How “They” Control Us- Warnings of the Abductees

Many of you who have been following my articles know that I have been talking to a group of real time abductees. During our conversations the group has  discussed many issues that they feel are important .  Warnings to mankind are talked about by this group. 

This article will be one of a few  articles concerning the thoughts of those taken . The abductees have discussed so many things with me I am unable to fit them into one article. I also find working with them and writing about the things they wish for me to  communicate to whoever may read my work exhausting and draining. 

For those who are not sure what a real time abductee is let me first give a quick explanation. A real time abduction is one where a everyday person is fully awake , going about their daily life when suddenly they are interfered with by a unknown source and taken against their will. 

These people generally remember the beginning of the event and the end when they are returned but have little or no memory of the lost time that occurs when they are abducted.

I  refrain from declaring the abductions are purely alien in nature as  the real time abductees I have spoken with have faded recall of humans or human like creatures around them during these events. The common feeling is that aliens are doing this but some feel humans are somehow also involved.

The subject that I am going to write about today came from a long discussion that took place among the abductees who were gathered together during one of our visits together .

I will try my best to express the worries  of this group regarding  what concerns  them . You will find that this group of people ( real time abductees)  do not think like others who claim to have had abduction experiences. They do however think alike . I will add that the abductees I have spoken to are all well above average intelligence which they openly contribute to their multiple abductions.

One of the things that  the group has talked about is how ” they ” control us.

It seems the abductees feel  mankind  has been and still is manipulated and controlled by something else.

They are not sure what that something else is but they are sure it exists and has been the secret over lord of how society and this world thinks, acts and behaves. 

The group mentioned many possibilities of what or who “they ” may be.

 They talked about a secret group of super power humans, or a world government designed long ago to push us around for their own desires and wants. They talk about a cosmic connection or alien interference controlling what we think- as well as making sure we stay controlled and in line with how they want our civilization to be maintained. 

 The group included the idea we are but a huge game of some highly advanced life form and our world little more than a game board. They talk about whatever  any one could imagine could be doing this however the one thing they are positive of is that it is being done.

They feel we are trained and react to our commands easily. The main thing discussed was their fear of our losing our humanity to those the group describe as “they”

The group agrees that before technology hit the earth we were far easier to control . Once radio , movies and television hit our civilization and our world population grew  we became a bit more difficult to  deal with. “They” needed to increase their control.

This is the time in human history the group of abductees think was the  turning point when   interference with earths civilization started to intensify . The human addiction to entertainment made it simple to point our wants and needs and thinking exactly where “they” wanted it to be.

Being transmitted directly into our homes made entering our minds with subliminal , images and obvious brain washing via ads, show themes, etc very easy. Knowing that those who visit or interfere with us without our awareness make it obvious that their ability to use our technology to their advantage obvious and for them easy. Who knows what we all have been subjected to since the radio and television sets have hit the living rooms of people all over this planet.

The abductees agree that a huge change in using our growing technology increased the interference with our society starting in the 1950’s.

This is the start of the end of families that united in tight family groups that sat together each night around a family dinner table and shared meals while talking to each other about life around them. 

This is the time families started to disintegrate into broken homes as divorce swept with ease across our society and family life fell to the wayside. The way of life was forever changing brought clearly in to our homes via access to  instant news, programs designed to move towards this new way of thinking as narcissism was being pumped into our minds , before our eyes and filling our ears. The me generations of family destruction were in full bloom.

The abductees agreed that this was the beginning of the  easy control of society. The first rule of collapsing any strong unit is to divide and conquer. We made that simple for them by following the way of self and giving up and marching  away from strong families or united family life. 

It was the start of our destruction . Once a family is broken it is far easier to deal with the members who have lost their solid center of a strong family unit. Willingly and blindly we marched along the road of what was shown to us on our televisions or told to us via our car and home radios not to mention the ongoing moral decay   of  Hollywood’s view of life. It was a continuous feeding of a new way to live that was short on family and big on self. It also made us weak and declining. 

