Is There A Heaven, Hell and Purgatory?


By Paul Schroeder 

Biblical descriptions utterly and dismally fail to aptly describe what happens to us, after death.

To unquestioningly and non critically use that Book as THE sole reference of ‘truths’ about our choices, after our physical death, is to believe deeply in a wrong roadmap to a foreign country, wearing blinders and calling it ‘faith’.    

Jesus was correct;  God loves us, unconditionally and would never create a Hell or condemn us to any version of Hell, for eternity, forever.

Judaism holds that since we are all sinners, after death, we ALL go to a seven leveled Gehenna, but only of a duration, a specialized, individualized time, before transit to Heaven.

Purgatory, a sad lost place and Hell, a tortured plane, may well exist for lost souls, but not ever for “forever”..

There is another “door”, besides the door to Heaven, after our death, a dark one, for degenerate sinners who go through it directly back into a woman’s womb, slapped directly back without a blueprint or angels oversight.

Somewhere Hitler’s soul was again within a child and his mother was thinking,” What is WRONG with that kid?!” But even Dark Souls are rescued from this plight, eventually.

“Righteous” souls continue onto Heaven for reconciliation and reunion, to prepare for yet another lifetime’s blueprint.

This is how we evolve, spiritually, taking many semesters in this School that we call Earth.

There are many lost souls who wander on Earth, afraid to go on, consciously afraid of God’s judgment.

Many other ‘wanderers’, ghosts, are simply ignorant of their death.

Then too souls of others who perished in explosions or fires are too afraid of ANY light to enter into that one Christ light, the transporting light to Heaven.

We, as eternal souls undergo a myriad series of transits, but nothing except our soul’s survival, is “forever”.

We would never evolve spiritually if we got stuck “forever”; that is counter to God’s plan for us.

And HE adores us too much to do that.

Even sinister Earthbound ghosts and demons are rescued and returned to God’s love after a long time, eventually.

Heaven, Hell and Purgatory are transit points for our evolving souls; “The Agony and the Permanency of Biblical Hell”, is a manmade completely erroneous notion.

To unequivocally and solely trust the ancient Jewish Bible to expose God’s plans and true nature to us, is to deny future accumulated learning and waste that brain that God gave you, all under the seeming guise of “faith”.

This “reference book” was written by ancient Hebrews 5,000 years ago; it’s time to renew your subscription!

Much of what I have gleaned, above ,will not be found in that Jewish Book of Fairytales.

Research of many years,( and gifted psychics) have filled in, for me and others, many small puzzle pieces which lend to a greater and much different “truth” about what happens to us after our physical death.

To be encumbered by solely what the Old Testament tells us is to be chained and tethered, with no hope of new knowledge to the contrary.

I come from an Orthodox Jewish background, a background deeply historically rooted in absolute unquestioning belief in our Bible.

Judaism, the tree of fanatical faith in every word of our Old Testament spawned the Fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity Faith, a branch.

Both are equally inflexible in adherence to The Old Testament as absolute truth; Orthodox Jews spend their whole day, their whole life devoted to studying the Torah(Old Testament; The Five Books of Moses) and with religious fervor adhere to all 613 laws.

You have no inkling how intense this Jewish life , devoted to the Bible is, compared to the almost relaxed Christian experience.

Jews keep these 613 rules, keep the Sabbath and pray three times a day; Christians  go to Church on Sunday.

From this perspective, I speak knowingly about what it is to think against the rules.

I, with prudence, have resisted a greater black hole of gravity concerning the same blind rote Bible religiosity that encompasses us.

It is, after all, OUR “Book”…..Why is the Bible not about God, but about a demonic ? I could expostulate for hours; but just think and ask yourself:

Why would the Hebrew O.T. God, God of the Universe, insist and

demand that worship involve a sacrificed animal’s blood( and only from a perfect, red haired bovine) and that the blood carefully be splashed onto all four corners of the altar?

It all stinks of the demonic, and nothing Holy, not even remotely, when one is free to think about it.

Worship of the Jewish “God” in the manner insisted upon in the Old Testament, surely cannot be divine or any road to Heaven.

God wants our minds and our souls to grow towards Him; wearing Biblical Blinders defeats any and all of those Holy aspirations for us.

We only know what’s been drummed into us,

unless we critically unlearn and rethink.

Biblical thumpers who have been brainwashed and who have long relished the silly ideas within as “divine”, cannot and will not rethink themselves; they travel the same Bible rails as any train would, completely unable, unsuited for freer movements.

Pray that closed minds accept God’s absolute love for us; pray that Bible religion- taught fear of damnation and Hellfire won’t continue to scare little children away from God and make them leery of a belief in God.

Most of all, pray that closed religious minds, must from now on also come with closed mouths.

We must teach of  a God who is light-years and eons far different from the punishing, vengeful, angry God portrayed in that ancient man written ‘Book’.

Hell suggests more serious concerns at hand.

Let us consider why God would punish people.

When you punish your children, is it because they are wicked beings and deserve to suffer?

Parents who love their children certainly punish to teach children a lesson,

to reform them to the correct path.

The same is true of a prison and justice system, that all wise punishment is directed towards reforming an individual.

But Hell fails miserably in this regard.

Because it is eternal, there is no chance for progress or reform.

It is punishment for its own sake, which teaches us to fear a God who manifests sadism. 

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