensued.”
(Whitley Strieber)

Bruce, demon possessed or not, aliens, much like demons, enter our physical world from a dimension which is the very same that ghosts inhabit.

They prey/ feast upon human beings, who they carefully control and sometimes seek to possess.

They are inter dimensional AND intergalactic; when their craft wink out and return, they have traveled in time.

They prevail in our skies and in our minds with impunity; they are  predatory, sinister and self justifying, the three criteria of evil.

We are mere mice for them to toy with as they feast on our ethereal energies.

I do not have ANY formal private practicing traditional religious ilk; as well, I do not intend to ever scare but to share and illuminate.

 I have unlearned fear; that is what feeds sinister, crafty, predatory reptilian-grey aliens.

 Neither am I ever financially motivated.

 What I “should be” doing is precisely what I am doing, informing others who have had the precise  experiences I have had and comforting them that they are not alone.

 When I share, an echo returns to me; their experiences align with mine.

Your research does not eclipse or overshadow my contrary personal experiences.

 I have grown spiritually, dramatically but tangentially, indirectly, from such horrid, intrusive, controlling and apparently sometimes demented abducting UFO entities.

Pilots of UFOs seem so sinister, controlling and omnipresent in abductees’ lives, that they must represent a threat to all of us.

I hold no animosity towards you, only amazed chagrin at you, as an admitted happy alien abductee, for being such a focal point of misinformation.

 I have experienced, first hand for twenty years, the meddling, brilliantly diabolical entities who I write about; I do not know what “research” motivates your assumptions to the converse.

Dear Paul,
 It appears we’re down to opinions now. I will leave it at that.


Dear Bruce,

I see an open bleeding wound; you see a bouquet of roses; maybe, we can agree that it’s red……….

 A merry Christ’s Mass to you .

 Find something I’ve written, to read on SearchWarp, that piques your interest.

 We can and should always be able to learn from each other.


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