Is Rendesham A UFO Turning Point?

Burroughs to preview Rendlesham revelations in Sedona

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The hottest ticket in the Phoenix UFO scene in February isn’t even in Phoenix. John Burroughs, USAF, (Ret) will be delivering a much-anticipated preview of his personal two year investigation into the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. The talk begins at 7 PM on the 17th of February during the MUFON Sedona meeting at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 100 Arroyo Pinon Drive, West Sedona.

Burroughs, one of the active military witnesses most directly involved in the December 1980 events near RAF Bentwaters, and generally one of the most publicly circumspect, will be making a rare public appearance to outline the case as it is now understood prior to a conference slated for June 16-17 in Woodbridge, England. At the Rendlesham Forest 2012 Conference, Burroughs and his investigative partner Jim Penniston also USAF retired, will present the results of an unprecedented investigation into the event which former MOD UFO manager Nick Pope has called ‘the holy grail’ of UFOlogy.

Pope, who conducted a cold-case review of the files during his tenure at the MOD, was instrumental in the development of Gorgina Bruni’s landmark book You Can’t Tell The People. He has gone on record stating:

Rendlesham might be some sort of turning point in history. It may be that if any one case leads to an explanation of the UFO phenomenon, this case might be it.

Nick Pope

In Bruni’s book the following is attributed to Lt. Col. Charles Halt, according to radio presenter Lee Speigel:

“What [Halt] and others had experienced out in Rendlesham Forest was so extraordinary that if the public were made fully aware of the circumstances, it would completely change the way people look at reality and the nature of the universe.”  

— Lee Speigel

It would appear from the results gathered thus far by Burroughs and Penniston that neither statement is hyperbole.

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