Japanese nuclear reactor fears and the UFO situation. Is there a relationship?

Japanese nuclear reactor fears and the UFO situation

Is there a relationship?  

By Pat Regan

Following the dreadful events surrounding the Japanese megathrust earthquake and subsequent tsunami, more fears have materialized due to nuclear reactor fires in the region.

This seismic event is a tragedy of epic proportions and it is not yet over, with thousands of people now made homeless and emergency services stretched beyond the limit.

Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan advised that radiation levels are ‘significantly’ higher around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, while the Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano recommended that people near the site should stay inside their homes.

An increasing amount of pandemonium appears to be mounting as the Prime Minister, stampeded into an important executive meeting of Tokyo Electric Power Co and demanded to know, “What the hell is going on?”

UFO activity has apparently been significant prior to the Japanese seismic overload.

Claims have also been made for heightened UFO activity prior to the ongoing nuclear calamity.

In one way or another, UFOs have heralded warnings of various disasters around the world.

Michael Cohen kindly accentuated the fact that I, like other researchers, have been noting UFO sighting that occurred prior to numerous international catastrophes for quite some time.

“The connection between UFOs and earthquake activity has been noted for decades now. Researchers such as Professor Michael Persinger and author Pat Regan have written and lectured on the topic extensively.”


The UFO Age

Are these warnings concurrent with (1) spiritual interference or (2) extraterrestrial activity or is their function simply (3) materialistic, as with the so-called ‘earthquake light’ phenomenon?

I believe that we would do well in answering this particular question not to generalise too much. The reason for UFO increase before calamities may indeed be manifold and open minds are now quite essential. 

I have noted numerous people today arguing quite resentfully about the possible causes of heightened UFO activity. To be honest, this type of preposterous conduct is in principal unproductive. How can minds truly be open to greater cosmic awareness if they are fuelled by intolerance, mistrust and bitterness to members of our own species? Such negative behaviour effectively cancels out any positive aspects that may be delivered by the instinctive realisation granted to us in this amazing UFO Age that we now find ourselves in.


Fundamentalist holy – rollers jumping on the bandwagon to promote their own brand of religious intolerance!

At this point however I strongly recommend all free-thinkers to steer well clear of the typical ‘Doom and gloom’ theories clandestinely set on the table for them by fanatical merchants of apocalyptic revelation.  Herein we must note a concealed agenda based on clever missionary tactics! How does this mind game work?

Natural tragedies always get hoards of religious zealots crawling out of the woodwork to discharge reams to unsubstantiated scriptural propaganda against the rest of us. Such tragedies, they self-righteously claim, will confirm their darkest visions of biblical destruction (fire and brimstone) on mankind. Of course, these ecclesiastical holy- rollers subconsciously ‘welcome’ such tragedies, for without them they cannot fulfil their end-of-time, messianic predictions they say will unfold before their perceived Judgement Day. Without the doom and gloom addition, their fundamentalist convictions can have no firm basis in any type of reality.

Basically, they seek a satanic adversary around every corner and if one cannot be found to fit the bill, they formulate a brand new one.  If no apocalyptic conclusion can be seen then, to the fundamentalist mindset, this equates with no expected Second Coming, and of course they simply cannot have that.

They give you the ‘Ailment’ (i.e. disaster, misfortune and destruction of ANY kind); then ‘Hey Presto’ along comes their perceived ‘Tonic’, which is their brand of sectarian, religious narrow-mindedness. Beware then the hidden fundamentalist agenda of ‘Conversion or Suppression’ for it can come in our darkest hour, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Nevertheless, the greatest danger to the ill-fated Japanese population that has suffered from the devastation of March 2011 is now claimed to be nuclear based. I shall examine the logic of such claims a little further into this article.

Consequently, can we draw any conclusion about UFO activity and nuke sites? In view of this particular question,

I must reiterate findings that I have previously made public. In my capacity as the founder of North West UFO Research (NWUR) I presented the following UK report in 2009.

Cumbrian UFOs and nuclear power station claims

Is there any connection?

North West UFO Research employed expert advice to help solve this mystery

Since the start of 2009 North West UFO Research has reported on several fascinating eye-witness accounts concerning balls of unidentified light in the Cumbrian skies. Whether these strange Lake District UFO sightings give evidence of misunderstood natural phenomena or something of an altogether more extraterrestrial origin is not yet known.

A Whitehaven-based UFO investigator has been quoted in the Cumbrian press saying:

“Some theories suggest the large amount of water in the lakes is useful to craft which may need it for propulsion systems. Another theory is that they are monitoring our use of nuclear power.”

Other Cumbrian papers have reported:

“Strange shapes and lights have been reported in several areas including locations near to sensitive military sites and nuclear power stations.”

Is it justifiable that nuclear power stations are giving some people cause for concern – are some sources actually suggesting that UFOs are somehow connected to alleged leaks at such facilities?

NWUR put this particular theory to the test via seeking the expert advice of Mr H Douglas Lightfoot.

