Human Conscous Project As Perception – ET In The Eye Of The Beholder

“Humans covered up the Roswell Capture of the ET spacecraft. We shall never forget that which the ET’s shall make right in the light. Alien Civilizations Exist!”TJ 

We shall all survive knowing the truth. The truth will set us free. When will those in charge of the future in security and the international intelligence fields be allowed to know what some know inside certain levels of government? Who really controls the deepest levels of secrecy in our governments? Those who work inside the governments on the upper layers closest to that of public knowledge and sharing public relations information with the media are the last to know the truth. We must find a way to project the future in a positive way to present that which in the last sixty-five years have been withheld from the common folks of earth.

I keep seeing comments by the younger generation on earth about wanting to know why Roswell Encounters and the Alien Spacecraft keeps coming back up in our human psyche. It is because the entire world population was lied too about the cover up. The Roswell UFO or Spacecraft not of earth origin was one of five that were captured at the time on earth. TJ



The Human Conscious Project is a human hubris way of thinking for all who desire to be more than they are at present. We have our egos and to some they are at a level without understanding that we need our ego-id or we could not survive. That is a whole other line of thought but one that those who are not familiar with psychology, philosophy  and anthropology may want to look into more than what they may find here among us paranormal writers. We are here to assist as guides among our peers in our field of expertise which deals with extraterrestrials as paranormal still to laypersons on earth.

Human consciousness is the projection of our own perceptions. As a being thinketh so is thee or he/she.  We are more than the total sum of our parts here and above. 
Extraterrestrials are supreme. Supreme to our species in the knowing of their inner thoughts, which are logical and not emotional. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so is the illness and neurosis, which corresponds to each human’s peculiarity. ET is also in the eye of the beholder as perception of what can be thought into form as a reality of one or with others. Seeing form and sharing words with others as a writer gives me a completely different point of view. My own point of view is based on experience and research of truth.
A different point of view can change and alter one’s own beings and also our own system and platform drastically.  We will be sharing a future that is different and changing drastically from how we presently think and perceive the present world. The entire global consciousness is rising at such a rate that the statisticians in both fields of science and philosophy are not even aware of the flux.
Therefore I submit to all that raising conscious awareness is upon all of us and cannot be stopped. We are now a part of the all that is in all things and in all beings. We shall now discover the ET in the eye of the beholder. Perception to that of another being is their own personal view through their own filtering system. It is possible to raise one’s own consciousness as in ascension to that of an extraterrestrial’s. I know from experience having lived in the past on earth with only my own land world view before adapting to the change of a phoenix bird’s eye view.
I shall share more past experiences and how I became a transformed being and believer in extraterrestrials who have always visited earth in my future stories here and on my other twelve websites for various levels of beings and their way or relating to this world.
I believe we are all at a point in time when we are all to begin raising our own conscious levels with our skills as writers and readers. It is time the global conscious awareness expands. We are they of perceptions of all beings on earth. We learn what is above from us below who are to know. 
Therefore we have advanced together in the web to create the net or Internet. We have learned so much since the landing of the ET UFO or EBE spacecraft of 1947. Roswell is a part of our psyche, folkore, folklife, and history of humankind. The Roswell ET UFO I call GUS is part of “FIRST CONTACT”. 
I strongly suggest that we had assistance from those above whom we regard as extraterrestrials or ET. That is not to take away from all those hard working think tanks, scientists, and engineers.
I applaud all intelligent beings who have been a part of the 20th and 21century and the space program. However, I also realize that my government allows certain beings to take human credit for the parts of life that came from extraterrestrials and with reverse engineering.
There are some who shall accept what I share and others shall debate what I share and that is fine by me. I am not claiming to be an authority only a perceiver and experiencer. I will admit to having extraordinary experiences which have caused me to admit to my life as an Alien Abductee and ET Contactee.
In my own mind, I have chosen to separate the beings that come from other than earth geographically speaking into those who are with us and welcome our species into their fold and federation. I question those who are they demonized abductors as those who are of the alien species that take and create fear. The fact that I see two different schools of those above is what has kept me from finishing the book “TAKEN”. I have not found the peace I need to resolve the situation although I realize that controversy sells stories for mainstream television shows.
There are many of us who are willing to now share our stories when back in the day when 1947 came along and there was a ship to be captured in tact and taken underground, we were told that this could not possibly be shared with those who were not already in the know and to forget what we saw.
This is why the Roswell Encounter will always be a mainstay and a benchmark in our entire world and way of being in human conscious. The human conscious project begins there with the ET in the eye of the beholder. Some did see but were told they did not see what they saw with their own eyes as the beholders. Therefore the government was allowed to change our own human conscious project. We are all delusional now and our own human conscious collective thoughts as the critical mass conscious was changed in that time frame. Some others were taught that there were programs and projects going on that is true.
