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Kevin W. Smith

UFO Investigator & World Renown Radio Host 

UFO Digest & Friends Remember a Great UFO Investigator


Robert D. Morningstar & Jerry Wills

It is with a heavy heart, and with great sadness that I announce the passing on Wednesday August 14th, 2013 of our friend and UFO Digest Asian Correspondent, Kevin Smith, the long-time host of The Kevin Smith Show, which was syndicated across the country and around the world for over a decade.

The Kevin Smith Show  <> became over time the foremost and most closely followed UFO related radio program in the world.  Kevin took great pride when he told me in 2010.of having expanded his audience to over 2 million listeners (with even more since then). 
It was my honor to know Kevin Smith and to call him “My Friend.”  Kevin was a great supporter of UFO Digest and all things UFOlogical, as long as they were on the level and not frauds.
Kevin was a lover of Truth, Justice and the American… He was a “superman” in his own right.  He despised deception in government affairs and spoke forthrightly for our Constitutional right, especially, for the Right to KNOW what our government is doing in our names.  He supported UFO Disclosure and gave time to scores of UFO researchers, UFO witnesses, and abductees.   He treated all his guest with courtesy and respect, whether he agreed with them or not.  
For Kevin Smith….”The Heart of Mars” Rock
<RDM* Note:–> Best Viewed with 3-D Glasses>
Kevin was a dedicated investigator of planetary science and wrote books on Planet Venus and Planet Mars.  I am proud to have worked with him, contributing enhanced images of Mars and Moon images to his books and articles.  It was always a pleasure to work with Kevin Smith. Kevin was a warrior, a soldier (UN International Policeman, served in Croatia during the 1990s).  Kevin Smith was true gentleman with a great sense of humor…   🙂
Please note Kevin’s  “S & M*… Poo-Bahs Freak Out” 
 The photo below was for our NSA snooping broadcast in April 2011   
“Poo-bahs” was Kevin’s personal term for the “Powers that be”
or…Mass media “Know-it-Alls”
As you can see, Kevin and Co. were 2 years ahead of Edward Snowden, regarding NSA snooping… 
“Who Knew?”   -> Kevin Smith knew!
We had our phone lines cut many times while were “on air,”  too often to be “chance”…
Begging the question from one or the other of us:
“Are we really being “paranoid” when they’re really after us?”   
Kevin and I used to crack a laugh over that quip… more than once.
I recall one day when I called him one afternoon, he asked to help him find a “bug” that he thought had been planted in his studio (using the interference I heard on my phone to “home in” on the source that was causing interference (a flutter in the sound)…Eventually, he found something “weird” was coming from his printer. So Kevin “chucked” the printer, cartridges and all, and the interference ceased.
When you look at the attached photos, you will see why I always dreamed of casting Kevin Smith as “President Eisenhower” in a Roswell-Holloman AFB UFO movie that was sadly never made.  He would have been perfect as “Ike”, with his voice and sense of gravitas, equal assets to his appearance for the role.
I am appending below the notice of his passing that I received today from his longtime friend and KSS co-host, Jerry Wills.
Kevin Smiath was a good friend to many of us in UFOlogy, simply, by pursuing his never-ending quest for the Truth.
I shall surely miss hearing him say again:
“My Friends call me ‘Steel Eyes’!
But you can call me…”
May you  rest in peace, “Steel Eyes”!
Robert D. Morningstar
Editor, UFO Digest
 Personal Message from Jerry Wills,
Received August 14th, 2013
Jerry Wills
Was with Kevin Smith during his Final Days
Hi Folks…
As you know, Kathy and I were very close to Kevin. I last spoke with him Tuesday afternoon as we were moving out of the Prairie Schooner (our RV), and into our new place in Jerome, Az. It was terribly hot, we were exhausted with sweat drenching our clothes as we loaded on item after another into our truck under a searing sun. The move stopped, and we chatted for awhile on speaker phone.

Kevin sounded tired, but promised he was feeling much better. His humor was intact as was his incredible wit as he joked about how he couldn’t live someplace so close to the gates of Hell. We laughed and Kathy agreed it was a crappy place to exist. Kevin then told us he had a new song to share with us the following day, promising to call us the next afternoon.

As I write this Kathy and I are numb from the news. Kevin was a family member of ours, not only a friend. Over the years we shared his concerns, frustrations and disappointments during calls that lasted hours. We plotted and schemed on how KSS, and the music, would succeed and grow. Kevin had high hopes, huge dreams, and an indomitable spirit. To say he will be missed is a misnomer. It has been less than 24 hours… The silence is deafening, the vacuum suffocating. Our hearts ache…

As for his wife and son; He never shared any information about contacting them. I’ve ask others he knew, and they don’t know either. What we know very well is that he wished he could have joined them. He deeply loved his wife and son. I have no idea if they have received the news of his passing.

Life continues for us all. Kevin made the world a batter place by his presence. In all the things he did to bring us together, and share himself with us, he created a community. I’ve always said to bring out the best in others you must give the best of yourself. Kevin is an example of how true my observation was.

