History of Ascension Age ET in Clues of Indians and Ancients Prior to Written Bible

Alien Ancient Astronauts Light Beings of Gold – Spirit Guides, Gods and Goddesses – Lost Secrets in our Myths and Legends to Become History Researched Changes Past & Future!

“Can you feel me” TJ Morris on Alien Ascension Ascended Avatars
We are all capable of being visited by aliens, ET, UFOS, Light Beings, Golden Orbs, and our higher selves as our mirrors in the various realms and dimensions in what we call space time and our snapshots of the past and future in our present. There are many of us who already know what others are to learn about and find out on their own!

We can now begin pointing the way to what is already here on earth!

Welcome to the world of Ascension Age officially beginning 12-21-12 at 11:11 and one that is shared with all the Alien ET Light Beings who can come and go at will as through what we call ether essence energy entities. Learn in love and not fear. Awaken and learn about the shift and uplift we call light in the metaphysical world of the Alien ET UFO Community! We are combining science and spirit for the good of all humankind in health and prosperity.

There will be those who are slow to accept, adapt,and learn to overcome. There will be those who empower self and others. Look for those who desire to share that which is good and of good report with you and all your social network friends on the internet in cyberspace. We can get to know each other and feel each other as we say in the spirit of each other and in the all!

This is what we mean by the “ALL I AM” in the synergy of the metaphysical spirit in each of us as we learn to combine our serendipity experiences with each other. We will learn to use the words of communication and for now English is the universal language. We are sharing so much knowledge and wisdom so fast that the world wide web bots cannot actually and accurately predict the future but some of us can. It is based on our spiritual connections to those in space we call Alien ET. Think on the things that they can project into our minds for the shift and uplift or the DNA reprogramming all the junk DNA that can be used for the good of all of us as we learn to recreate our time in space.

We are on a path to the return of our kind in space. We know that we have the actual wisdom inside each of us and it may seem alien to some who are not yet fully awake to their ether essence incarnate past. To many who are in tune with the spirit guides of the Alien ET UFO Community and their own Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides of the White Light or godlike golden light ET orbs, they will be the ones who obtain the “BIG AHA” first!

Be patient and allow your brain to catch up to what is being accepted by the mind in the ethers inside the essence of your energy. It all comes in various degrees like music and rhythm in time and space. For most it is harder than for others who have prepared their whole lives in the metaphysical world or on the spiritual metaphysical path. Many of us have spent our whole lives on a quest for further knowledge of who we are, why we are here, and where we shall go when we leave the planet. There are some who are known as Latter day Saints that are considered followers of Christ and yet to some they are considered an occult of the metaphysical rebirth of alien ET of the ascension age.

Anyone who officially studies the ancient past and the connection to the Latter Day Saints and that of the prophet Joseph Smith and the connection to the angel Moroni will learn that he too was guided in a time in the history of those on this planet to believe in the worlds of the aliens in space. This was a good thing. Also, his belief system was that of the Freemasons and of the Grand Architects of the universe.

This is a clue among many as to how the ancient ones have spoken to various people in the past. Whether others took the various levels of wisdom and light as knowledge to the next level in their lives was up to them. This is the beauty of what we can say is our own free will to believe in others and their messages. No one being on earth is forced any longer to believe one way or the other since the great fall of the Roman Empire. We know that many of the world religions and relations to various religious written texts have a similar legend to the Adamic races and belief systems for a reason. The Gutenberg Bible was the first printed interpretation of the original languages from Hebrew, Latin, etc. into German.

The Bible was not Gutenberg’s first work.

Preparation of it probably began soon after 1450, and the first finished copies were available in 1454 or 1455.
However, it is not known exactly how long the Bible took to print.
Gutenberg made three significant changes during the printing process.The first sheets were rubricated by being passed twice through the printing press, using black and then red ink. This was soon abandoned, with spaces being left for rubrication to be added by hand.

Spine of the Lenox copy
Some time later, after more sheets had been printed, the number of lines per page was increased from 40 to 42, presumably to save paper. Therefore, pages 1 to 9 and pages 256 to 265, presumably the first ones printed, have 40 lines each. Page 10 has 41, and from there on the 42 lines appear. The increase in line number was achieved by decreasing the interline spacing, rather than increasing the printed area of the page.
Finally, the print run was increased, necessitating resetting those pages which had already been printed. The new sheets were all reset to 42 lines per page. Consequently, there are two distinct settings in folios 1-32 and 129-158 of volume I and folios 1-16 and 162 of volume II.
Our most reliable information about the Bible’s date comes from a letter. In March 1455, the future Pope Pius II wrote that he had seen pages from the Gutenberg Bible, being displayed to promote the edition, in Frankfurt.

It is not known how many copies were printed, with the 1455 letter citing sources for both 158 and 180 copies. Scholars today think that examination of surviving copies suggests that somewhere between 160 and 185 copies were printed, with about three-quarters on paper.