However, they were also fooled into believing that the truth that happened in one place was covered by the truth in another place. This is like a magician’s slight of hand. There were government officials that were uneducated and operated in fear of losing control and their jobs to those who could change our world. We can now share the reasons for who were at one time in office for our government and why at that time they reacted how they did. This is now a part of our history. We were lead to believe that Roswell did not happen and that no ET UFO landed and one crashed.
(To those who do not understand that one imploded. This was a malfunction that can happen. Highly advanced spacecraft can have imperfections. This does not mean that those advanced in thousands if not millions of earth years in time are any less advanced than we. We can learn from mistakes. One was left of five for us on earth in the USA to find.) 
There I have said it. People were flimflammed and were told what to believe. The newspapers at the time had the reports correct and there are those to this day who will argue the point. There are some who today will see a UFO and not report it because of the past human conscious project. What was it called at the time? Would you believe Magic? Not Majestic  or Magick but Magic. There were twelve and there are stories out there that will confirm various stories on that theme of Magic, Magick, and Majestic Twelve. They are all part of the Human Conscious Project COVER UP. We shall change the Human Conscious Project now as we change our views on the entire world. We share the truth as we see it happening, and can adjust our views on who we are and how to interact in the Ascension Center First Contact for our species. It is not first contact but in our perception is will be.
This means to me that we can become more in our own existence as a single entity essence and as a critical mass populace in a good way to increase higher consciousness. This is the training in the trenches for trainers of Lightworkers who shall assist in the globalization changes of the future. 
This is a story for the third anniversary of my UFO Digest experience with Dirk Vander Ploeg, Robert Morningstar, and others who meet me here at least once a week and sometimes twice or more. I shared some of this earlier but less personal.
I have some friends from here who now write me on a regular basis and they share the parts of themselves that make me feel better about doing my part here on the web. I will continue doing my part. The part of me that longs to be shared as energy in words as love and light for those who desire to share a path. This is what shamans and oracles of the path of enlightenment have always been allowed to leave on earth for those to follow .
In the beginning prior to my creating websites on the Internet were the Extraterrestrials or ETs. I have visitations my whole life as far as I can remember even from memories in my baby bed looking out the window. I went for a ride wen I was outside at about three years old and five years old. Again when I was about nine years old and many sightings.I spent my adult life having sightings and it was not until I was a mature adult and about 2008 that soon learn to fear some who may not be those who I had prior dealings with. I have established that there are some who are good and some who are possibly unaware of their actions.
I shall continue believing in those who are of the above in the Supreme Being Galaxy Federation for this universe as physical beings with simply more lifetimes in space. TJ
Hello friends of UFO Digest and the ET/UFO Paranormal Community.
I am going to share that which I have a driven essence and passion for in life. This is something that is hard to explain because it is so near and dear to my inner work, words, world, and journey on my own path to ascension center enlightenment. We are all a microcosm inside the macrocosm.
 This can be explained in various ways and disciplines in the academic world. One we call science and the other is anthropology. Lately, we seem to be discussing eschatology and etymology. I am interested in all. I am also interested in all levels of consciousness and understanding of not only the human mind but also the human spirit. This is the two parts of the physical body we call life on earth. There are three we use that we call the body-mind-spirit while our essence is encased in a vessel, unit, or Merkabah on earth. 
Many people from all occupations have taken an interest in my journey. This is something that can only be explained in my own mind as synergy because I believe we are all connected. I am nothing perfect or responsible for this world, planet, universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, Omniverse, matrix, or web, which we are creating.
I am a small spark of light like the rest of us that can be seen in space. Since, the book and movie made for television of which is called TAKEN, I have been aware of others who find my life’s journey in unison with others who are not storytellers. The beings who enjoyed the TAKEN series on television knew of me from my websites and past life in Hawaii. I was asked questions and asked to write a book. This was hard to undertake due to me wanting to remain in the dark and just another lost soul on this planet. 
Taking time to share that, which was secret to me, was almost too impossible to comprehend. I wanted to assist others but I did not want to bear my soul. Sure, I had wanted to become an Author of a book since I announced to the third grade at Ransom Elementary in West Monroe, Louisiana with my best friend Karen Bryan that I would become a writer.  Karen and I even created a small book of which I have a copy today. Little did I know that my own thoughts would someday combine with those above?
