Jerusalem UFO – Who Attacked the UFO Orb?


A stunning new video has emerged that shows the famous Jerusalem UFO orb being fired at from left of screen. Who attacked the UFO orb and why?

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 13, 2011 – A new video analysis has surfaced concerning the famous Jerusalem UFO.

Many hoax editions of the video have surfaced which many UFO researches claim represent part of a disinformation campaign.  It is suggested the ‘false’ videos are part of a cover-up campaign to discredit the original footage.  Unfortunately much of mainstream media has featured the wrong videos.

Click on photo above for video.

New footage has surfaced that analyses the original Jerusalem UFO incident.  What is striking is that it appears the UFO orb over the temple of the mount, was ‘fired at’ by a weapon from the left of screen.  It appears someone has attempted to shoot down the UFO orb.

It seems like risky business to me!  Why would we attack a civilization clearly far more technologically advanced than ourselves?  It sums up the problems of our modern word – shoot first and ask questions later!

The new analysis showing the flash from the left is available at the following location:


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