Government Keeps its Citizens in the Dark!

Isn’t Big Brother, Just Family?: Government Protects its Citizens, by Keeping Them in the Dark

by Paul Schroeder

Knowing full well that government disclosure of UFO/alien realities would cause complete religious and social societal disintegration, our government has thoughtfully and parentally organized covert agencies of disinformation to sustain the fabric of societal equilibrium, I herein list only a few:

 –The DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (DIA) – Coordinates the intelligence data gathered from the various Armed Services intelligence branches (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Special Forces), and provides counter-threat measures, which include providing security at ultra-classified installations by the deployment of U.S. “Thought Police,” who conduct surveillance, by scientific remote viewing [SRV] and other para-psychological measures, against penetrations and scanning by foreign or civilian remote viewers [clairvoyants/out-of-body seers], at the Pentagon, VA, Fort Meade, MD, and the entire astral plane.

The NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY (NSA) – Monitors and screens all telephone, telegraph, computer modem, radio, television, cellular, microwave, and satellite communications, and electromagnetic fields “of interest” around the world, and orchestrates information-control and cover-up activities related to UFO secrecy and surveillance of extra-terrestrial operations, Fort Meade, MD.

The NATIONAL RECONNAISSANCE OFFICE (NRO) – Controls and collects information from global spy satellites, monitors UFO traffic entering and leaving Earth’s atmosphere, coordinates firing of energy beam weapons from orbiting Star Wars satellites at selected human ground and airborne targets and selectively at extra-terrestrial craft, Pentagon basement and Dulles Airport area, VA.

The NATIONAL RECONNAISSANCE ORGANIZATION (NRO) (aka MJ-TF) – The military/intelligence operations arm of the PI-40 Subcommittee, conducts surveillance, interdiction, capture and confiscation of UFOs and their extra-terrestrial occupants for intelligence and “International Security” purposes; surveilles and “interacts” with close encounter experiencers, including occasional physically and sexually assault mind-control kidnappings disguised as “Alien abductions” for psychological warfare and dis-informational purposes, (headquarters unknown), highly compartmented and dispersed among various elite Delta Force Special Operations units, such as the USAF Blue Light at Hurlburt Field, Mary Esther, FL and Beale Air Force Base, Marysville, CA.

-The CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (CIA) – Commands, often controls and sometimes coordinates the gathering of secret overseas information gathered by spies (HUMINT), electronic surveillance (SIGINT), and other means; carries out covert unconstitutional paramilitary counterinsurgency operations and preemptive political pacification projects in violation of international law, as well as counter-intelligence sting operations against foreign agents; engages in domestic surveillance, and manipulation of the U.S.
political process, “in the National interest” in direct violation of its congressional charter; operates proprietary “false front” companies for profit; conducts a major share of international trans-shipment of illegal drugs, using National Security cover and immunity; and cooperates with NSA’s UFO cover-up operations, Langley, VA, and worldwide branches.

The FEDERAL BUREAU of INVESTIGATION: Counter Intelligence Division – The branch which investigates, conducts surveillance and neutralizes foreign Intelligence agents operating within the U.S., and cooperates with the National Reconnaissance Organization in the surveillance of those involved in close encounters with UFOs and extra-terrestrials [EBEs].

The DEPARTMENT of ENERGY (DOE-INTEL) – Conducts internal security checks and external security threat countermeasures, often through its contract civilian instrumentality, the Wackenhut Corporation.

NSA’s CENTRAL SECURITY SERVICE and The CIA’s SPECIAL SECURITY OFFICE – The USG’s version of “Internal Affairs” which respectively spy on the spies, and conduct special operations which cannot be entrusted to line intelligence officers, Ft.

Meade, MD and Langley, VA.

U.S. ARMY INTELLIGENCE and SECURITY COMMAND (INSCOM) – Their assignments include psychological and psychotronic warfare (PSYOPS), para-psychological intelligence (PSYINT), and electromagnetic intelligence (ELMINT), Ft. Meade, MD.

U.S. NAVY OFFICE of NAVAL INTELLIGENCE (ONI) – Gathers intelligence affecting naval operations, and has a compartmented unit involved in UFO and USO [Unidentified Submerged Objects] information gathering.

U.S. AIR FORCE OFFICE of SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS [AFOSI] – Gathers intelligence affecting aerospace operations, and has a compartmented unit involved in investigating UFO sightings, extra-terrestrial contact reports, as well as IAC [Identified Alien Craft] surveillance, and coordination with NRO interdiction operations, Bolling Air Force Base, MD.

NASA INTELLIGENCE – Gathers intelligence data relating to space flights, sabotage threats, astronaut and reconnaissance satellite encounters with UFOs and ETs, and coordinates the transfer of alien technology to U.S. and allies’ aerospace operations.