I did not know at the time that I was one to share titles as a Shaman, Mystic, or Lightworker in training. I did learn however, that same year that I was going to New Mexico to meet some relatives, Indians, and visit Carlsbad Caverns. That part of my life changed me on the inside although it was actions that took place on the outside. I learned that there were others on the outside of me that could change the way I felt on the inside and outside. Prior to this journey to the deeper inner caverns of this planet, I only thought there was a higher world, that of the beings who came to take me up to space in their spacecraft. Also, I knew of God in heaven due to my teachings on earth. I had accepted that there were others from all around me to learn about. I also learned that we keep secrets on earth who were training me.
What I now teach to others is of their makings. Call me what you will but it is my belief that I am here to share the Ascension Center Enlightenment (ACE) by way of that which will be the 
Ascension Age of Enlightenment that is coming to us all after December 26, 2012. TJ
Those who desire to share our Author Peer Journals as Authors, Web publishers, Bloggers, and Educators, may be interested in what we may be able to share together as participants.
We are creating the future as microcosms inside the macrocosm. Who is to say that the creators our outside when we feel the essence and presence inside and outside.
I was always taught there is truth that will always prevail beyond all thoughts, things, and theories in the Omniverse. 
There have been many body-mind-spirit beings that have come to earth. There are those who have been in various periods that we could consider our ancestors and some of them were we. We now know this in the ET/UFO Community.
I believe that UFO Digest has a history as a peer review journal for those who have been writing about UFOs and the paranormal long before 2007 came upon us. I am one who was called to share and to inspire and hopefully guide others in this world on a journey of inner light and love. 
We are adjusting our internal clocks and inner sights on a new Quest for the Inner Light.
I have a theory of my own call it Theresa or TJ it matters not. I believe that we are all created in the image of the “ALL” that we call GOD in Heaven in my Christian world of which I was born.
I have been trained my family or tribe to which I was born that includes the Christian Church of which my mother now believes is a myth. Tom, my husband’s father has also told me the same thing. Why is it now that I find myself becoming an author and teacher on earth that our older generations both who are 77 are changing their own inner point of views?
My mother was born Theresa Mae Bolton is 77 and my father-in-law, Thomas Earl Morris is 77 earth years old. Thomas Ray Morris, my spouse although a very old sage master spirit does not share my world and work as a shaman or mystic.  YET, he was brought to earth in 1959 the same year I was taken to White Sands, New Mexico to go on the spaceship for a second or third time.
Now, those of you who decided to join my treasure hunt and spiritual pat in 2007 may remember my coming out as a human being into the public arena. I was still in fear and only peaked my head out into the web on the internet to throw out a few crumbs of my own inner knowledge to see if my friends would approach me the “MEN IN BLACK”.
I then decided I wanted to share my story that was totally about TOM the Commander and me meeting him whom I tried to share in Roswell, New Mexico but could not get the words out. They just would not form. I was still in my own prison.
Writers Journey
There is a story inside all of us that wants to come out. I am sure that I am here to share in the awakening process and the closest work and words I can come up for myself being that I am not trained in the arts of academics with a Ph.D. in any discipline is that I am a natural shaman and mystic. I was told all my life that I had abilities as a different child with gifts to see such things as angels. I had invisible playmates as a child, which I now know, were simply my guides or extraterrestrials. 
Some were in physical manifestations on earth from one level while others were from another level. Then there are those who could teach me as holograms. It has taken me literally searching and sifting through books at libraries for years before there was a web and internet. Now, I find myself being one of the creators of content in the new web of life.
We are creating our own world on this planet in not only the physical but also the astral realms. Some talented people are now going to try to own the world of virtual reality and the Internet.
While I support art, culture, education, science, technology, mysticism, and Folklife, I find that that I am and what I am is outside of all of these academic disciplines.
I am sure that I am not into dogmas or the old worlds of the past that are all still listed as paganism, or religions that seem to include all that humans have created on earth. Therefore, I am caught in a difficult situation. I share love and light of extraterrestrial beings whom I believe are to assist in raising our awareness of all. 
Those above whom I have grown to trust inside my own essence as my guides and as spiritual teachers into other realms and dimensions have been good to me. They have never hurt me or steered me wrong. They explain to me those who have come before to guide those on earth in the various periods that we call time. I am now faced with sharing that which I believe I was put on earth to share. I know that I will gain some friends and lose others and this is okay with me for as we grow we leave some behind. I now realize that we are all about the journey or the quest for the inner light.  Please share with me your essence and participate with me in the future. We do not have to give all for all give some while some give all.
We can each make our lives a part of the future by combining efforts. While I shall support some friends by purchasing and reviewing their books online and leaving the review on, I shall simply get to know others on the websites that I shall provide for those above.
The present calling for me is to create the new website named ASCENSION CENTER ORGANIZATION that I have registered as a domain on I shall transfer the name to today so that I may work on it on WORDPRESS. I welcome all those who have felt the love and light to share their work, words, and worlds with others such as myself. There are various websites being created to share by others as well as me.