A retired Mechanical Engineer, H. Douglas Lightfoot graduated from UBC in Applied Science in 1952, and received an MBA from Concordia University in 1976. He spent eighteen years with Domtar Inc. at the Research Centre in Senneville, Quebec, working on research, engineering and economic studies of alternate energies as well as a wide variety of projects for the pulp and paper, chemicals and construction materials businesses. Prior to joining Domtar, he spent five years designing, building and starting up chemical plants at Dupont of Canada, and 12 years of project engineering at Standard Chemical Limited. He is a retired member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec and the Professional Engineers of Ontario, and a Life Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He continues to have an active interest in energy and energy related subjects and is a member of the Global Environmental and Climate Change Centre (GEC3) at McGill University.

Doug, with the assistance of his son Brian Lightfoot, is the creator of the educational DVD – ‘Nobody’s Fuel’

Check this link for more details


Pat Regan, NWUR founder, asked Doug Lightfoot the following:

 “Can I ask if you have any idea if nuclear energy has any connection with the balls of light we are currently finding in this region (Cumbria)? Things such as Ball lightning are often quoted for such sightings.”

Pat also asked:

“Can there be any link, as some have claimed, between power stations regarding such phenomena? I hear plenty of speculation from naïve anti- nuclear sceptics (the ones who want to inflict every roof top with little wind turbines) and conspiracy theorists but it would be fascinating to heard the views of experts in this field.”

Doug responded:

“About the UFOs, I do not know what they are. I do not believe they can come from a nuclear power plant. Nothing leaves a nuclear power plant but electricity over wires. This is no different than electricity from a hydro generating station or a coal or natural gas fired station. The electricity from a wind farm would be similar – when the wind is blowing.”

Doug explained:

“Nuclear, coal and natural gas fired stations all have cooling towers to minimize the consumption of cooling water for the condensers. The steam seen rising from a cooling tower is distilled water and is more pure than the water in a cloud (the cloud droplets form on particulate matter). I would not expect this to generate a UFO. To speculate. If someone were to shine a strong light, possibly a laser beam, onto the steam cloud above the cooling tower it would show up at night. The point of light could be made to move rapidly in any direction. Such a beam would also show up on clouds. The anti-nukes will be disappointed to know that the radioactive material in a nuclear plant is contained in metal tubes and shielded by concrete walls. Nothing can get at it and nothing escapes.”

Incidentally, Doug was exceedingly obliging to me when I was finalising a previous book of mine, ‘Dirty Politics’:


Doug Lightfoot’s well-qualified explanation would then appear to alleviate claims that balls of unexplained light in the Cumbrian region could have any feasible link to nuclear power stations, at least in any negative way. Presumably the same criterion may be levied elsewhere on an international level.

However, back in Japan additional concerns have been raised.

The Daily Mail reported that Japanese officials are now facing growing pressure after it was revealed that they were warned more than two years ago that the country’s nuclear power plants could not resist powerful earthquake activity. The international nuclear watchdog raised serious concerns that safety measures were obsolete and a major earth tremor could cause severe problems.

With the massive initial earthquake, devastating tsunami and now increasing reactor fears, the Japanese condition is a highly mystifying amalgamation of volatile energies.

Is it any wonder that UFO activity in the region has been significant?

So is a Japanese nuclear holocaust imminent or is this just typical media panic-mongering, born out of ignorance?

Not being one to blindly swallow all aspects of so-called international news broadcasting, I decided to recruit the expert assistance of Doug Lightfoot once again.

I asked Doug the following questions about the Japanese nuclear situation.

1.)    In a nutshell, can we assume that the anti-nuclear lobby is clutching at straws with this Japanese reactor(s) incident following the seismic activity and creating unfounded panic?

“In a sense, the nuclear plant at Fukushima is a success. The plant was designed for an 8.2 earthquake and was hit with an 8.9, which is 7 times more powerful. It withstood this event. The problems came when the tsunami breached the 12 meter high tsunami walls and took out the diesel generators to supply power for cooling water supply. Subsequently, there were other problems with the cooling water systems. In spite of this, there is little radiation and the reactors are stable.”

2.) Doug, subsequent to the Japanese incident, are you still of an opinion that nuclear power is a safer/more beneficial alternative to other power sources?

“The key point is that nuclear fission energy is the only source of energy that can be expanded to replace most of the fossil fuels (all except oil for liquid fuels for air, road and off-road transport, i.e., for the farmer who grows your food). All other sources are far too small and/or unreliable.  If the Fukushima plant had been gas or coal powered, it would also have suffered from the earth quake and tsunami. The oil refinery hit by the tsunami burst into flames. We live with risks all the time. At one time, gasoline was feared because cars had a “bomb” under the seats. Gasoline is a hazardous material and must be handled with care, and we do this every day. Our cars and their gasoline are stored in our houses. The risks of nuclear are managed and the fear being promoted is unjustified.”

3.) Can the nuclear industry alleviate understandable public fears over the Japanese event and make future nuclear installations safer? 

“The nuclear industry is always under attack by anti-nukes. There seems to be lots of money for the anti-nukes. The media goes into hysterics. For example, everyone in Japan is hurting and will continue to hurt until the economy is back to normal. That will only happen when the electricity supply is back to normal. The media largely ignores the problem of the people and the recovery operation and concentrates on the nuclear “non-problem”. At the Lightfoot Institute (thelightfootinstitute.ca) we are trying to raise funds to make a nuclear DVD to explain nuclear radiation and waste as a means of dispelling the fear.”

We ignore such hard-won knowledge as Doug’s at our peril.

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