Japanese Tsunami: 2011 – how many saw it ‘before’ it happened?

Japanese Tsunami: 2011 – how many saw it ‘before’ it happened?

Of earthquakes, visions and what is to come 


Pat Regan

As I write this diary (11 March 2011) I note that several days ago I experienced a somewhat disturbing dream, a lucid nightmare perhaps.

In the dream I was standing alone in my garden. I was shocked as I saw that between the houses an enormous grey sea was flooding towards my home, over the roof-tops. It was terrifying. 

I remember waking up feeling troubled and tearful.

I knew something ghastly was about to occur but not sure at that time what it actually was.

I inadvertently shared the news of this dream with my eldest Son Kyle on the same day. I expected ridicule, as Kyle tends to be quite pragmatic, yet something seemed to ‘click’ when I told him about my dream.

“Dad”,he said, “I had a similar dream to yours and you have just broken mine by telling me”.

Neither of us thought too much about this bizarre disclosure until the news of the Japanese Tsunami hit the world press this morning.


My face dropped as I learned of the terrible effects of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit north-eastern Japan sending a huge wall of water inland.

Media images of the massive tidal swell made me go cold to the bone as they were just like the revelation I have previously experienced.

I weep for the departed of the disaster, yet dreams speak to us in the strange language of inner symbolism. Therefore, a seer cannot always predict the actual location of such events; at times yes, but not always.

How many saw the Japanese tsunami – before it happened? I fear that Kyle and I were not alone herein.

I have, like others, had similar premonitions (for want of a better word) before – the last one being on the poignant day that Princess Diana was killed.

I had woken up in a distressed state after dreaming that an elegant lady was involved in a fatal car crash. My wife had also experienced a comparable dream at the very same time as I did. We later fell into disbelieving silence as we learned of Diana’s tragic death, via a radio broadcast.

I have been intimately involved with the UFO/earthquake axis of late, producing several articles etc about this matter.


Therefore, I suspect that a certain level of psychic awareness has crept into my subconscious over the issue.

Some researchers have stated that UFOs, of an extraterrestrial or spiritual nature, herald seismic activity to warn us of impending danger. Others have dismissed that particular theory and instead alleged that the cause has been more materialistically-based, due to escaping rock gasses affecting the atmosphere etc.

We tend to become supernaturally attentive to what we take to heart. This is a normal thing that links to our instinctive penchant for basic survival. Materialistic science of course cannot understand, or even explain, the phenomenon, due to its inherent limitations, so it tends to dismiss it out of hand.

I also know for a fact that we do at certain times link intimately to a greater awareness that connects us all to the physic centre of the Cosmos. Under this etheric umbrella we are all one and the same.

When I wrote The New Pagan Handbook I included an A-Z section of dreams and their innermost meanings.


I frequently tell others that, in all honestly, I was “out of myself” when I produced this work and was guided by higher forces. This claim was not some glitzy, new-age attempt at gaining attention from the crowd; it was a straightforward expression of gut instinct.

As a simple Pagan I realise that the gods do tend to show us what they wish us to see, ergo time and space can be of momentary insignificance during these events.


If we seek we will find – eventually!

We ignore our inner visions at our own peril.

Can we possibly resist the overtly materialistic draw of this century?

Can we avoid the best (worst) efforts of self-righteous priests, sensation – seeking media, supercilious politicians and the army of swindling bankers?

If we can do this, and sincerely start to ‘think’ for ourselves, we may just start to access secret doorways within.  

Pat Regan

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