Information about Aliens [UFO?]

Publisher’s Note: I received an email from a UFO Digest reader, Vinodprasad Petwal  today. Although his English isn’t the best I have tried to piece his narrative together to tell his story.

I am a citizen of India, I would like to tell you about UFO-aliens whom I had contacted in USA in the year 2008. Below is my story which I had experienced in USA.

My name is Vinodprasad Petwal. I would like to tell you about myself. Everything started from Chicago in America, where I was working in a Indian restaurant in downtown. Where I was working in Indian restaurant opposite to it there was a coffee shop. I used to go in my break time to the coffee shop to sit and surf on internet on my laptop. There I saw tea box on which there was Gautam Buddha photo and the tea called green tea. I took a coffee mug to drink green tea. Everyday 3-4 times a day I used to drink green tea, besides that I used to drink my own urine. One month later there was certain changes in my body. I could feel it by my eyes. By my eyes I could attract towards light. Slowly my power got increased day by day.

You might be knowing that in our body there are 7 chakras. You can go on YOU TUBE to know about 7 chakras in our body. Once you complete the 7 chakras a person receives spiritual enlightenment through the head. Same thing happened with me. I received enlightenment through head by drinking green tea. Gautam Buddha received enlightenment through meditation. I received enlightenment through drinking green tea. By which I could communicate with the stars in the night. Actually you see stars in night, all of them are not stars they are Aliens(UFO) keeping watch on humans.

I called UFO (Aliens) in Missouri St. Louis hospital in the year 2008. I was in the  hospital for 15 days. The doctors asked me whether I could listen voices from space, but that time I was feeling on top of the world as I was GOD. I told them that I am GOD VISHNU. I did not tell them that I called the Aliens. After coming back to India, my power was gone and I could no longer communicate with the Aliens. The power lasted for just 1 month. Three months I was in the American jail. I had certain changes in my body like stomach pain, feeling too much cold. After coming to India 2-3 weeks I was ok, but later I started getting brain problem. The enlightenment which I received through head had affected my brain. Two years it  took to get healed. Now my brain is ok.

As I can communicate with the Aliens and the movie made on 2012 happening of the natural disasters on earth. There might be something why I have come on earth. To help humans to save their lives as life is going to end on earth.

There might be another planet in the universe where there is life, only Aliens can take us over there. As humans does not have any space craft which can take humans into the universe. So by the help of Aliens I can help humans to save their lives and give them (a) new world to live in the universe. Please help me to save human lives.

Thank you

Vinodprasad Petwal. 

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