A public memorial was held in Jerome, AZ  on Friday, August 23rd, 2013
Kevin’s life was honored and remembered by many friends and members of the UFO Community.


 The World is a Better Place Because He Walked Beside Us… 
Best Wishes
Jerry Wills

  “The Icicle Mountain” of Mars & “White Space Station UFO” over Mars South Pole

Discovered by Kevin W. Smith and Robert D. Morningstar on July 15th, 2011

 “The White Space Station UFO” <source unknown> seen floating in space over the South Pole of Mars in the Hubble photo above was discovered by Kevin Smith and the “The Icicle Mountain” was found by me, 

The blue-white spiked, peaked feature to be seen on the right side of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) photo is actually a monumental tower of frozen CO2 (aka “dry ice”), which I dubbed The Icicle Mountain” in August 2003 when I first saw it.  This happened at the historic moment when Mars had approached Earth at the closest point in 60.000 years, bringing the Red Planet within 34 million miles of Planet Earth (or ~ 1/3 the Earth’s distance to the Sun), which is nearly comparable to the distance between Earth and Venus (~ 26 million miles).

Viewing Mars through a Super Ploessel-lensed telescope (at 128x magnification) on that night, August 29th, 2003, I had spotted this incredible sight optically, “eyeballing” each of its features clearly and distinctly, as if I were in a heightened state of awareness.  I could feel my mind absorbing the planet’s amazing features, features that looked in no way similar to the “cartoons” that NASA had been pawning off on the public (and me) until that night when I saw the Red Planet with ‘my naked eyes.”

And, taking in “The Icicle Mountain,” as I perceived it,  it appeared so stark in contrast to the general flatness of Mars South Polar terrain (or rather, “marrain”) as to appear to be extruding sharply from below the planet practically ON the South Pole of the Red Planet, that it seems almost like a “spindle.”

For a one brief moment, I imagined some giant being taking “The Spindle of Mars” by hand and spinning the entire planet as if it were a top between his 2 fingers,

Equally stunning me, as I viewed as a the gigantic icicle or a stalagmite of staggering dimensions, was the brilliance of the sunlight that seemed as if it were wrapping itself around and spirallng around the spire, casting off a resplendent display as if the spire had a halo

I was both shocked and bedazzled to see “an Icicle” rising, as I would call it (in relative terms), towering “stratospherically” above the Martian South Polar region.  

Quite awestruck, I guesstimated (simply by “eyeballing it”) that for me to be even able to get a glimpse of it. sparkling as it did through the telescope, the giant icicle shaped mountain had to be at least 70 miles high, perhaps even higher.

Remarkably, upon further research in pursuit of photo evidence of the marvelous sighting, not a single Mars Orbiter or other Mars probe photo was to be found showing this amazing feature.  After searching NASA/JPL archives for 8 years, I discovered this Hubble Space Telescope image of Mars’ South Pole on July 15th, 2011.

I emailed the image to Kevin Smith, primarily because the entire photo showed vast cloud patterns, weather and The airglow of the atomosphere.  Throughout the day, Kevin and I exchanged improvements, enhancements amd enlargements of the photo. I ran gamma enhancements along with contrast and sharpness.  Kevin worked on reorientation of the original image.  In the late afternoon of July 15th, Kevin Smith called me on the phone saying:

“Hey, Robert!?  Guess what I found in the South Pole when I flipped the image around top to bottom?”

I closed my  eyes and thought of the sighting of August 29th, 2003, and bringing the memory of it vividly to mind, I said:

“Uhmm… A huge mountain peak that looks like a gigantic icicle sticking out of the South Pole?”

Kevin replied:

“No..not that…That’s there too! But this is something else…Something different!”

My first response was marked more by my excitement that the Icicle Mountain could be seen in the photo, so I quizzed Kevin, incredulously:

“What?  It really shows the giant peak? <I was thrilled>  

I continued: “Wow…I’ve been looking for a photo of that icicle moutnain peak since I first saw it in 2003, but I could never find one single photo that showed that peak from the side view.  NASA only shows it from above, vertically, so you can’t really see how high the thing really is only from vertical view.  In views from the top, the spindle shape looks like a crater or mound, depending on the lighting, but they never show the side view.  But tell me, what else do you see there?”

Kevin just said:

“Go look at the copy that I’m sending you right now, I just rotated the image and saw something right away…Something that doesn’t belong there!

I’m going to send it to you right now…Take a look at it and tell me what you think.”  

Seconds later, i was looking at the invertered and enlarged section (shown above).

Instantly, I saw the anomaly, and I called Kevin back to say:

“Whoa!…What the Hell is THAT?  A giant white UFO?…”

I enlarged and improved the image and saw something else.  It was not flat, but clearly 3 Dimensional.  So, I said to Kevin:

:You know, Kevin? It actually looks to me more like a Space Station than just a UFO… I wonder whose it could  be (???).   Who could have put it there?… I’ll tell you one thing, Kevin… We can be sure that whatever that is, it is NOT ours.”

The enhancement and enlargement shown above is the only side-view photo of these unique features of the Red Planet, one astronautical, the other topographical, found to date.

Robert D. Morningstar

New York CIty, New York

August 29th, 2013


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