Highly Recommended – Alien Hunter

By Paul Schroeder


When I was younger, I was distressed and frantic about my sightings of overhead UFOs; confused and alarmed by accompanying, concurrent paranormal experiences, I by fortuitous chance, stumbled upon Derrel Sims.

He was patient, wise and reassuring to me, over the telephone.

Well known, as an “Alien Hunter”, Derrel seemed omnipresent throughout the World Wide Web of the Internet ; he was very busily engaged in helping alien abductees.

Nonetheless, he returned my many calls.

I had seen a virtual flotilla of round craft assemble overhead and had suffered repeated nightmare like “dreams”, vivid recollections of aliens and of abductions.

Unhappy evidence suggested that most people who entered an alien spaceship did not remember it or even know what had happened to them, except in recalled ‘dreams’, or under medical hypnosis .

Few people can even remember or carefully examine their dreams, dreams lost as they struggle into consciousness each morning.

I had called him, in near hysterics; I had seen, eyeball-to-eyeball, alien entities.

I told him that I had recalled being onboard an alien craft, with a larger group of ‘sleeping’ people, and had recalled seeing our Moon and Earth visible amidst stars, from the craft’s window; later, unseen poltergeist activity, a paranormal chaos, had erupted in my house.

I had experienced being vibrated out of my body, in my bed; while my whole body had electrically tingled, I had seen two bodies, one slowly rising out of my body, while another remained on my bed, face up.

I also recalled that while I had been onboard an alien craft, I had been subjected to a series of worst scenario, vivid nightmarish like ‘scenes’.

These were imposed, and as enveloping 3-D holographs, seemed to be types of “exams”; each bizarre scenario tested, measured and assessed my emotional and cognitive psychological reactions.

I thought that I had begun to lose my mind to fear, in the full realization of all these bizarre recalled experiences and told him so.

During many of these conversations, he tried to assuage my extreme trepidations and to replace them with a mindset of courage and small acts of resistance.

He had unblocked my fears, directly describing the abducting alien entities that I had seen: “tall, white like a refrigerator, flat like a Gumby character, highly telepathic and sinisterly controlling.”

I also recalled the presences of smaller, very dark greys, sinister and mind controlling; they had amazing telepathic powers.

They were diminuitive and mean spirited and could both read my mind and control my mind.

Derrel had assured me that I was not alone; though these beings characteristically micro managed many people’s lives, throughout, I could, he said, now put a stop to it all.

When I asked him about what motives, purposes these entities had, in such encounters, he gave me the metaphor of ‘farmers milking cows’ ; as an overview.

To him, this metaphor distilled the precise relationship between alien entities and all of the human beings who they abducted.

He went on to tell me, in subsequent conversations, that he had learned that the traces of post-abduction are as subtle as fast growing hair and fingernails, as dramatic as a detectable luminous phosphorescence,” alien touches”, revealed under black light, on alien abductee’s skin.

He had noticed, he told me, that alien abductees had higher serotonin levels than other people; these people were resistant to pain killers, like Novocain, and could even awaken during surgery.

This higher level of serotonin, he said, may make it easier for aliens to ‘contact’ these people.

He was fearless, seeking creative resistances to abductions and pointedly asked me, “Why not turn the tables on these aliens and abduct one of them?!”

He assured me that aliens often made lots of mistakes and were clearly sloppy in many of the abductions; people were alerted to and recalled these episodes rather than forgot them.

He had even played a game of “Manchurian Candidate” with abducting alien entities, using his tools of hypnotherapy to plant ‘spies’ within their midst and their crafts, using abductees as his ears and eyes.

He told me about the experience he had, when he had tried a unique experiment ..

He had taken a row of pre-selected abductees, had put them all in a light trance and in a light state of altered consciousness, had put in a post hypnotic suggestion, buried in amnesia, with a target trigger.

They would all pass the initial alien mind scan; they could not reveal what they themselves did not know.

All were programmed to release an accusatorial finger pointing indictment at the aliens and break the short psychic leash.

When they were within twenty inches of their captors, always just out of sight, the statement would be released and triggered. They would come out of their mind controlled fugue and they would ask,

“why are you doing these terrible things to innocent people!?”

Within five days the results were in.

In the delivery of that sentence, the trance had been broken and each abductee could clearly see that they faced a small, dark, large-eyed creature.

One member had said that for the first time in over thirty years of her abductions, the alien had become enraged and livid, violently angry, something she had never seen before.

The response from all had been identical, instantly chilling in its vindictiveness:

“Tell Derrel, we’re going to come for him and his son.” …….

I had shivered in fear, long ago, when Derrel related this to me; I held him in my esteem as one of the bravest people I had ever stumbled across in my long journey to understand and integrate my experiences with these same entities.

I highly recommend buying and reading this newest book by Derrel Sims; it is an expose, an amazing read, a compendium of facts gleaned about these intruders since he and I last spoke many years ago.

To purchase this book click on this link:  http://www.operationaliendna.com/ 

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