The production process: Das Werk der Bücher

A vellum copy of the Gutenberg Bible owned by the U.S. Library of Congress
In a legal paper, written after completion of the Bible, Gutenberg refers to the process as ‘Das Werk der Bücher’: the work of the books. He had invented the printing press and was the first European to print with movable type.

But his greatest achievement was arguably demonstrating that the whole process of printing actually produced books.
Many book-lovers have commented on the high standards achieved in the production of the Gutenberg Bible, some describing it as one of the most beautiful books ever printed.

The various interpretations are said to be manmade before the written work and word we now call the Bible which is considered sacred word and work to so many on this planet. To others who study how the written word is traced back to prior to the Bible and the German version which was first put into print as the Guttenberg Bible,
ARCHAEOLOGY LOST CITY OF SECRETS OF ALIEN ET UFO COMMUNITY GOLD – Seven Indian Tribes of the Great Ascension Age 12-21-12 Connection to Ether Essence Ascended Ascension Masters of the Golden Dawn Light Beings aka ET

Anasazi migrants from the Colorado Plateau and the influence from Mesoamerican cultures characterized the final period of Hohokam history. In the twelfth century, the Hohokam built concentrated settlements, some a half-mile square in area. Small bands of Hohokam continued to build traditional lodges of post, brush and mud plastering over a shallow pit; the new Hohokam villages were solid clay walls reinforced with posts. Some of the new villages were massive multistoried houses with walls more than six-feet thick at the base. Entrance to the walled villages was by ladder or a single portal. Located between Phoenix and Tucson, the multistoried Casa Grande was built by the Hohokam.

Prehistoric Four Corners Area Indians

The Anasazi, Mogollon, Sinagua, and Hohokam Indians did not range over the vast distances covered by the big game hunters of the late Pleistocene period, or the Archaic Indians. Between three hundred B.C. and one hundred A.D., the Southwest Indians turned toward agriculture to supplement their food source. During the late Archaic Period, corn and then beans and squash provided the means for a semi-settled village lifestyle. Corn, beans, and squash become so important in Indian Cultures they were known as…The Three Sisters. The three plants were planted together; the corn provided a stalk for the beans and the squash provided a ground cover to reduce water evaporation.

The Southwest Pueblo Indians of today are direct decedents of Prehistoric Indian Cultures that raised corn, hand irrigated fields, and built massive stone structures in Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, Cedar Mesa, Montezuma Castle, and Casa Grande hundreds of years before the first recorded Europeans even saw North America.

The Southwest Indians had broad similarities in their cultures, but had distinct languages and political unity. Except dogs and turkeys, these Prehistoric tribes did not havedomesticated animals, a system of writing, or the wheel. To varying degrees, the Anasazi, Hohokam, Sinagua, and Mogollon were influenced by Indians of central Mexico. In trade with Mesoamerica, they exchanged turquoise for parrot feathers, copper bells, maize (corn), beans, squash, and cotton (Taylor).

The Mogollon (mo-ge-yon) people occupied mountainous areas of Arizona and New Mexico in approximately 200 B.C. The Mogollon culture eventually expanded to the southern rim of the Colorado Plateau. The Mogollon Indians were initially hunter-gatherers, but as their civilization advanced, they acquired corn, squash, beans, tobacco, and cotton from Mesoamerica. The use of agricultural plants necessitated moving from pithouses to semi-permanent villages.
The mountainous region where the Mogollon lived between 900 and 1200 A.D. had good soil and abundant moisture for growing maize. Deer, antelope, and other wild game were plentiful in the Mogollon Mountains. Despite this, the Mogollon Indians had abandoned the mountains by 1200 A.D. and moved south to Mexico.

Hohokam – Sinagua
The Hohokam Indians settled in the valleys of southern Arizona around 300 B.C. Hohokam hunter-gatherer bands spread from the Tucson Basin through much of Arizona. The relationship between the Hohokam and the Sinagua Indians that built pueblos in the Flagstaff, Arizona, area is unclear. In many ways the history of the Sinagua Culture is similar to the Hohokam. The Sinagua borrowed heavily from the Mogollon and Anasazi cultures as well.
The most famous of the Sinagua Pueblos is Montezuma Castle. When white settlers first saw Montezuma Castle and the Anasazi pueblo, Aztec, the belief was these structures were built by the Aztec of Meso-America.

Keep searching on the Spiritual Path and learn to combine the efforts of all those who came before who have left clues for all of us to create our own path and to leave a trail for others to follow on this planet. We are all sent here and we shall all leave this planet one way or the other. Help those who are lost to find their way onto the Spiritual Path which is the actual path to wisdom and enlightenment we share as love and light. Love and Light TJ ~ Will soon share the “TAKEN UP” serialized story continuation. Weaving the spiritual path and journey for those along the way okay. It’s a process we can no longer ignore for the unification of synergy on the world wide web in cyperspace as the mission of all alien ET hybrids who share the clues for others to find along their own spiritual path in the alien ET UFO community.

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