Are you still waiting for the government or military to come out with a statement announcing disclosure, telling the world at long last yes they exist?  Let me give you a big hint — don’t hold your breath!  You are simply wasting your time if that is what you think will happen and waiting for it is really a useless waste of your time.

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In the first place it has already happened and in the second I do not think society wants to hear it!

I am sorry so many miss the forest for the trees but if you still are searching for the big announcement by some official big shot , well you will have a long wait on your hands,

I am stunned by what goes on concerning this issue and feel as if I am lost in the twilight zone by the insane way this society handles this matter. It is frightening to me how easily the population is manipulated and how down right bull headed, close minded not to mention deaf dumb and blind we are to so many subjects that are considered topical and especially those considered unexplained or unknown.

I even stopped using the word paranormal. I always used the word via its definition in the dictionary which is “Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation”.  When I try to use this word in relationship to aliens or UFO sightings I was being corrected that paranormal meant ghostly or occult like subjects. I finally gave up and stopped using the word for its meaning and opted for unknown or unexplained. It seems the subjects of the unknown also have separate rules which are only known by those who frequent the subjects considered not the norm.

I find that across the board in the unknown world many things in the community are disjointed and confused when it comes to all the mysteries we claim we want answers to. There is lots of noise but it is used in very selective ways making sure we stay at loose ends, confused and divided on most things. Very little study or answers are found but many hands are in the old unknown community cooking pot and you know what they say about too many cooks in any kitchen!

When it comes to the interest, investigation or research specifically of the UFO /alien issue  I can only come up with three reasons why anyone at this point in time who claims to be  interested in wanting some type of knowledge or disclosure of the UFO / alien subject that does  not  feel they already  have it.

First they do not educate themselves on what is what and who is who and what has been already told or disclosed by those who control or I should say rule our space program. If you did you would fully understand you have already been given disclosure.

Second would be those who fall in to the category of those who claim they want answers to the UFO/ alien questions but in truth  they  really only want to hear the answers that they  want to hear. This group of people have a fantasy of what they want the answers to be and are  not interested in any other information .  If it does not pan out to be whatever scenario they have built in their minds concerning these issues- they just do not want to hear it.

Lastly are those who are dependent on keeping this an open ended subject and do not want to give up whatever comfortable maybe profitable place they have developed chasing after answers that you should already know if you truly wanted answers.

Of course you also have those who have been running a fraud on the UFO community for a very long time and really do not want it to end. There are dozens of agendas all self-centered and all on the wrong side of the issue.

The investigation of UFOs and possible alien visitation should have never become the self-serving open ended land of fakes frauds and in some cases insane confusion that sadly in many cases it has evolved to be That part of this community is long overdue to disappear in a sink hole somewhere so the real work that needs to be done can begin.

I am really turned off about all of this and have developed a very sour taste in my mouth for the way everyone deals with these issues. I want answers. I know there are strange crafts in our skies and beings in them that harm and take good people against their will. I have seen the crafts and dealt with the occupant’s up close and personal and I still do not know what the hell these things are or why they invade our lives.  I want answers and help. In the past 30 years of really looking for answers to these  things do you know what I found?  I found nothing.  No help, no answers, no wisdom.

 I did find a few honest good people like me who also were searching and disheartened by not finding any answers or help.  If you are a victim of these unknown intruders forget anticipating any type of help besides those who may love you who are willing to stand by you. What you will find is that you are completely on your own.  If you are someone who has multiple encounters do not anticipate any type of protection or place to call for help. It does not exist Once again you are on your own .I feel this reaction is just not acceptable from this society at this point in time. We have to stop being a bunch of dumb manipulated fools and demand more and demand respect from those who are in control of the UFO issue. UFO’s are real. It is time we grow up as a civilization and get real about dealing with it.

Years ago upon entering the UFO community I thought there had to be some type of organized serious help concerning the ongoing crafts being seen by millions as well as some type of investigative help to offer for those who have had close encounters with these unknowns . Sadly after spending a great deal of time searching I found a real UFO/Alien information and investigative community simple did not exist.

You do have endless disorganized small groups, blogs, websites all over the world all doing their own thing but nothing helpful or structured to offer help or collect data or offer answers. What is obvious is that this subject matter has been given over to total chaos and confusion. Keeping the real information confusing and discombobulated. Having these issues in this way makes it simple for those who do have the answers to not provide them. All that is needed is to allow the subjects to wallow in the same confusion which makes it possible for the truth  to continue to be hidden endlessly. No one has to provide help or offer an explanation  to those who report witnessing these odd crafts and life forms. No answers are found and many good people continue to be offered up as a sacrifice for the personal agendas of our alien visitors. As long as our system of dealing with this– is no system at all– no one needs to do any explaining and nothing changes   

This way of things works so well that when hard working serious investigators do seem to close in on real truth all that needs to be done is to release an avalanche of new TV shows concerning the topics so that once again it seems impossible to sort out what is going on. Simply swamp the airways with dis information and confusion so that  real truth is swallowed up by the fake and phony material leaving the public confused or simply disinterested in the nonsense that is flooded before their eyes.

Do you know who Robert Bigelow is and what he means to your life?  If not you are not interested in space or the UFO question nor do you care what or who it is that invades our sky. You also do not know where your tax money is going by the millions more likely billions. Robert Bigelow should be a household name that is mentioned along with the words UFO’s, space station, space exploration and the moon not to mention every other word you see that relates to anything off the planet.

Robert Bigelow along with a few others Mr. Bigelow has most likely chosen have taken control of our space program and will be the new private companies who will control our exploration in to space. Mr. Bigelow will be in charge of building our space station. He already has a head start as he is building one of his own as well as continuing our exploration of space. Our tax dollars will pay his private companies to move us forward towards the stars. I think he is a name worth knowing and one we should know all about. I will wish you good luck with that however as Mr. Bigelow is a very private person and does not like to be imposed upon with interviews or questions even if he is being paid by our hard earned tax dollars.

On the Coast to Coast radio show on March 31st 2013 which was Easter night, late after most Americans were long in bed, George Noorey interviewed Robert Bigelow during a portion of that show. Mr. Bigelow openly told George that our space program would now be privatized and yes he was one who had a great deal to do with what would or would  not take place in our space program. He also talked about his desire to rush to not only take care of the space station but was in a race against China to build the first base on the moon.

This man went on to discuss the fact he has been deeply involved with the investigation of life in the universe for many years. He is well known for being the owner of Skin Walker Ranch and admits he bought and controlled the now barely functioning MUFON website. He claims he bought the website and simply hired the wrong people to run the site which of course caused the complete failure of the site to work as a reporting agency. The truth is of course something we will never know. All that can be said is MUFON which could be a tower of UFO data and information is a non-working waste of time that was brought to its knees long ago purposely by those like Mr. Bigelow. Strange how the man who could not establish or run a simple UFO reporting agency now has been handed over our space program.

Mr. Bigelow was asked by George Noory on that Coast to Coast radio program if he believed that UFO’s and aliens existed. Mr. Bigelow did not skip a beat and answered yes of course there are UFO’s and aliens and went about the business of explaining how most of the world knows this and deals with it except for North America who seems to reject the idea far more than other places in the world.

Part II of this series continues tomorrow: Monday, March10, 2014 


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For now keep looking up, you never know when it will be your turn to find you are the one looking into the cold darkness of the unknown. Find You Tube videos to this article on my blog-site  

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