The future will have changes and soon our knowledge will have doubled and the Ascension Center Organization will be required for those who desire to share in a mutual perception.
Tom my husband has written over 5 books in the last 3 years and I have only 1 that is still being edited by me but the rough draft is assigned an ISBN and available on Amazon and Lulu called “THE PACKAGE” under his name as author Thomas R. Morris. I wish that Tom would share his experiences in space but he does not feel obligated to share that which will not be understood by others on earth. While Tom has grown impatient with me as his editor, I still seem to find that those above drive my passion and energy toward their own book editing called the ASCENSION CENTER. TJ
1) Your “ET” perspective is what the earthly readers really need.
You are looking down from a level that us earthly types are trying to understand.
We are looking up, mostly frustrated in our ignorance.
2) My human frailties would probably trap me into a persona bearing my name.
That would cause me to deviate from truth.
3) If I were to write something for a multiplicity of readers,
I would lose the element of love in my writings.
I am not strong enough to go beyond one-on-one communication and maintain a true feeling of love. It would become just a bunch of words, strung together with logic, but without emotion and compassion.
4) On the other hand, you have been successfully handling 2) and 3) (above).
The most important issue is love and light beyond this earthly life.
The possibilities, the potential, and the dangers are staggering.
And horrific, but probably far from the worst, is to be trapped at this level – to be assigned a “do-over”.
Yuck. Most earthlings have their head in the sand (the polite version of what I really think – naughty me).
They are like the Biblical dog “who returns to his own vomit”.
I am one of those dogs, and I do not like it.
I feel that I was badly prepared for this earthly life.
Maybe I was sent here to teach me a thing or two ?? – to pull my head out of wherever I was keeping it !!
I do not want to do this poorly next time around, where ever that may be.
No thanks, no “do-over”, although I might not have a choice.
I suppose that I could be sent back as an unwitting teacher,
that would be hard to protest, as I expect that I would feel duty-bound.
I have no real idea of what the immediate afterlife would be like.
I am somehow convinced that it is of utmost importance to have LOVE and LIGHT hammered into the very fabric of one’s spirit.
I speculate that this is the only means of evading negative forces that would intercept a spirit, by whatever means:
intimidation, force, coercion, deception, blackmail and enticement come to mind.
This would be the only means of attracting the attentions of the positive forces –
those who would be able to provide a true opportunity for uplift.
(And who knows what happened to those who remain un-recruited.)
LOVE and LIGHT – it is the only way to spiritually ascend.
Us earthlings are a sad lot – we have a long way to go – a lot to learn.
Start now and do not deviate.
The more we learn now, the better we will be equipped to handle the next step.
LOVE and LIGHT – the only way to live now – the only way to spiritual ascension.
LOVE and LIGHT – TJ, it is easy to see that you know it.
You see beyond this earthly life.
And still, you do bring LOVE and LIGHT to others in this earthly predicament.
But, you yourself are sharing in this predicament.
There is a precedence for this, one which we tend to forget and fail to appreciate.
And we never live up to the example set for us all.
We have to make the most of LOVE and LIGHT in this life, it is part of our experience, our development.
And maybe a point, the importance of which we overlook –
our expression of LOVE and LIGHT is an up building example for others.
Teaching a part of our expression of LOVE and LIGHT – an active and deliberate part of our expression of LOVE and LIGHT.
I speculate that we all must shoulder some responsibility for our fellow earthlings by developing into teachers of LOVE and LIGHT.
In fact, I think that it is of tremendous importance in spiritual ascension.
This is your role.
Your advantage is the “ET” component of your being.
And a special disadvantage at the same time.
We all do have one powerful asset, our faith in a “GOD” of LOVE and LIGHT.
Now, I really am all typed-out.
Except to say – more on GOD – another time.
LOVE and LIGHT to you and your husband. AL
Hi Theresa,
I am still busy with my work, because, to quote a pen pal of mine “it’s all about the money”.
The work that I am doing is electronic circuit design.
These circuits are used inside commercial rotisserie ovens, and in anti-theft turnstiles (retail food stores).
Nothing that I judge to be morally wrong, such as military equipment, gambling equipment and video games – to name a few.
As I mentioned previously, I was never overly fond of this earthly life.
My wife was the one thing that gave me a sense of purpose and a sense of security.
When she walked out, my safety bubble was shattered – I was devastated.
Depression set in and it took for sure 3 years before I got my medications (SSNRI) properly adjusted.
I found this earthly life to be an empty, callous, uncaring horror.
In addition, I had an awful time accepting any human contact.
