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It is a careful manipulation of the powers that control the UFO/alien subject to keep us off kilter and lost to the truth on things. If you watch and pay attention you will find a huge amount of TV shows produced to promote the idea of UFO’s existing and suddenly a rash of shows in the mix presented as the intellectual approach to these subjects that in reality are insulting and laughable.

How ridiculous the highbrow tactic approach TV specials are that present a line of scientists all insisting they know how the universe was definitely made with an extreme arrogance that always makes me laugh out loud. How dare these so called men of science take on such arrogance while insulting anyone who may have a different view or opinion? It is obvious they have been put in place for the sole intention to debunk anyone who believes in the idea of UFO’s or other life forms. Carefully watch each time a few logical truly informative shows appear that you will suddenly find at least one hosted by some self-loving ivory tower arrogant degreed academic who is all talk but completely lacking in any experience or research. I also find it funny that those who cannot figure out the science of the universe as our visitors obviously have demand it is impossible they exist. Seems to me someone has their panties in a twist that they cannot figure out what other life forms long ago conquered!

Of course there are a few great men of science who are open minded and try to find a path to all these unanswered questions and I applaud them and thank them however sadly they are in my mind far and few apart. We need many more of them and far less of the loud mouth obnoxious limited thinking and backward cowards who spend their time in last year’s thinking.

We also have a few excellent TV shows presenting some wonderful information who are trying to use their skills to uncover real answers. I take my hat off to them and only wish we could push a button to drop from the airways the other cut rate rank shows that only confuse the issues and clog the path to truth.

So there you have it. In my opinion we have been given disclosure by those who know and control our dealings with space. It is given out little by little by those who know for those who really want to know – yet, still we sit and wait. The lists of impressive experienced qualified men and women from across the world have come out and have  given testimony and opinion that is extensive and clear that UFO’s and aliens exist. UFO’s are real, I guess it is simply a case of being able to deal with that fact or not.   

It is up to each one of us to sort out these issues with our own intelligence and hopefully a bit of concern and investigation. If you really are interested in these subject listen to Mr. Bigelow’s interview I am sure it still exists on the Coast to Coast site, Listen to the radio show You Tube of Randy Maegan’s and I discussing the interview found on my blog site.  Do yourself a favor and do   a search on Robert Bigelow. It may be an eye opener for you and change you opinions on many aspects of all these subjects.

For now keep looking up, you never know when it will be your turn to find you are the one looking into the cold darkness of the unknown. Find You Tube videos to this article on my blog-site  

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