“I Hope the Reptilians are Biting their Nails” By Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

It amazes me that this parasitic invasion that has occurred on Earth, uses the occult and duplicates the blueprints of Isis, Osiris and Horus, to raise false power and control things…

Not to mention many other names and aspects of the Goddess and Godhead…

They re-wrote history and have manipulated everything to replace the true divine power and blue-print within all – to move us into their demonic consciousness that plays out a false reality that covers it up, while all that we see is to take us further and further away from the truth.

This is a total inversion to our true nature, making sure we live an ignorant or addicted, fearful and lower nature life … Bless all those who are so strong and have held the Sacred Flame!

They have to work so hard to steer us away from who we truly are by bringing forth energies that can only survive off of negative energy, which means that  if they weren’t there – being Divine and in a Unified awareness would come quite naturally…

I hope the reptilians are biting their nails because the energies that they have been mimicking for darker purposes are returning, awakening within the souls of many and cosmically taking place as the Venus transits of the Divine Feminine steer us back towards alignment with the Galactic Core, Central Sun- and the dark ones are now being cast off this planet…

I am grateful I could see through it and broke free from going to Mars, which could have helped fulfill their agenda!!!

~Keep honoring the Sacred, treasure loved ones ~

Seek inner beauty, do soul work to find wholeness, don’t fall for the masks, embrace the inner child and return to innocence through forgiveness

~ Stay true and persevering –

This is a most critical phase right now!

<It always is though, isn’t it?>

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower


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