During this period, I absolutely had to stay away from any mention of anything paranormal (books, web site, TV shows).
These things drew me further away from this earthly existence – unseated me.
The only thing that kept me here was a combination of love for my wife and the horror of what she had done.
I have realized that I have never been a willing participant in this world.
I have had recurring dreams of driving around town, unable to remember where I live.
Another recurring dreams is not being able to find where my car is parked – not having a clue where I left it.
Yet another is of being a student and suddenly realizing that the school term is half-over and I do not know when or where classes are held.
Absent from my own life.
The opportunity that ET contacts (on the level that you have) would certainly be a tremendous distraction from the earthly life.
All else would pale, in comparison.
In addition, it must consume a major amount of your emotional energy.
I guess that it must be – well, all pervasive in your (earthly) life.
Greed and jealousy of your earthly beings in your life trying to bring you down.
For sure – big time.
It is a difficult situation when the problem is with beings in your earthly family.
There is a lifetime of emotional “baggage” with family members.
In addition, some family members can never get over it.
Therefore, in times of stress – it all comes out.
In addition, yes, oh yes – it can easily drag a person down.
In addition, this happens whether or not those people who are responsible for this,
Really, have any understanding of the effects of their behavior.
That is the problem – they really do not understand.
Love is the key ingredient in enlightenment.
It allows us to empathize with other beings, to increase our understanding of these beings and
To be able to show compassion towards them, possibly to assist them and at the very least, to appreciate them for their positive qualities.
Love can breed love, both in one’s self and in others.
Love can return love – certainly not guaranteed, it is beyond some people.
We cannot isolate ourselves from those who do not deal in love – but we can distance ourselves from them.
Therefore, in this world, earthly or otherwise, we must build up a good store of love.
People are social beings, for the most part.
They tend to cluster based on something that is mutually attractive.
In addition, one of those things includes a true heart – a heart with principled love – agape.
Associating with such people is mutually up building – something very powerful.
Associating with entities that are ascended beyond our own level – that is difficult for me to imagine.
Assuming that the relationship is one of mentor-student and the goal is spiritual uplift (ascension),
In addition, that the curriculum is based on love and truth (light) – then, well, mmm, I am unable to say.
My assumptions are based on my current level of awareness, 
Moreover, I assess my awareness as not sufficient to make realistic assumptions,
Let alone give any enlightening conjecture.
I can only hope that such a relationship is heavy on truth, principled-love and spiritual ascension.
Do not feel embarrassed about all the things that you have confided in me.
I have a strong conviction that the way of truth and light is essential, both for life on this earth and beyond.
We must get it right here or the chances for spiritual ascension diminish.
The Christian precepts, as found in the Bible, are a very good prescription for an earthly life of love and truth –
An earthly life with a path to spiritual ascension.
And as an adherent to the Christian way,
I can do nothing other than give you all the encouragement that I can –
to try to share with you, in camaraderie, a spirit of love.
To say “I appreciate who you are. I admire what you stand for.”
To say “I know that you believe in the way of love and truth”.
To say “I do not judge you. None of us is perfect, especially me.”
So, never feel embarrassed, I am here to listen, I am here to encourage.
Just a bit of background –
I have been attending Jehovah Witness meetings and Bible studies, for approximately 3 years.
This participation has given me a much greater appreciation of the Christian way.
I appreciate the members of the congregation – the association is certainly up-building (uplifting) .
The organization is another matter, but I have learned not to let it get to me – usually.
I did a couple of months of “door-to-door” last year, loved it.
In addition “street work” as well, that was my favorite.
I was disqualified from these activities – but no big deal, I got over it, keeps things interesting.
These days – a kind word and a smile, hold a door open, little things – try to kindle a small spark.
All this does not mean that I am, in any way or to any degree, letting go of my “ET”-oriented point-of-view.
On the contrary, the more that I learn about the Christian way, the more it actually fits into the “ET” reality (as I perceive it).
Christianity is one of the means by which we can approach a spiritual ascension.
Religions were given to us from an “ET” source.
The unknown story of all this will turn out to be extremely interesting.
I will expound on this a bit more another day.
For now, I am all typed-out.
So please, keep in LOVE and LIGHT – I’m counting on you.
56 earth years – they seem to have flown by so quickly, so many of them wasted.
Maybe not wasted, let’s say unproductive.
Past lives ?
Honestly – I do not have any indication of past lives.
Certainly nothing comes to mind.
I would be looking for something anomalous – something not-quite-right.
And I have not been able to put my finger on anything.
I remember seeing a WW2-era Lancaster bomber at an aviation museum and I was mesmerized by it.
Something leaking into the current consciousness from the past ?
