How to Ask About UFOs Without the Ridicule and Laughter

Long ago I learned how society reacts to the subject of  UFO’s, aliens or anything at all to do with most subjects of the paranormal.  The first lesson for me was you can never just bring it up like other subjects, you have to pick your opportunities  and timing with great care . 

I learned the hard way how to handle the  art of conversation with my fellow humans about subjects considered unknown by trial and error.  Mostly error!

The first lesson for me was to never bring up anything considered paranormal in a party or group setting . That will get you humiliated and ridiculed in record time.  

Even if there are people at the gathering who would be interested in discussing these subjects you always have that one huge loudmouth  who quickly uses the opportunity to  draw attention to them by way of insulting or pointing a finger at anyone who brings up a subject the moron does not understand or have any knowledge  about.

 That is how this type of person  operates. In order to protect their own ignorance they quickly ridicule or point a negative finger at those  who brings up things they have no information about or that frighten them . This  quickly ends the conversation as society always sides with the  bully giving up the chance for growth in order to fit in with the crowd.  

It is obvious to anyone who has found themselves in this type of scenario that the public  tends to easily be  bullied by  the loud mouth fools instead of standing up to this behavior  out of fear the bully may turn on them . It s a shame but it is the way of the world. The paranormal is a clear and perfect example of this mentality.  No one wants to be on the receiving end  of an attack of ridicule and rejection .  It is far easier to stay clear of  subjects like  UFO,s   or ghosts  as showing interest in them in a large group of people may seriously rock the boat!

Lesson one for me would be never bring up a topic of the unknown in a large group of people as without question you will hit on a few fools who will quickly shut down the subject matter with ridicule , insult and humiliation   before any information can be shared.   People  quickly  shy away from  anything that will attract the dagger of the bullies who attack what they do not know.  Parties  and large groups are not the place to find out if anyone has recently had a strange event or sighting.

Lesson two would be to not waste time or energy on hard core skeptics. Skeptics will fight to the death to not expand their limited thinking or opinions. They are extremely close minded people without much vision past a very black and white concept of all things.  I pretty much find skeptic type personalities  a complete waste of my time regardless of the subject matter.

If a skeptic does not want to consider subjects strange or  unknown that is their right. If a skeptic wants to live in a tightly closed bubble   that is their choice.  It is my right and my choice not to waste my time  with people who are closed off and limited in their view of what goes on around them.

  With all of that said  I never discuss the unknown with a skeptic nor do I ask for their opinions or try to convince them of a new way of thinking.  I  do not have time for skeptics . Spending time trying to pry open a skeptics mind is time wasted that  I could be using to talk to those who may have something of interest to add to  the ongoing area of  unidentified objects that are being seen all over the world.   I would much rather hear about an experience someone had that is not understood then waste my time on someone complaining how things we do not yet understand can never be. !

Lesson three for me was to learn not to label the unknown  when sharing a strange event.  I would call this the  No Fear approach.

I learned by experience that   if you are standing with people around you and everyone is sharing a very strange event or viewing an odd object to never blurt out:     ” Hey look at that UFO”  or     “Is that thing over there in the dark glowing a ghost?”

This immediately frightens those who may be sharing the experience with you. Once  they are frightened they reject  what they are seeing and close down to what they are  viewing . They will immediately  label it as a known like a bird, comet or balloon .    I always opt for simply pointing and asking “What is that?”   They seem to react in a far more open way to that method.

I find this approach gives  the people  seeing the event a calmer mind to view what is before them which will end with a  far more detailed sighting of what they are looking at.  If they  look with an open mind instead of a fearful eye they will be able to take in more than if they are terrified.  

Usually I only talk about the subjects considered paranormal on a one to one basis. I never place anyone in a situation where they are uncomfortable .  When I do have a conversation with someone I always try to make it clear I view most of the unknown just as science or facts we simply have not yet learned.  I try to make it a place of interest concerning subjects we have no answers to now but someday will have solid truths to it all.