This is also the time that big families declined and the one , two or no children family unit was formed doing away with the old large untied families.

Television was the end of community as well. Instead of meeting for gathering in town churches or halls TV became the total entertainment. The neighborhood living when families knew each other and communicated with each other was drawing to a close. The days of  Sundays spent with your family perhaps with church  as part of the day or at least a big family Sunday dinner were over.  Separation was building where once unity of family and community once lived.

Ads being fed to us constantly over our technology brought stores open 7 days a week along with malls to support our new need of self wants and the need to have everything we saw on that TV screen.

 We were being herded like sheep to do as we were directed by the images we sat  silently digesting day after day. We stopped talking replacing family conversations with TV  tray  tables and silent dinners with the family stuck like zombies in front to the bright light of our blaring television screens. How easy we were making it to disconnect from  our fellow humans. All that was needed was moving pictures and flashy images to move us apart and to where “THEY’ wanted us to be.

I can remember when I was growing up how our relatives, friends and neighbors would visit over a pot of coffee and an apple pie . We would sit around the dining room table talking or playing cards or board games . The house was full of people and voices making it a comforting place for all involved. 

Today I have been invited to people’s homes  while the TV was never turned off or down. The visit would consist of trying to break into the show playing to yell a fast remark or question. It also was a time that  good conversation was hard to come by and visiting became just a new living room or play room with just another blaring television.  

At other times I have been invited to visit someone I have not seen in a long time to sit and watch a movie with them. I understand some movies are nice to share however at all these invitations after the movie the visit was over and no communication was shared. I left not knowing how the friend was or what was going on in their life. 

I do not take part in that type of  visit any longer  and never have the TV on when I have visitors. We talk to each other. Something that is being a  lost art. 

Realizing that this new way of things is to realize it is also the way to desensitize us from  each other. Once you stop looking at , talking to or sharing your life with those around you – you begin the start of the downfall of our society.

The group of real time abductees share a common life style of very little television as well a limited list of movies that actually interest them. They feel the disconnect with reality and fantasy also is a byproduct of being fed  fantasy as reality which has blurred the lines for many humans to what is and what is not true. 

I will tell you that sitting and talking to this group of people is like night and day from talking to the rest of the people in my life. They are far more thoughtful, interesting and curious than those I know who spend hours in front of the TV screen. 

They feel that  some television is entertaining and fun. They also think that once the need to sit and stare blindly at the boob tube becomes more important than talking to those in your life you are in deep trouble. I came to this conclusion years ago and limited TV viewing in my household.  As a result my children are able to have conversations with those they come across in this world. I am so happy I realized this years ago and fought to maintain the human traits of  family unity and communication.  We also, until this day,  eat our dinner without the TV or radio and actually talk to each other every single day.

All of this has taken us to a place that has produced a society that is dull and withdrawn from the very things they were born to experience. Humans are meant to communicate with other humans, create families that are untied and love each other via communication and sharing. We were not born to sit and stare at a boob tube that has twisted our minds and controlled our habits and thinking. We are social animals that are being re programmed to be controlled by technology by those who benefit by this control. 

Easily we have been divided and turned to roads  that are not natural to us. Do you really think people,  especially children are happier now in small or broken families who do not communicate well, do not share meals together and at times do not even sit in the same rooms together?  I think the abductees are right and “They” have changed us and have done so for their private agenda’s not our good.

I will end this article by telling you that this is  just part of what the abductees want to warn their fellow humans about. 

I will continue to write their warnings and hope you will continue to read them and consider some of what they have to say. 

I think this is the way of the abductees to force all of you to face the fact that the unknown forces who have taken and abused them may be in all our lives and that it may not be a very good thing.

Right now I am going to go read a book. No television for me , especially before bed- who knows what odd thoughts or ideas could be sent to me without my conscious knowledge. I will read and think and be happy I am the only one in my head with me !

Be careful out there, one never knows when they will be the one to find they are alone looking into the eyes of the unknown! 

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