Or, just a current understanding of the terror and death that men experienced flying these flimsy things ?
Probably just an understanding.
So, I have to careful – not let whimsical notions pass for truth.
As for my belief in past lives – I would say yes, definitely, for sure.
But – what are past lives ?
It is easy to say that they are incarnations in human form somewhere in the historical past.
There are anecdotes supporting this idea (mainly from India, mmm, no coincidence, I suppose).
But, it sounds almost too simple.
To explore this topic, I see two issues:
1) Of what consequence might past lives be ?
2) What are the non-concrete/non-human-body components of the human individual ?
The questions are backwards, we have to start with the second question.
So, what are we ?
To me, it’s pretty well a given that we have a component that is not in this concrete world.
Some people would call it a “soul”, whatever they mean by that.
I would venture to say that it is some combination of:
– a sense of self-awareness
– a free will
– wisdom, or at least knowledge
– some (unknown) type of enabling (and for lack of a better word) energy (maybe life force).
But, there is a twist in this – I did not include “individuality” in the list.
In this earthly life, we feel that we are individuals.
True – but, we do have various group identities (family, national, religious, middle-class – to mention a few)
and these shared identities make us all less distinct.
Are there similar relationships amongst our “non-concrete” component parts ?
You referred to me as “soul group mate”.
How closely does a “soul group” bind us – both in this world and in the “world of the soul” ?
Do we even have an individual “non-concrete” part ?
(Maybe, in the “soul world” we are more like the Borg in Star Trek Voyager).
The “sense of self-awareness” and “free-will” would be constrained by the nature of our “soul” (spirit part).
In fact, by its entire “spirit part” environment and all other interacting “spirit parts”.
I cannot say much about “enabling energy” or “life force”, at this time.
But what about knowledge and wisdom ?
What access does our “spirit part” have to knowledge and wisdom ?
And these are probably quite diverse, maybe including (but certainly not limited to):
– universal concepts.
– experience of past human lives.
– experience of past non-human lives.
– past lives of other individuals (human and non-human).
– teachings in the “spirit part” world.
– group experiences.
All of which defines (at least partially) our role in life (both here and wherever).
And “of what consequence are past lives” should be much clearer.
Wow – what a pile of speculation !
Well – here is more – on another subject.
As far as “memories of my mystical experience” goes – well, that is not so straightforward.
Yes – these memories have definitely piqued my conscious interest in things not seen.
Subconscious memories ? They probably contribute.
But here is the interesting part – what was the psychological impact that was intended by the “visitors” ?
Was a conscious recollection intended ?
Was the conscious recollection carefully managed ?
(It might appear to be “sloppiness” on the part of the “visitors”, but then again, maybe that was exactly intended impression).
Another interesting aspect was the unspoken verbal communication:
– “You failed the test”. What (says me) ? “You did not pass the test”.
A very short conversation (in unspoken words) with “somebody” else.
– (waves of disappointment), (anger at myself for disappointment) “after what they did to me”.
An emotion (anger) and a verbal thought (after what . . .) that seemed “jammed in” from an external source,
a curious choice of words, since I had (and still do not have) any memory of “what they did to me”.
Were these from two separate entities, perhaps having different roles in the incident/operation ?
Or was it a single entity, masquerading as a second entity, in order to put in place a bit of psychological protection.
The protection being anger in response to involuntary participation,
in place of a positive association between an indignity and love.
Another change of subject – 
maybe I somewhat understand your husband’s anger and his doubts over your love.
Many people are not good patients – being limited by poor health is a tough burden.
And heart conditions and high blood pressure are not things that have just “sprung-up” just recently.
These things have probably been dragging-down your husband for some time.
You are the care-giver, and being the spouse, you are also the source of love and affection.
And if your work takes you away from your husband, I am sure that he feels alone.
Alone, facing declining health and eventually death.
While you continue on with your normal activities, with your life.
And over the years, your involvement with your spiritual connection
could have come between you and your husband.
And while in good health, and busy with his own work, the situation was bearable.
But now, any doubts, suspicions and disillusionments that were denied 
(in order to maintain the illusion of a satisfactory relationship (and believe me, I see now that I did this during my marriage))
now surface due to feelings of helplessness and more importantly a feeling unfulfilled love.
The sense of vulnerability is as bad as any depression, maybe worse.
Your love, affection and closeness are more important than ever, and are becoming more so.
Maybe ask your spiritual contact for some time to devote to your husband –
so that you can show the love, affection and closeness to your husband.
Please, do not let him leave this life without your love.
And I do not know that this is even possible or appropriate,
but in some way communicate to your spiritual contact 
your need for guidance, or at least encouragement in this matter.