I never continue talking about the unknown with anyone unless they pursue the conversation.  If they are willing to talk  I am a focused interested listener.    I always admit to  those who do not know  that I am a paranormal writer who is known for the fact I protect the identify of those I write about. I explain I am only interested in the information I find, not in destroying someone’s privacy. I am after the details and facts and find no reason at all to disturb someone’s life  by demanding  personal information. 

 When I do have a one on one conversation  with a person  I  never  walk head on about  anything  paranormal.  If  I want to see what  stance the person has on these subjects  I may say a off handed remark about  something I read or heard considering a sighting to see  where on the fence the person I  am   talking to sits on the subjects.  If they roll their eyes and  laugh I change the subject. If they seem interested or concerned I may continue the  conversation.

This method  along with being patient has rewarded me with many  good people telling me interesting experiences they have had or seen concerning their encounters with the unknown.   I  learned that you never know who has visited the unknown and that careful discreet searching can give you enormous returns when it comes to what the public does encounter every day  all over the world.

One last habit I learned long ago when talking with  people is to be a good listener. In order to absorb anything  being said while in a conversation you need to learn and master the most important skill of listening. 

 That one thing is to listen!.  Do not think about the smart thing you are going to say next or a better sighting you had , do not interrupt or turn off  the person in your head that is talking to you to think about other things.  If  you want to learn anything or understand what others have experienced you need to master the art of listening.  Once you do start to actually give your full attention to what is being said to you or around you – you will absorb an enormous amount of information.  When  I talk to people or interview them I concentrate on every word they say to me.  With this skill I have learned a great deal over my life time.  

To wrap up my feelings about how to find out what those around you have seen out there  you need a few basic  approaches.  First  always be open to people when they are talking about  all subjects.  If  you seen to be a person who listens without immediate judgment to what is being said you will establish yourself as someone people want to talk to.

When discussing sensitive subjects like UFO sightings leave the parties and crowds  to  laughter and fun and forgo bringing up a topic that may embarrass or cause humiliation to someone who has had an incredible experience . Once they deal with the scorn of society the chances of talking about their event quickly fades.

Instead  reach out to people on a one to one basis by easing in to the subject matter allowing them to express their attitudes about it before pushing ahead with the topic.  You will soon learn how to not waste your time with those closed off to it . On the other hand you will also find those who have  seen or encountered strange things who will talk to you privately about them. If you are a concerned interested focused listener  you may find people have a great deal to tell you concerning all things unknown. 

I have been blessed by the amount of good people who have reached out to tell me very credible  encounters with things we do not understand.  I have to be truthful and tell you I have also been searched out by those who are delusional or in need of attention  not to mention those in deep need of professional help as well.  It takes only a few minutes to determine  who is  who  and  which pile on the desk those  contacts land.   

I get a large amount of email and again feel blessed to find so many good honest people who tell me what they have seen or lived through.  I also get extremely lost rambling  emails from those who have become lost in  this subject matter for whatever reason  .

  You often find those who are  using this subject matter for self agenda reasons are the very same ones who send nasty emails or write vicious comments  about the real events others have witnessed .   I  am glad when these attacks occur as it is a large flashing neon  bright sign being held up by the attacker that they are without question truly the ones using the unknown for private personal reasons. There would be NO other reason to become nasty when  people report real events.     

This  nasty  sludge comes mostly from those who have spent years in faking their way with ridiculous fantasy  who become nasty as a junk yard dog when others report truthful  realistic  events.  Again to them all- thank you for your  flashing bright signs of  attack so we can all clearly  know who you are!

I hope you all begin to sniff around the people who cross your path to sooth your own curiosity and help make your own decisions about the subjects of the paranormal.    You will be  amazed what you will be told by every day people living  everyday  lives concerning the subjects of the unknown.

For now put down your tech toys when out and about and pay attention to your surroundings. It is only a matter of time before you find you are the one looking straight  in to the face of the unknown!

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