Indonesian Earthquake and UFO axis

Indonesian Earthquake and UFO axis

April 2011; Update 

By Pat Regan

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake has hit Indonesia’s Java Island on Monday. Thankfully, no human or property losses have been reported as I write.

Indonesia’s authorities initially issued a tsunami warning early Monday after the earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale jolted the south part of Java, Indonesia, according to the local seismological agency. However, I understand that the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported the quake to be 6.7- magnitude.

I have been asked if there were any spiritual or extraterrestrial-orientated warnings, as with other quakes on a worldwide scale, prior this one.

Well to be quite frank one issue that  immediately springs to mind is the recent crop circle phenomenon in that region that some researchers have blamed on UFO activity.  See this link for more details:

‘Crop circle’ draws crowd, officials refute UFO rumours in Indonesia’

One noteworthy thing strikes me here. Some have understandably claimed this crop circle is the work of humans. However, even if this is so it occurred ‘before’ the Indonesian earthquake. Thus, whoever created it may have been inadvertently linked on an extrasensory level to the seismic activity event ‘about’ to occur.

When we are dealing with inexplicable supernatural and extraterrestrial phenomena we must always remember that rules may apply that are not fully understood by the human condition. Materialistic logic and scientific awareness do have certain limitations. 

Indonesia is also no stranger to UFO activity as this link shows:

UFO sightings in Indonesia

More recently some very strange UFO activity has been alleged, which is illustrated by the following links:

Clearly, it is not too difficult to access evidence of UFO activity prior to the Indonesian earthquake. Of course the same can be said for other regions that have also experienced equivalent seismic activity. See also:

Japanese Tsunami: 2011 – how many saw it ‘before’ it happened?


I shall of course, like other UFO researchers, be watching this situation extremely closely.  

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