Publisher’s Note: I received the following article from Jaye, a HR Team Member of the website Hybrids Rising. it concerns human alien hybrids which I realize by reading your emails is a very important topic for those interests in UFOs and the UFO phenomonon. So read the article belowand visit their website. Enjoy Dirk

We are proud to introduce Hybrids Rising; an educational website earnestly focusing on the Contact Phenomenon from the perspective of truth, compassion and decades of research. The name of this site was formed from the crux of the Contact Phenomenon: The creation of a new Human Hybrid Race of beings. There is an ever prevalent unique community evolving around us. It is our hope the information contained on this site will help others understand, and therefore cope with, Extraterrestrial Contact with Advanced Intelligences which is certainly bound to continue.

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What you will read on Hybrids Rising is not from any one individual, but from credible researchers and sources that have been directly experiencing and studying the Contact Phenomenon for many decades.

The Hybrids Rising Team will attempt to educate people who are in need of help in understanding what may be occurring in their own lives as well as those who are ready to begin to consider the possibility that we are being visited by Advanced Intelligences from other worlds and other realms. On Hybrids Rising we endeavour to explore the following subjects:

A Slice of Time: How Humanity Ended up on the Wrong Side of Reality,


A historical, fact based, fully referenced timeline relating to UFO events and the Contact Phenomenon worldwide; The Secret History of the UFO Phenomenon Timeline: 4780 BC to the National Security Act of 1947; MKULTRA, MJ12, to present day FISA and PRISM and the dauntless efforts of the Disclosure Community. Who is in control? Speak out while you still can.

Where do these beings come from? A Rose by Any Other Name


Explores The Betty Hill Star Map that the Fish, Atterberg, Koch-Kyborg, Danjo, and the Pearse-Hill maps are based upon; and star systems encompassing the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Ursa Major, Pegasus, Gliese 581, Kepler 22 and the recent announcement of the Earth-like planet Kepler 186f.

Hybrids Rising’s Möbius Order of Beings explores The Mantis-Insectoids, Tall Blacks, Greys, Brown Dwarfs, Wrinkled Humanoids, Hybrids and The New Race; The Blues, Tall Whites, Blond-Nordics, Reptilians, Dracos and Amphibians.

Mantis & Insectoid


Alien abduction accounts from private and published cases are explored. These include, but are not limited to UFO*BC, David Huggins, Simon Parkes, Danion Kell and from researchers such as Dan Wright, John Carpenter, Kathleen Marden, Denise Stoner, AJ, Dr. David Jacobs and Dr. Richard Boylan.

The Tall Blacks


Explores whether Tall Blacks are a Hybrid Species, and the fact that Africans and people of African descent DO get abducted despite what mainstream thought is concerning Contact. Case reports include information from Norman Bergrun, Danion Kell, Terrell Copeland, EJM, Kelly Cahill, AJ, and Nigel Kern; and advanced medical devices, telepathic “directives,” and other activities involving these beings.

The Greys


The Greys’ unique qualities and shared consciousness abilities are explored, as well as their reproductive focus, physical commonalities and differences; Greys’ craft and cases such as Betty Andreasson, Betty and Barney Hill, AJ and the fantastic art from Object Report are included. We look at what the Greys are doing and why we believe they have been here for a very long time.

Brown Dwarf Aliens


The misunderstood Brown Dwarfs, sometimes referred to as the chubby ETs, are involved in alien abductions much more than people realize. We look at the medical procedures they perform and their search for specific types of Human DNA.

Wrinkled Humanoids

Old Ones and ETs with “Elephant” skin: Are they Hybrids or do these reports represent varied and individual beings? Case reports include those from Albert Rosales, Charles Hickson, Dan Wright, Kesara Dennett and others.

The Hybrids and The New Race of Children


This document explores the ET Human Hybrid Programme, transgenic engineering, transgenic Humans, “alien sex,” Hybrids’ life spans and if one day these beings might reveal themselves overtly to humanity.

The Blue Aliens


Surveying The Blues includes looking at the history of The Anasazi, the Blue Star Kachina; Andromedans, Blue Hybrids, Blue Aliens, Blue Reptilians, and Blue Aquatic Beings. We also look at Indigo Children and Evolutionary Behaviour and ponder why ETs with brown skin are called Blues.

Tall Whites


Could some reports of The Tall Whites actually be of Pleiadians or Blond Nordics? This document reviews Col. Shaw’s and Charles Hall’s contact with these Extraterrestrials as well as more recent Abductee-Experiencers’ contact with Tall White ETs.

Blond-Nordic Aliens


Blond Nordics can shape-shift and exist in a state of dual or shared consciousness. Blonds are teaching Humans about their own dualistic qualities. We discuss Blond Nordics who clone and Human perception: Are these beings really Blonds or are they Hybrids? Could some of them actually be Reptilians?

Reptilian-Dracos and Amphibians


ETs known as Reptilians and Dracos have a great interest in Human DNA and our Human past reveals their presence dating back thousands of years. Are they related to, or have a symbiotic relationship with, Amphibian beings?

Hybrids Rising also explores other researcher’s and Abductee-Experiencers’ insights regarding The Programme of Contact on Earth as well as ET Technology. Join us at Hybrids Rising for an educational platform from which people can learn, grow and continue to educate others about Human Consciousness and the Contact Phenomenon which is inspiring it to expand.




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