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I sat listening to this show where the man who now is the head of one of the privately owned companies who will control our space program tell the world of course there are UFO’s and aliens on a worldwide listened to radio show. How much more disclosure do any of you need?

I could not wait until the next day and searched the news and internet for the reaction of this incredible announcement by Robert Bigelow who is the Master of our space program openly admit to the fact there are indeed UFO’s and aliens on Coast to Coast on Easter Eve.  I looked and waited and searched and searched and do you know what I found as a reaction to this world changing news? Nothing. No reaction at all. I called a few people I knew who are UFO enthusiasts who also heard the show who also were waiting for the reaction of at least the UFO inter net community however is just never came.

That is when I knew my time trying to tell not only my own real life experiences with the unknown but those of the good people who come to me to share their incredible strange encounters was never going to provide a road to answers.

I was working hard in order to try to develop answers to things we did not understand so we would have the truth concerning what we were seeing and what we were enduring during these strange events with these odd crafts and visitors. I now felt it a waste of time  as well as a waste of data being collected by way of the accounts I was being given and writing about. I now realized I was just another writer telling a good story for the entertainment of others and nothing more. The chances of our ever being handled in a decent honest manner by those in charge of and handling our relationship with space and the life that lives in our cosmos with us were at best zero.

It occurred to me that this most likely has been arranged and is controlled by those who do inter act with other life forms and will remain a cloaked convoluted mess due to the fact it makes life easier for those who deal with society. I also realized this was without question exactly how our alien visitors wanted it to be , If they wanted us all to know why they were here and what they were doing trust me we would know.  It appears obvious that those who control our space information are controlled by those who are visiting us from space. Like on earth so goes it in space. He who has the bigger stick wins. In this case technology is king and our advanced visitors hold the winning hand and we can only agree with their wishes as things now stand.

All of this still does not change the fact that all of us should without question know and have access to who Mr. Bigelow is and what exactly does he plan to do? I also think he should openly discuss his knowledge and answer questions and be honest with us about UFO’s and aliens.

As it stands he does all he can to push us deeper in to the dark which makes me really uncomfortable.  I know that the methods of control that these powerful people use works for them and keeping us running after our own tails is simple and effective for them however it is brutally unfair to those who have the close encounters and witness the crafts. The amount of information and data lost due to the fact that purposely are kept without a properly professional working reporting agency cannot benefit anyone including Robert Bigelow. The enormous amount of data and information that is lost yearly due to this is at best incredulous and needs to be changed or explained why this is our path. I can only come up with one conclusion which is this is the way the government needs it to be because they are NOT the ones in control and this system is how our alien invaders wish it to continue. I clearly see how it easily enables them to come and go as they please not to mention take and do as they wish with those they decide to take for reasons only they understand.

The alien agenda of course is for the benefit of the aliens and that fact we need to stay perfectly clear about. It is pure delusion or planted ideas by the aliens to think otherwise. Aliens have been visiting this planet for as long as mankind has been here. If they were going to help us they would have done so long ago. I find no logic at in in thinking that is their purpose. More likely they need us for some biologic reason and may deal with us in order to freely have access to us however past that I am doubtful they care or have concern for our primitive species.

I tried to contact Mr. Bigelow many times as I am fearful for the population and also fearful of the amount of information that is being lost. I was able to briefly talk to one person on his payroll who was quick tempered and not interested or wanting to hear anything from the real people who are dealing with these things in real life

He seemed annoyed at the idea I had information I thought they surely could use. I can only believe they already know all that is happening and I was just an annoying complaint from the abused population of experiencers. A shame as Mr. Bigelow is really playing the wrong hand by turning against those who are the victims of those he is trying to interact with.

 Even if those like Mr. Bigelow are fully aware of what is taking place on this planet with UFO’s and the interaction of other life forms with humans it still would be wise to keep a close open eye on the reports of those who are the ones who are forced to deal with our visitors. I find it irresponsible to announce that those who will be developing our space program are the same people who openly admit they know that UFO’ and aliens exist yet go out of the way to make sure they have nothing to do with the real people who have had experiences with them.

Any way you look at it this ideology just does not make sense. Instead of developing a strong agency where those seeing crafts and dealing with other life forms can report, exchange information, add to our data on these issues and find emotional and physical help we offer nothing at all.  No one cares, no one helps leaving those who survive to do it on their own. It is an odd action by all of us who are supposed to be an advanced civilization.

I know I seem very downcast about Mr. Bigelow and his involvement and handling of these major areas of our development by our government. I know I seem confused by many of his actions and annoyed at his form of deception, confusion and ignoring those who want answers who have had to deal first hand with these unknowns. The truth is I honestly do not know what to think about the man.

He may be the worst thing that ever happened to us with a private agenda for self-advancement which may one day deeply hurt many of us in ways we cannot imagine. However it may be possible Mr. Bigelow and his private dealings with space is on our behalf and he may be the one who will protect us and lead us in to a new and better future. I do not know if he is our biggest enemy or our saving grace.

Until we become more knowledgeable on who he is and what he is doing this  will all continue as it has been going which is a rat wheel of confusion keeping us controlled yet slowly informed but in a cartoon do not take it too seriously sort of way!

For the mass of society this seems to work perfectly. For people like me that have been walking a long lonely road with these issues it is a nightmare. At this point it is clear that even when Mr. Bigelow who is in the control of our deepest secrets  is not listened to or believed when he openly states that UFO’s are here and so are aliens the chance this society will ever want the truth seems very unlikely. He continues doing what he pleases with our tax dollars and no one is the wiser or cares.

The fact all of this seems to be lost in the UFO community is really shocking and eye opening. Are we really so lost in our own little slice of the pie that when huge news like the privatization of our space program along with a disclosure statement by the man running it is missed I become concerned and disgusted.

Interestingly when George Noory interviewed Robert Bigelow on March 31st on the  Coast to Coast radio show it was heard by enough people that a few You Tubes popped up with Mr. Bigelows interview. They appeared for a few days and suddenly they all disappeared from you tube not to be seen again.

 Often I cohost on Off Planet Radio with host Randy Maugans. As soon as we heard the interview on Coast to Coast we reacted to this incredible radio interview by doing a radio show of our own about what was said by Mr. Bigelow in the Noory interview.

We also made a You Tube of our radio show.  The You Tube that Randy and I made still exists and can be found on my site. I stand stunned by it all as I truly thought that hearing this man admit what he did while discussing his involvement with the privatization of our space program would be a game changer and enormous news in the UFO community.I was of course completely wrong.

Please if nothing more look up and research the truth of who is who and what is what in the real world of what is happening with space and our place and actions in it. It is not all fun and games. UFO’s exist as well as those who pilot them. Be aware that you are being flooded on purpose with information in every media outlet available on these subjects on purpose. It is the way that is used on the population to keep them confused and over stimulated in a non-realistic approach to these subjects.

Article concludes tomorrow: Tuesday, March 11, 2014!


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