How Quickly We Forget – The UFO Crash South Haven Park New York 1992

In  the year 1992 newspapers on Long Island New York reported a suspected UFO crash on November 24th in  Haven Park located in Suffolk county. You can find reports on this event with an easy Google search.

I remember the event as I lived in Suffolk county New York at the time and recall all the talk and newspaper reports concerning  this event. It seemed to be the main topic of conversation for a short time but soon lost its interest as the holidays were just starting and the UFO story seemed to lose its headlines to Santa and the Malls. I realize now this event was the big news of that entire year!

Years passed and the interest in this crash  faded.  Quickly the coverage of this incident  went from  a fantastic event with fire engines and military equipment involved  in the incident to a complete turnaround of the fire house chiefs suddenly claiming they were not there and never helped with any event in the park.

The police and military also gave statements to the same  with the newspapers and  TV news repeating the same denials. Soon the event lost the public’s eye and was forgotten.

Actually  the event was forgotten by those who did not see it happen or live in the area at the time. Those who witnessed the event and  the fire engines, police and military enter and work in the park for days had a different account of what took place. Most of the people involved  who witnessed the entire encounter quickly learned that going against the tide did not work out well as they were ridiculed and  at. I recall one local radio announcer at the time offering  aluminum foil hats to those making the claims the crash did happen.

Quickly the conversation of the crash died away and life moved on.

I wrote an article about this incident involving a man I knew who told the story at a dinner party  that he not only recalled the UFO crash he saw it happen with his own eyes.

The  man  was a love interest of a  friend of mine. The man lived in a very rustic cabin  located along the border of the South Haven Park area.   In the late 90′ I was invited to a dinner party this man and my friend hosted. . The man lived in  a cabin  that was a  old dilapidated three-room building that he was holding together with duck  and hope. It was hard to imagine anyone living there full time. It was however neat and clean and made for an interesting dinner.

Two large wood burning stoves heated it with his water supply borrowed by way of hoses from his neighbor’s barn. I do not recall if he had  or not as the party was lit by candles. I do know he heated water on his stoves to wash dishes and take a bath every few days. It did have a working bathroom- sort of.

He lived off the land, which meant he helped himself to the local farmers crops taking his vegetables and fruits from their farms at night by way of flashlight and climbing fences. He also hunted in restricted areas, fished often and always killed the ducks in the area for his seasonal dinner parties. He would brag openly at how little he actually purchased to live or entertain. I found him to be  cheap and a thief. I was not  that he helped himself to his neighbors crops or that he was killing animals in restricted state protected areas. He was a strange man who felt entitled to do things others  would not think of doing.

Our dinner party consisted of stolen fruit and vegetables along with freshly killed ducks. The old house was blazing with candles. set upon a long handmade wooden table He used his grandmothers china and had a fire going in his  large wood burning stove. Strangely it was a interesting enjoyable night.

At the end of the evening we were sipping coffee and sharing  homemade fruit pies when the subject came up about the UFO crash in the nearby park years before in 92.
The man who lived in the cabin  told us that he had  seen the crash happen . The man started his account of the crash by telling us he would  all of it as he had no intentions of ending up in a mess of trouble .

He then told us that he often use to wait until dark and climb the fence down the road from his cabin that surrounds that part of the park. He told us that it was easy picking for him to quickly gather up fallen tree branches and logs to burn in his cabins stoves. He reminded us no one is suppose to go  in the park and do that which is why he  did not want  anyone to know what he had witnessed.

He told us he was carrying  wood back to his truck. when he heard  a huge rushing air sound with a high-pitched whine.. At first he didn’t see anything .   The sound kept getting  louder. He looked  towards the noise and saw it coming in out of the night sky down towards the woods. At first it looked like a big fireball. As it got closer it changed direction and dipped lower coming in over the park. It was a huge dark colored UFO craft coming in on its side. It was partly on fire across the one side of it. It was really moving fast.

Within seconds he heard it hit the ground. It sounded like a big splat rather than an explosion.  He stood there a minute kind of shocked and kind of frozen in fear.  He said he  thought he  heard some kind of movement coming from the park from the direction of where this thing hit.

He said he became really terrified and dropped the wood and ran to his truck.  He told us the first thing he thought of was that no one knew where he was  and realized if he did not get out of there he may never be seen again.

His truck  would not start . He kept trying until  it finally turned over.  He told us he floored it down the  road . He also said  he heard yelling or screaming coming from the park.

The man was terrified yet afraid to call the police or tell anyone as he was also afraid he would get in to trouble for what he was doing in the park. After he drove  home he locked up his cabin and stayed awake all night with his  shotgun at his side.  He told us that just in case whatever was hollering in that woods found its way to his cabin he wanted to be ready.

The man  told us that he watched  from, his cabin windows  during that night  as trucks, jeeps and fire trucks flooded the area.. He thinks he heard a few helicopters fly over too.

