It may well shed some light onto our government’s preoccupation with incessant and ferverish digging, building many very deep underground networks and bases.

Only deeply dug underground facilities would totally afford protection  from the sun’s killing flare radiations. The obvious scenarios depict that planetary magnetic shifts give large windows of full exposure to places on the Earth to deadly space and solar radiation.

Fifty X-rays of 500 roentgens dose equivalent per day would cause worldwide leukemias and cancers to exposed / uninformed populaces and result in planetary decimation.

Although there seems to be as yet no definitive scientific archeological evidence that supports that sudden mass extinctions are tied to Earth’s planetary magnetic reversals, one must recall that mankind, 50,000 years ago lived more IN the Earth than ON the Earth.

The Earth’s very oldest known written texts are in the Hindi language and date from about eight to nine thousand years ago.

The second oldest known writing dates back to almost 3,000 years ago and is the Gilgamesh.

Mankind, the race of men who lived 50,000 years ago, left behind no manmade ruins or written hints about any designed structural architecture.

They appear not to have lived in above ground dwellings; most tribes and small hunting communities are believed to have lived burrowed into cliffs, communal caves and shallow caverns well sheltered from the sun’s X-RAY blazing of minutes then hours of lethal radiation with regular frequency during  magnetic readjustment of Earth’s poles.

We, as today’s humans are apt to suffer exquisitely.

When solar flares reach the Earth and are not vectored off, all in flight and on the ground electronic equipment will fail.

A global failure in all cell phones, computers, satellites, radios and televisions will isolate us from each other.
Worse, power grids already fragile will fail for months and without power and without water(the pumps are electrically operated) for many months, civilization as we know it will collapse.

Instead of life on the Earth ending with the proverbial ” bang”, this event could with a suitable stretch of imagination be a silent killer that could do us in, with  whispers.