Astral projection is a state where your body will be sleep and unconscious, but your mind will stay awake and conscious! In astral projections, you will be conscious and aware of your environment and what is going on around! You may wake up and even feel like your dead body is left on the bed, and you may even think that your spirit is separated from your body, so must have been dead as your soul can go anywhere you desire freely

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This situation will occur when your mind is in a state between sleep state and  being-awake state! This state is actually when your mind is fully or partly conscious still, while your body is in unconscious state or Catalepsy state! So to consciously project yourself into the astral world, which is often called astral realm or astral planes, you should put your mind in a state between sleep state and conscious state! To do this, when you are falling into the sleep state, you should try to resist it, and try not to sleep, so that your mind can still be conscious and aware!

by Persian Wizard

You may just sleep on your back normally and face the sky, and try to keep your spine almost rigid and straight. Try not to move a muscle! Try to stay still and do not move your body as much as possible so that your body goes into the Catalepsy state! When your mind were about to sleep, try to fight with it and do not allow your mind to get unconscious! This maybe done with a relaxing meditation music with a slow rhythm and  low volume.

In the last seconds of your conscious mental activity, where you are about to fall into sleep, try to slowly imagine that there is a ball of energy floating above your head, and is trying to pull your spirit towards itself! However, we all know that it is not your spirit actually, and it is just your energy body or astral body! So do not be afraid of anything, and know that there is nothing to be afraid of in this process!

Basically, astral projection may happen in two situations. One case is that you are about to fall into sleep, and the other case, which may happen more, is that you are about to wake up but you cannot move your body! In the second case, you should try to stay relax and stay in the state where you were in the sleep, and be focused in that state and forget about everything else around you, like what you may hear in the environment, and do NOT try to open your eyes at all! Just try to be relax, and keep your sleep state for a while, and then slowly try to raise your head from the bed, and slowly raise your body up from the upper body! This process will cause that your astral body leaves your physical body, which probably feels strange and even a little annoying in the first times!

Notice that as long as your astral body is close to your physical body, your astral body will try to go back and connect to your physical body again, just like a magnet! So you may try to get as far as you can from your physical body when you project yourself into the astral planes first, and then when you wish to come back to your physical body, you just need to think of your physical body and get close to it again! Have a successful astral projection 🙂

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