If I Ruled The World and The End of Religion


Formalized, organized religion is henceforth declared banned and banished; all shamans, priests, pastors, clerics, Imams and rabbis, all those who have had no direct spiritual experiences with God, who stand between God and man, are also henceforth outlawed.

Old Testament accounts and preachings that falsely slander God, The Spirit of Goodness, the Universal Light, Father of our spirits, The One, as the God of “wrath, vengeance, anger, proscribed laws, vindictiveness and punishments”
is henceforth outlawed, banished from the Kingdom’s Realm.

Any such references to God, the One Universal Spirit of Only Love and Goodness as,” predatory, sinister, self-justifying, punishing, vengeful, jealous, controlling and demanding” are declared a crime against the Realm of Heaven.

The Kingdom notes and declares that Jesus pointed to God, but Saint Paul stared merely at his pointing finger, and thus mistook the holy message to declare instead, that Christ was God.

The theory of redemption, also the child of Paul’s brain, a belief entirely unknown to Jesus and his disciples is banned.

It was based on the belief of “original sin”, the “crucifixion” and the “resurrection”, none of which has any validity to Christ’s authentic and original premises and which all wrongly originate from Paul.

A synthetic religion was produced and is thus banned in the Realm.

The brilliant theologian Ernest Renan, in his book Saint Paul, wrote: “True Christianity, which will last forever, comes from the gospel words of Christ not from the epistles of Paul. The writings of Paul have been a danger and a hidden rock, the causes of the principal defects of Christian theology.” Will Durant, in his Caesar and Christ: “Paul created a theology of which none but the vaguest warrants can be found in the words of Christ. . . . Through these interpretations Paul could neglect the actual life and sayings of Jesus, which he had not directly known. . . . Paul replaced conduct with creed as the test of virtue. It was a tragic change.” As Gandhi said, “I very much like your Christ, but I do not at all like your Christians” Henceforth, Paulian Doctrine is banished.

Religion has fanned the flames of the Holocaust in which many millions of deeply religious Jews were exterminated, because they did not accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

The Inquisition is banned from this Realm.

Judaism and the Jewish Book of Fairytales is also banished; the Garden of Eden, seemingly given to man, by God, and man’s “dominion over all animals” and of the Earth, has evilly allowed man to destroy both, with religious impunity.

The “Chosen People” is a reference ordered banned from the Kingdom, as we are all God’s chosen, and the real One would never choose just one people, from all peoples on all planets throughout this Kingdom.

Yet, this realm recognizes that Jews do excel in: law, music, sciences, writing, business, media and film, Hollywood, politics, humor, performing arts, and banking, and that these talents are all mute testimony to Jews’ intellect, spirituality, acumen and brilliance.

Jews, post Auschwitz, for the most part persecuted for killing a Christian God, saw a man hung on a cross, suffering in agony, writhing like an insect pinned to a mounting board, as a bizarre and demented centerpiece, for any religion and are pardoned in this Realm, henceforth, for this crime.

It only deeply echoes an image from The Holocaust.

This Kingdom’s Realm shall herein note that these edicts are not arbitrary and capricious because the Kingdom asserts and proclaims that organized religion has done much harm: -most wars in the world – the Crusades -The Inquisition -911 destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Buildings -arranged marriages to minors -The underpinning condoning of The Holocaust in Lutheran and Catholic teachings -blowing up of girl’s schools -suppression of women and homosexuals -human sacrifices -the burning of witches -condoning slavery -systematic molestation of church children -honor rapes -ethnic cleansing -the condemnation /prohibitions of condoms in HIV prevalent world areas -birth control prohibitions in both overpopulated and starving third world nations -abortion prohibition of rape victims and preteen moms -prohibition of stem cell research Worse, this realm notes that organized formal Religion again stands poised to destroy the world, by militant Islamic Jihad.

It is declared a hateful religion and a bane to the Kingdom’s Realm.

Arab nations, steeped in the Koran do not allow Jewish synagogues or temples to be built and religiously keep their own women dressed as bee-keepers, second class citizens chained to very strict rules, roles from the 4th century.

The Realm notes that fundamentalist militant believers in Allah and in the Muslim faith, encourage and goad the murder and annihilation of Jews, Americans, and Western culture as justifiable, from the Koran’s religious teachings..

This Kingdom did wrongly think of the Communist Russians as true cultural enemies of the Western Realm, but their culture is and always has been much like our Western Kingdom’s realm.
Russians sought to worship in churches (when allowed to ), loved making money, had a healthy disrespect for religious fanatics of all ilk’s, frequented cafes, believed in evolution, enjoyed smoking good cigars, drank copious amounts alcohol, especially vodka, went to operas, danced to music and sought to party with gorgeous babes.

Islamism forbids all of the above, and imposes barbarism with dire punishment consequences for any violations.

Russian culture was no threat to this Kingdom’s culture because they were much aligned with what this Kingdom’s realm sought as our “freedoms” and as our source of “fun”.

The real cultural enemies of our Kingdom’s culture and our nation’s realm are the fundamentalist militant Islamics, who in religion’s name, seek to exterminate our Realm, erase its culture, and to replace it with theirs.

Like the suicidal Kamikaze death pilots of WW 2, Islamic militant religious fundamentalists are unafraid of death, and within the context of religious Jihad, seek to perpetrate a backwards and primitive so-called cultural superiority.

They intend to religiously dress our women, as they force their own women, to wear bee-keeper outfits, and in conquering our Realm, to indoctrinate our free thinking and to replace Western Democracy with Islamic religious doctrines, militaristically .

This Realm thus declares the banishment of any violent, ancient, mindless, rote religion, which orders its believers to kill all “infidels”, who do not subscribe to their religious fanaticism.

This banishment refers to all religions who will attempt to eliminate the eating of pork, the enjoyment of alcohol and smoking, and the listening and dancing to of music.

An edict to ban this religious evil is now and henceforth law of the Realm.

This Kingdom prohibits the insanity of embracing any Islamic state’s enforced religion that dictates watching beheading, in a public stadium, as sheer fun on a Saturday night, for crimes of minor infractions of their religious laws.

Our Kingdom’s Realm, with our eye on North Korea, Syria, Iran, and its worldwide Islamic fanatics, notes the wholesale danger inherent to us in our Kingdom from religious fundamentalists.

We have banished the fears and the dangers of the limited mind set of theocracies, religious nations where there iare no separations between Church and State.

The Realm declares the true sin of manmade religions, in its presumptions to have all required answers, to the spiritually unanswerable, its required rote memorization, and its sins to assert itself to explain the inexplicable and to demystify the mysterious.

Prayer to God, must henceforth be an individual, direct experience, deeply personal in spiritual nature and completely bereft of instruction, training and inculcation.

So it is said and commanded, and so it must be.


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