He said the next day he tried to walk his old hound down the road close to where all this activity was going on only to be told to go home and stay there until further notice by men in what appeared to be orange hazard suits. He did not know if the phones were knocked out as he did not have one at the time but did say his truck would not start easily for days after the incident.

Finally after about a week passed the people, trucks and helicopters were gone and the park seemed to stand barren and silent.

He finally ventured down the road and peered into the park. He told us the park seemed dusted of even dirt after that happened. It was like they came in and took every twig and log and leaf that was lying around in the woods. It was as if the whole place had been swept and a false fake wooded area was left behind.

The man told us the place now frightened  him and he had not been back to the park since that night.

After writing the article about  this man and the night of the UFO  crash I also stopped thinking about that incident in South haven Park .  I knew something incredible happened however  besides the local newspaper coverage  at the time I really only talked to that man about  the event.

During this past Holiday season I met  the  new wife of an old friend of mine  at a Christmas party.

During the party the subject of the local Fire houses in our area came up. The people at the party were discussing the costs of building a new firehouse in their community. The conversation consisted of those who wanted a new large firehouse and those who thought the old ones were working out well and did not need to be replaced.

During this conversation the new wife of my friend attacked the Fire districts in her area.  She  said that after their actions  when the UFO  crashed  in the park near her home  she wanted nothing to do with them.

I listened with care as she told the group at the party  that she saw the craft with her own eyes  cross the sky  heading towards the park.  She told us shes had just returned from shopping in town and was  bringing in dishes and pies from Thanks giving  with the help of her two teenage sons when they all heard a loud  swishing sound  . They looked  towards the sound and saw a large oval egg shaped object  on fire quickly cross the sky heading towards  South Haven Park. She said that she knew it was not an airplane or anything she had seen before.  She called the police who told her they already had  been alerted by other callers.

She told us that she turned on the local radio station  who were discussing that they too were receiving calls from people all over the area who also witnessed this  thing on fire heading towards the park. She  said that she and her sons listened for hours to the sirens of police and fire equipment as they  headed towards the direction of  South Haven Park.

The local people in the area waited patiently to see what the news would report on this strange event. She too recalls the first reports describing the event as that of a UFO or  strange unidentified object crashing  in the woods in the park. She also remembers how the days followed with a changing slant on the crash until those who were trying to tell the world what they had seen recoiled as they were made to feel  foolish and ridiculed for speaking out.

This woman told us that she went to her local fire house station to talk to a officer that happened to be a lifelong friend of hers to find out what was going on?   She told me that her long time friend treated her as if she was a complete stranger and denied he or his fire house had anything to do with any event that occurred in South Haven Park.   She took her friend to task by telling him she had seen the thing with her own eyes and knew he was lying to her. She was stunned when his reaction was to demand she leave the firehouse and not return. She has not seen her lifelong friend since.

I  knew this was the truth as I watched a local TV newscaster  try to interview the surrounding fire districts  shortly after this event took place and remember how oddly the firemen reacted to the interview and how overly insistent they were that they were never at the park or knew anything about a crash.

I realized that I now had two people who did not know each other from that area tell me  nearly the same thing about this incident. I also knew that there were many other people in that area who witnessed whatever it was fall or crash in the South Haven Park.

It  is obvious  the truth of this event will never be told . I find it incredible how easy it was to simply tell all the people who saw this event with their own eyes that it was nothing – and get away with it.

We are so backwards with this type of thing that  simply laughing at those who  see or encounter these incredulous events are quickly silenced by a bit of humiliation.  I often wonder what would have happened  if  the  town full of witnesses united and protested in group with TV cameras blasting in front of the local police station for the truth about what crashed in that park that night.

I think about the strange man living out in his lonely  cabin unwilling to share how he watched this craft crash right in front of him..  I wonder how many  people all over the world  have had  similar  sightings  and similar reasons that  prevent them from reporting incredible encounters? I have to wonder what would happen if all those people came forward in mass and refused the ridicule and demanded action ?  I think we would be living in a very different world is we handled things in a smarter manner.  I assure you we would be far more advanced on many levels instead of stuck in the dark ages of the unknown as it now stands.

I guess we are creatures of our own habits traditions and needs.  We have been trained to behave as we do when things unknown are reported. We willingly reject the event as it is a easy way to make it all go away. Add a UFO crashing over the holiday season when people are caught up in hectic preparation for the holiday Thanksgiving  – Christmas traditions  and you have  a perfect time for something like a UFO crash  to be kicked under the carpet.

After revisiting this crash of something on fire and crashing in the South Haven Park . I  can only wonder how many others clearly watched  that craft  burn through the sky and crash that November night in 92?

For now  be careful out there, you never know what you may see while stealing wood  or bringing in packages from your car!

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