AIR FORCE SPECIAL SECURITY POLICE – Is an NSA/USAF joint intelligence operations unit dealing with possible threats to aerospace operations from foreign powers, terrestrial or otherwise.

DEFENSE INDUSTRY SECURITY COMMAND (DISCO) – Conducts intelligence operations within and on behalf of the civilian defense contractor corporations engaged in classified research, development, and production.

DEFENSE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE (DIS) – Conducts investigations into people and situations deemed a possible threat to any operation of the Department of Defense.

The NAVAL INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE (NIS) – Conducts investigations against threats to Naval operations.

AIR FORCE ELECTRONIC SECURITY COMMAND – Conducts surveillance and interdiction of threats to the security of Air Force electronic transmissions and telemetry, and to the integrity of electronic countermeasure (ECM) warfare equipment.

DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY (DEA) Intelligence – Conducts surveillance and interdiction of drug smuggling operations, unless exempted under “National Security” waivers.

FEDERAL POLICE AGENCY INTELLIGENCE – Coordinates intelligence relating to threats against federal property and personnel.

DEFENSE ELECTRONIC SECURITY COMMAND – Coordinates intelligence surveillance and countermeasures against threats to the integrity of military electronic equipment and electronic battlefield operations), Fort Worth, TX.

-“Project DEEP WATER” – The ongoing effects of the compromised personnel, sources and methods resulting from the secret importation of Hitler’s own Nazi Intelligence chief, Gen. Reinhard Gehlen, to redesign the U.S.’s Intelligence apparatus.

-“Project PAPERCLIP” – The ongoing results of the secret importation of Nazi weapons and aerospace/UFO scientists into U.S. secret military research and development bases.

So, by now, it’s clear that UFO/alien realities must be covered up in the name of National Security.

 And I agree.

Alien presences on Earth should not ever be disclosed by world governments.


Aren’t the peoples of the World entitled to know and aren’t we all smart enough to grasp, adapt and resist after such a disclosure?

On a different note, think of the ontological shock.

The full truth is awful and would cripple society’s fabric.

Could nations EVER embrace that they are mere cattle to our “space brothers”?

That we are not seen, as we see ourselves, as divine beings, but as someone else’s valuable property?

That our existence and presence on Earth wasn’t ‘ordained’, by God?

With such disclosure, we would have to face a horrid past, and a likely wretched future.

In the name of ‘National Security’, this is hidden from the public, but ‘National Security” becomes an oxymoron, in the face of this larger reality.

I have an metaphorical inspirational tadpole frog story, one that teaches the dangers of having and cultivating a closed, unimaginative mind.


There are a myriad variety of alien entities, inter dimensional and intergalactic, predominantly unseen and elusive, who frequent this planet.

Mountains of worldwide multiple witness and abductee evidence, military gun camera evidences all document craft whose pilots specialize in psychic intrusion, abductions and deception..

Earth’s populations of citizens are like tadpole frogs, who cannot imagine a larger world above their pond’s surface.

Our government is well aware of these alien beings, and their nefarious motives, tactics and agendas.

But many human tadpole frogs perpetually dwell in abject ignorance about this mind boggling, greater pond truth.

What’s the real danger from alien disclosure?

Twice upon a time (maybe, even thrice upon a time), a tadpole frog who lived by the side of a vast blue-green ocean visited his distant tadpole frog cousin who lived very far away in a deep, small well in a very dark cave.

“Isn’t my world amazing ?

Isn’t it wonderful and complex and totally beautiful?!”, said the cousin tadpole frog who lived in the cave in the dark deep well.

And the close relative tadpole frog who lived by the side of a vast blue-green ocean said;”One day, my cousin, you must come and visit with me and see where I live and visit my home!”

So it came to pass, that his cousin, one day, packed his suitcase and left his small well in the dark cave and traveled far to visit his cousin tadpole frog who lived by the blue-green ocean.

And when the cousin from the small cave got there, he saw his tadpole frog cousin’s house on the beach and he viewed the unlimited expanse and spectacular majesty of the shore and the blue-green ocean, and his head exploded and he died.

Knowing full well that this would happen on a National level, our government has carefully organized security disinformation and covert agencies to sustain ignorance and thus sustain its equilibrium of control.

Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for Paul, a confirmed atheist, until he saw aliens float him out of his body, in his bed, at night.  Then, he knew  that they were interested in an essence he never suspected that he had; a soul. Our spiritual powers that interest and addict inter dimensionals are the very powers that  can be used to thwart further attacks.

They infect auras with attachments to themselves and ride the reincarnation roller coaster with people, to avoid the death that they fear and  to steal the spiritual recycling that we have.

These joyriding grays can be sinister, discorporate alien souls ,stuck to your energies, who bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion.

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