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As it stands we do nothing but act like fools when we do see them. I do not think we are a concern to them in any way. The most we do is make another movie or TV show to entertain our selves about the UFO subject . Nothing more is done about their visits and they know it. Humans have a few quirks that make it easy to keep them in the dark. Humans have selective hearing, thinking and comprehension. Humans only hear, think about or form opinions on the selective material that fits in with what they want life and the world around us to be. Facts or theories that do not make the human overly important are often ignored or denied as it does not fit in with the delusion the human population needs to deal with things they do not understand. “

 At this point the abductee and her friend sat nose to nose as their  oral combat over this alien human war controversy continued. The abductee went on without leaving a pause for her friend to interrupt:

“This arrogance of our importance or worth to other life forms is just silly. Here we sit the primitive ones who cannot figure out how to travel the cosmos or figure out who it is that visits us yet we think we are the mighty ones. I imagine the aliens have a good laugh, if they do laugh, at that idea! It is most likely our greatest fault and what keeps us locked as the dummies of the universe. This quirk keeps us stuck in bad scenarios across the globe and locked in the dark with issues we should have long ago solved. The UFO subject is one of those areas we have failed to conquer or understand.

We continue to kill each other, suffer through natural disasters and in many areas on this planet starve or die from diseases even when we know how to cure them. I think if our visitors wanted to take us over or help us they could and would have done so by now. They do watch us, they do use some of us but their interest in the human species at best seems limited.”

The abductee and friend were now both very  angry. I simply sat back and let it happen. The abductee continued:

“But please let us get back to your thinking about war with aliens. This fantasy by my fellow humans is disturbing to me .How we ever got lost in the fantasy that we would ever be able to fight aliens is beyond me. What is worse is that we have groups of people lost in this delusion that we could not only fight but could become road warrior hero’s combating and taking on aliens by crawling in to their ships and winning by way of hand to hand combat. This childish nonsense coming from grown adults frightens me far more than the idea of a war of the worlds! If we are this limited in our thinking about things unknown we are in deep dark trouble. I tend to think we have been playing far too many computer games and doing far too little adult thinking.

If aliens wanted to take over this planet they would do so in a matter of minutes. I am sure it would be a simple matter of using technology closer to the Haarp projects that we are beginning to understand.  If they wanted to control us they would render us helpless by using a technology that would either take over our ability to think clearly enabling them to order us about or simply completely control us in a manner without involving any combat at all. They would of course be able to completely destroy all life on this planet if they so desired by pushing a button from far above the earth’s surface. In fact they could wipe us out, disinfect or decontaminate our planet all from miles above the surface or maybe the dark side of our moon. To think they would even need to fly around in any form of combat at all is really silly. The fact that this has not happened so far makes me a firm believer it will not happen any time soon. I am afraid the guerrilla warfare between cave dwelling earthlings and aliens will have to remain where it belongs, in the movies.”

At this point in the lunch date I sat silently between the angry friends knowing that opening my mouth would surely be a very foolish thing to do. The abductee sat glaring at her friend. The enthusiast friend sat with eyes filled with tears. Finally the enthusiast started to cry. She was angry and snarled at the abductee: 

“Well you have taken away all hope with your views now haven’t you? At least thinking we could fight gives us all some hope. In your mind it is just death.”  

This seemed to make the abductee far angrier than she was before. She immediately stopped her friend from continuing with her tearful objections. 

“Look, the only one here who has no hope is you and those who think like you. In your thinking the only way we can deal with a conflict with other beings is with war. Did it ever occur to you that you and those who think like you can only dream up fighting and killing and war as the result of a human alien contact? 

It seems unless the subject is that of how the alien beings should be here to help us and give us technology we immediately jump to war as the only other deal with them.  We are savage self-centered beings.  We only seem concerned about what we can get from our visitors and if that is not possible how we can kill them. 

I think what we need is to focus on what we need to do to advance enough to become  interesting and respected by other life forms so they will one day  look at us as more than specimens or primitive beings.

 Who would want to be involved with primitive creatures like humans who spend most of our time in wars killing and over taking each other? Who would want to become involved with a planet where its inhabitants are constantly in conflict with each other?  Look at this planet and look at how some of us have food shelter and medical care while others are starving, children dying and forced to live in savage circumstances. What do you think those who watch us think when we build bombs and use them on each other? How about the fact we kill due to the fact we are too stupid to figure out our energy requirements. Do you really think other beings who are far more advanced want anything to do with us other than what they do now? Maybe one day when we have our own act together and grow past being selfish killing machines we may be more interesting to those around us. For now we are primitive and violent. Until we understand that fact we need not worry about fighting fictional wars with those who could wipe us out with a sneeze.”

The enthusiast stood up and snarled at the abductee: “Well the things you want to happen are never going to happen and – I think you are ridiculous. “.

Quickly the abductee asked the enthusiast:  “What is ridiculous, why  are those things not going to happen?” 

 The enthusiast bent down in the abductees face and replied : “That is all just too hard and it will never happen.”

With that she stood up and announced she was leaving and walked away.  The abductee and I were left sitting at the table as well as holding the bill for lunch!

I only noticed after the enthusiast walked away from the table that the people around us had all been listening to the exchange between the two friends and the strange subject of an alien /human conflict.

 I could tell by the silence that things had been said that gave many sitting there eating lunch insight to things they ordinarily would not think about. I also know the abductee had spoken hard cold truth about these subjects and realized by way of the enthusiast’s convoluted thinking how far we have drifted from processing what is going on around us with logical thinking due to confusion of fact and fiction that seems to be the way of our society.

I must say I agree fully with the abductee on the subjects discussed at this luncheon. I also found it very disheartening that the UFO enthusiast felt our dealing with being human without war or our path towards ending things like starvation, disease and energy problems on earth something that –  “ Never is  going to happen or just too hard” 

Her words  were sad statements that we all need to think about. This experience like many others I have had with things we consider unknown leaves me thinking we will never find our way with things we do not understand by way or our refusing to deal with them in real terms without delusion in an adult manner.That  concerns me and leaves me sad at how far we may be from climbing the ladder of humanity towards being the best we can be while lingering in delusion , fantasy and refusal of things we just do not understand.

Until we change we are destine to remain lost in the dark ages when it comes to the subjects we consider unknown!

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