TJ – I do not know you and you husband nearly well enough to say much (although it does not seem to stop me).
What I have said above is a mix of my own experiences with the death of both my parents
and the departure of my wife – all of which hurt and in all of which I made bad mistakes.
You have the earthly opportunity to show love to somebody who depends dearly on you for your love.
TJ – you and your husband are in my prayers.
With LOVE and LIGHT,
your long-winded pen pal,
P.S. “Shan’t” is a valid word, although I must admit that I had to look it up to be sure.
This makes me reflect on how limited man’s consciousness is.
And it makes me fear mankind’s collective consciousness (or at least my perception of it) –
I do not want to be any part of it, yet I am, if only because of a shared heritage (physiological and psychological).
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THERESA MORRIS – EVOLVING CONSCIOUSNESS – ‘SPIRIT ‘ MYSTIC JOURNEYS TO 7 HEAVENS Shamanic Journeys – Merkabah –  ACE GUIDE NEWS MAGAZINE for Authors, Copywriters, Editors (ACE) –  Peer Review  Journal of  Body-Mind-Spirit Being
The Apprentice
An apprentice Shaman life is sometimes thrust upon a sentient intelligent being. Sometimes, the essence is allowed to grow according to the natural laws of physical nature inside the microcosm and allowed to become an active participant in the macrocosm of all that is created by the masters or ancestors who have been enlightened before.  
Some are allowed to proceed on the path of enlightenment at their own pace while others shall stumbled over the rocks in the road. The journey is best made while learning in two parts as essence realizing that one belongs in space as a microcosm traveling with other microcosms in side the larger macrocosm of which there are at present the point of origin the spark of essence called inner self as the microcosm.
The inner spark is what we call the energy or light. 
Sometimes, this will be due to their master guides challenging their essence while on earth in a body-mind-spirit chalice or Merkaba.
Remember, the life you now lead on earth is for the self and the soul. There is a part of each one of us that strives to return to our soul or to some their oversoul.
I have been asked to assist others who have found themselves in a place where there appears to be no bridge of understanding or caring to get to the other side.
I have also been asked to assist those who are the one’s who have experienced being an abductee.
The best way I can do this for the entire levels of life in the present seven levels of heaven or paradise is to share the work in words. Some of these words will be my own while to others some will be channeled material.
I am supposed to try to be a writer and yet I feel as though I share too much of my personal inside essence as opposed to that which others want to know about the outside of life as the essence of all. This concerns me and sometimes, I want to use a different style.
I have books and read a lot sometimes at night, and sometimes during the day. Practicing Shaman are always looking to better themselves while on earth. We see the world in a different light I am told. I find sometimes when with others to be looking at the clouds, trees, birds, bees, butterflies and seeing the reality in all that we do on earth as simply part of that which is alive and in the physical form. While at other times, I crave to be alone so I can go on a journey whether it is in a dream state, and out of body experience (OOBE) and astral projection or near death experience (NDE), taking a Shaman Journey in meditation using a friendly tree as my anchor and self induced, or being visited by physical plane extraterrestrials that will usually not come in the day due to their own intelligence levels of being kept classified and not being seen by all others who are not believers.
I am a practicing Shaman. I am considered a Master Shaman based on my lifetime experiences in what we call time and space-time as the past, present, and future.
I am always a student of life among the living. We all are as we pass through this state and stage of the universe on an orb that travels while the universe is expanding inside the various other levels of what we call existence.
Our conscious is changing. Our levels of conscious awareness of life and all that this word “life” entails is part of why we are here, who we are, and where we shall be going when we leave earth and this plane of existence.
I am also a practicing Mystic who was raised with the disciplines and education in the Christian faith and religion in the Untied States of America on the North American continent.
Together we shall mold that which to a novice will be seen through their guides and teachers. A Master Guide such as myself is one who allows others to share in the mystical experiences that would normally be kept secret.
Secrets are very powerful and can give energy and strength to the beholder of the magic or magick of the secret.
There are various levels of energy and extreme understanding that some will address as wisdom and knowledge while others will only see the levels as nonsense and words in order of messages that have no meaning at all. This is why those who have walked the same path, as we shall in the future also lived in the past and kept these “Shamanic Journeys” inside their own inner worlds.
Shamans have inner and outer journeys in this place we call earth. We receive guidance from our spirit guides in both inner and outer worlds.
Here are some words in our work that may be of assistance to those who desire to join us in the future, in what my spirit guides also called extraterrestrials have offered us to find and use on earth in this journey. TJ.
1. The apprentice novice neophyte shaman shall first learn theory and practice through the messages of the ancestors of earth left in myths and legends.
2. The “Apprentice Shaman” shall learn rituals and techniques of the mentor Shaman Master also known in some work and worlds as the Ascended Master.
