Jerusalem UFO: Fact or Fiction

When the videos began appearing on You Tube of the UFO over the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount, the hoax busters predictably appeared as well.  That happens with just about every UFO video of significance.

The Jerusalem UFO videos are certainly significant.  As I have stated on air and in publication, this is either one of the most significant UFO events of modern history, or one of the biggest UFO hoaxes of modern history.  Who can forget the “Alien Autopsy” debacle of a few years back?  With the sour taste of that hoax still lingering, we have learned to be cautious with new UFO video releases.  Rightly so.  Unfortunately, some folks are so overly cautious that they throw many babies out with the bath water.  But, it is right to be cautious.

The hoax busters in this case did not, until now, present evidence I found convincing.  One, in particular, was talking about various technical issues that were themselves debunked by a guy doing geometric calculations in his video.  So, it has been a “he said, she said” situation.  Until now.

Now, there is a video of a television news team interviewing Eligael (the principal mover and shaker of the Jerusalem UFO videos) as well as another of the principal “witnesses”.  The interviews were via telephone, and they were recorded.  As it turns out, Eligael is a former actor and is currently attempting to launch a career in filmmaking. He is friends with the other principal witness who is a teacher of filmmaking at the school where the three students (who shot one of the videos) attend. 

When pressed for answers about this situation, Eligael sounded nervous and said the baby is crying and he has to go.  The teacher of filmmaking first stated he did not know the students, and then admitted he did know the students.

While none of this is definitive proof that the videos are hoaxed, one can smell the cabbage cooking in the kitchen. 

In the last show I did about the Jerusalem UFO videos, I said that while this could be a hoax, the evidence at that point seemed to point to it being a real event.  I stated that even if one of those videos was hoaxed (as had been fairly well documented), the fact was no one had gone after the other videos.  I stated that the entire thing looked to me like a perception manipulation operation. 

When the sixth video came out–the one with the very close-up shot of the UFO–and when I got to view the entire 2 or 3 minutes of it, I concluded it was hoaxed.  That is still my opinion.  With the addition of these telephone recordings of Eligael and the film teacher, I am inclined to think the entire thing is a hoax. 

There is one piece of evidence that is still sort of sticking up out of the sand that I have not yet been able to resolve.  Jaime Maussan got video from a weather cam that seems to validate the event.  It seems to show the UFO and flash of light.  And this is from a stationary weather cam.  Maussan has proclaimed the event and the Eligael videos to be genuine.  There is the possibility that Eligael, the film teacher, and the film students were all out with their cameras that night, and in different locations, all without the knowledge that the other parties were out there.  The probability of that seems excruciatingly slim. 

Maussan is very knowledgeable about videos and cameras, but remember–a lot of experts were fooled by the Santilli film “Alien Autopsy”. We are all subject to getting fooled sometime or another, and we all have been fooled at one time or another.  Maussan may turn out to be correct on this.

So, assuming that weather cam video is legitimate, what would be my opinion of the situation?  I would have to think that a real event took place which some film students and filmmaker wannabes latched onto, and produced hoaxed videos for whatever reason. 

You know, there are precedents for that kind of thing.  No telling how many UFO books were written by people who read a very real account of a UFO encounter, then invented their own version of that encounter for publication.  There are some of those that have been pretty well exposed. 

I am withholding my final decision about this event for now.  If the video Maussan has (from the weather cam) is genuine, then an event of some type did happen.  As for the Eligael/teacher/student videos, I am fairly well convinced they are contrivances. 

But then, consider this. If the Maussan video is real, then a real incident of some type did occur.  The revelation that the videos from Eligael/Teacher/Students were hoaxes fits perfectly with my theory that this could well be a perception manipulation operation.  Remember how it works? Wrap a real event in a hoax that is done well enough to fool the untrained eye but poorly enough to be exposed by the trained eye.  Then, when the hoax is revealed, the public throws the entire event out as a hoax–when, in fact, there is a real event in there.

So, I’m sitting back and watching this develop for now.  The truth is beginning to surface, and we will know soon if this is a perception manipulation operation.  Still looks that way to me–for now–but we shall see what turns up. 


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