Humanoid Gray/Nordic Time and Dimensions

Alien ET UFO Contactee Statement of Fact – Humanoid Gray/Nordic Time & Dimensions

By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris


Contact has been made via various levels of understanding in this lifetime. We have a new era in time we now shall refer to as the Ascension Age. We share that this is also the Golden Age of Cosmology to officially begin December 21, 2012.

It is my understanding that we are to share in the new era on earth in time to be referred to as the Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond.

The work and words known as alien Grays and ET Nordics are two types that have been referenced as real humanoids in my lifetime. 

I claim to be one Alien ET UFO Contactee who has had UFO Sightings and Contact.

This is with my arrangement to accept responsibility for my shares in communication of my own personal experiences with those who may desire to understand more about our involvement with other humanoid sentient intelligent beings in this creation of those who we call the creators who have always been. We share a continuous involvement in what we refer to as time on earth.

It is now time to share more information that will be life changing for many who are unaware that we are presently in one level and dimension in what we regard as time.

We share that there are levels and dimensions which we now share as the following:

1. universe

2. multiverse

3. metaverse

4. xenoverse

5. omniverse

6. alphaverse

7. omegaverse

The seven levels may be joined with the four (4) quadrants divided among the branes as the walls giving us four more levels as North 8, South 9, East 10, West 11. 

The fact that we now have an understanding of time in relation to the 3 dimensional world we now share as our reality gives us this reality as 12, and our time in our sleep alpha level as 13. 

We share information as we absorb as assimilation and as osmosis in what we call time.

The reality we live is actually in two levels and dimensions in time. We share the reality of the awakened state which is one level and dimension, as well as, another we share in the sleep state as another level of existence and another dimension in what we call time.

Therefore it is my knowledge and awakened awareness that is to be shared that we all share two levels and dimension in time.

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris A Humanoid Sentient Intelligent Being  in Contact with Alien ET Humanoids and UFOs.

On or about December 26, 1951 at noon, I was born in St. Francis Hospital, Ouachita Parish, Monroe, Louisiana, USA. My Christian name at birth assigned is Theresa Janette Thurmond. My business and used married name is now Theresa J. Morris. My brand trade name is TJ Morris. My service mark is ACIR. My affiliation in my country is ACIR and American Culture International Relations.

My advanced beings connection to those who have always been and from the heavens came as the creators is as Co-Creator and C0-Commander in this universe. It is with my humble ego-id personality within given mind, and essence that is kept inside that which we call our unit container as a body-mind-spirit. It is my understanding that I am only one of many trillion humanoid sentient intelligent beings in this omniverse.

The information I now provide will be to share what I know with others who care to befriend me while I am on a planet called Gaia or Earth. The information that I receive direct is considered direct communication of energy from essence which I may step-down into the Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gamma, Delta, Sigma, Tau waves we use as the seven (7) levels of being particles and waves which make up our existence while in essence spiritual form that returns to our over soul creations.

We as souls mirror our own desires to become an agreement to be shared with others of our humanoid sentient intelligent being species. This is how we share in the free will and free choice of our own eternal soul’s progression and affiliations with those who are our creators as the eternal force we call eternity. Infinity and Eternity is that which we regard in relation to time. We shall be allowed to decide our own destinies in that which can make us immortal through our own involvement.

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