3. The apprentice shaman will also be known in and among his/her peers inside the matrix of what we call the microcosm of each body-mind-spirit as the Ascension Center Light Being.
4. The Ascension Center Light Being will also be called to the outside work and world as a “Lightworker”.
5.  The apprentice shaman who is also now regarded as a Lightworker shall be raising awareness with the aid and guidance of all higher level guides and masters once they have reached a certain level of being, doing, and having that which is considered the “Holy Spirit” or “Holy Ghost” of which is one part of who we all are as body-mind-spirits.
6. One may call the Christian Mystic’s words of the “Holy Spirit Shaman” by another name as the “Inner Force” or “Higher Power” so not to be caught up in the “Old School” or languages of our ancestors.
7. The Apprentice Shaman Lightworker will agree to experience all that shall be learned through guidance of the Master Shaman and/or Ascended Master by learning all that can be for the good of self and to and for others in the spirit of evocation of meaningful truth as tribal traditions.
8. The Apprentice – Ascension Center Shaman Lightworker will join the tribe of the Shaman practitioners who are only one part of the Ascension Center Metaphysical Institute of Higher Learning of Science and Technology along with the accepted and understood principles and teachings of other artists, creators, educators, and folks.
9. The Lightworker of the Ascension Center as a Shaman Apprentice will learn to cultivate dreams, visions, spirits, and dimensions, in both the inner and outer world the microcosm inside the macrocosm of all 7 levels of being inside the Matrix including the Omniverse.
10. By practicing within a tribe and participating with others, one may learn how to become a Master Shaman Lightworker to assist self and others and mediate effectively between worlds and dimensions, sacred and profound, physical, and ethereal. This is astral and physical.
Depending on an essence and the needs of the microcosm to perform and participate and learning their duties while living on earth, there are some who shall find their way into the guidance of the masters of the Ascension Center.
Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris has been trained her entire earth life to participate in various callings and elections made sure while in earth form we regard as body-mind-spirit to all on earth who remain outside of the understanding of our traditions and principles as Ascension Center Lightworkers. This way of life is a journey of spirits who share in lifetimes of work in the various dimensions we call the seven levels of heaven…
1. MICROCOSM – ESSENCE-SPIRIT    One’s own point of origin as Truth
2. MATRIX -WORLD…One’s own inner and outer geographic location
4. MULTIVERSE …Includes the Branes
5. METAVERSE…Includes all universes and branes
6. XENOVERSE…Includes all that is inner and outer and the unknown
7. OMNIVERSE…Includes the inner, outer, known, and unknown inside the known expansion
8. ALL – WEB – GOD/GODDESS – OBSERVERS/CREATORS…That which lies outside of the all of the OMNIVERSE
Note: To those interested in sharing and participating in the future with TJ please share your thoughts, disciplines, interests, and techniques. This will include books that have been written and choices made as a MAGI, SAGE, SHAMAN, SEER, TRUTHSEEKER, MYSTIC, ORACLE, PROPHET/PROPHETESS, or STUDENT OF LIFE.
I hope this helps and others will desire to share in the ASCENSION CENTER ENLIGHTENMENT experience. We can all participate in various ways. Some will be social entrepreneurs, some will be authors, some will be teachers and educators, while some will still be the hermits and supporters. There are so many different types of spirits and essences on earth. It will be good to get to know them all as the students and teachers of life.  Afterall, we are all students and teachers and there are more of us realizing that we can all share in the outside essence of the Akashic Field and the Matrix of the Web.
There are various levels besides those that are being created electronically in virtual reality on the Internet. This is a start anyway for many who at least now have an idea what an Avatar is in another world. Some will only believe in taking on a new persona on the Internet. We will eventually get to where we need to be with the assistance of beings like Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku. There are many unsung heroes. I am happy to be a storyteller and the Keeper of the Flame. I am happy to do my part and to have an essence willing to journey as a Shaman on earth from the beyond out there somewhere past the xenoverse. I hope to someday return to that which is beyond the Omniverse to exist once again with those who are the Supreme Beings. There will always be those above us as below. Science is part of our reality as is Cosmology, Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, and all other disciplines we choose to use in academics. We can still choose to share in our higher conscious awareness and perceptions as those who are of kindred spirits at the Ascension Center Organization. Do what thou can to share with the all for the good of the commonwealth. We need our families, tribes, communities, townships, states, and nations on the future continents. We will all learn about terra forming other procreations in other worlds. There is a plan and we are all a part of the big picture of the Omniverse. 
 Thank you for allowing me to share that which I believe to be the essence of all as God/Goddess of which I believe will create the Ascension Center in us all! TJ 

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