Kennedy’s Last Stand

Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination

By Dr, Michael Salla



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By Richard C. Cook







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Dr. Michael E. Salla is director of the Exopolitics Institute, which studies UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena from the standpoint of how we can penetrate the veil of secrecy drawn by governments over the massive amount of UFO/ET contact that has reportedly taken place worldwide over the past seven decades.  The main culprit in this secrecy, of course, is the (secret) U.S government..

Timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Salla’s most recent book is Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination.

In this book, Dr. Salla links two mysteries: UFO/ET contact, which, to those who follow the research, is familiar territory, and the assassination of JFK on November 22, 1963, by parties as yet unknown.

The question Dr. Salla addresses is whether there is a link between the two; more specifically, whether there is a connection between MJ-12, the secret governmental unit first set up by President Harry Truman to control information deriving from alleged UFO crashes at Roswell and elsewhere in the late 1940s, and the killing of JFK in Dallas, Texas, over a decade later.

By now we know that the JFK assassination was a watershed in history.  We know too, as the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1978, that, contrary to the Warren Commission report, the deed was likely the result of a conspiracy.  Since JFK was killed, with a major escalation in Vietnam following, the U.S. has increasingly fallen under the influence of policies oriented toward extreme militarism and intervention through force of arms around the world.  But much of this has been orchestrated from behind the scenes. We know too that Kennedy opposed secretive government and was taking steps to rein it in. But the cloak-and-dagger operatives fought back. By tracing a paper trail through both public and leaked government documents, Dr. Salla tracks down a sequence of events, communications, and decisions related to the JFK murder that leads directly to the CIA.

Early in this sequence came decisions by the top echelons of government that UFO/ET contact information would be kept hidden from the public.  The motives for this were complex, though they were part of a broader movement to set up a hidden policy and operations machine that worked in the dark, allowing the president and his advisers to maintain a distance of “plausible deniability” with respect to major decisions affecting the nation and mankind.

The story of how Truman authorized the creation of the CIA, NSA, and other secretive units for these purposes is well-known.

What is less understood is whether and how an even more clandestine organization called MJ-12 came into being specifically to manage UFO/ET information and to oversee the adaptation of scientific knowledge deriving from UFO/ET contacts for national security purposes, including the development of spacecraft and weapons of extremely advanced design and performance.  Helping with this were to be the German scientists spirited out of Nazi Germany after World War II under “Operation Paperclip” that UFO/ET researchers believe had already begun to utilize this technology.

Could JFK Have Been …???

“The Real Flash Gordon”?

Not everyone in the government was on-board with the approach leading to total secrecy.  One figure who favored more openness was, according to Dr. Salla and other UFO researchers, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, one of the original members of MJ-12, who allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a window at Bethesda Naval Hospital where he had been locked up.

Tracking the assertions of whistleblower William “Bill” Cooper, who was shot and killed by local police at his Arizona home in November 2001, Salla cites the account whereby Forrestal was actually thrown to his death by operatives who wanted to silence him.  Modern research discloses that Forrestal may have been killed due to his opposition to U.S. recognition of Israel.

James V. Forestall

1st U.S. Secretary of Defense

It was through Forrestal, a former Secretary of the Navy, that JFK enters the story.  When he first joined the U.S. Navy during World War II, JFK, the son of Ambassador to Great Britain Joe Kennedy, became closely associated with Forrestal to the point of becoming personal friends and confidants.  Also, both Forrestal and the Kennedy family were Irish Catholics.  It was then, Dr.Salla writes, that JFK acquired an interest in the emergent UFO/ET phenomenon.

Under President Dwight D. Eisenhower, elected in 1952, “the secret government” grew in resources, power, and influence.

The CIA became the focal point, with Allen Dulles, who became director of central intelligence in 1953, the key figure.  Dulles also succeeded Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoeter, Dr. Salla says, as head of MJ-12. Another name which crops up around this time was that of Nelson Rockefeller, described by Dr. Salla as intimate with Eisenhower and in charge of reorganizing the government along lines favored by the Republican Party. Part of this structuring was the turning over of key elements of foreign policy to the CIA through which clandestine operations began to run amok in the mid-1950s, including the overthrow of governments in Iran and Guatemala.  While all this was going on, Eisenhower’s primary interests seemed to be playing golf and visiting his farm outside Gettysburg.

Allen Dulles – CIA Director

 Warren Commission, Member

Sacked by JFK in November 1961…

JFK Dead Exactly 2 Years Later

The UFO/ET literature is full of accounts of Eisenhower’s own contacts with representatives of other worlds, which Dr. Salla reprises to some extent.  But Eisenhower was fully a party to keeping the public from knowing anything of substance.  And despite an apparent attempt to gain information about what was going on at CIA-controlled secret sites in Nevada, Eisenhower never had any control over what MJ-12 or the CIA were doing.  When he gave his famous public warning against the growing power of the “military-industrial complex” just before leaving office in 1961, it was far too little and far too late. JFK was left holding the bag in inheriting this potentially disastrous situation.

The die was cast.  After the Bay of Pigs fiasco through which JFK learned the extent to which the CIA could lie, even to the commander-in-chief, Allen Dulles was forced from office.  According to Dr. Salla, before his departure Dulles gave a secret order for JFK to be eliminated that was passed on to the CIA’s counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton for implementation. Dr. Salla provides photocopies of the implicating documents, though their authenticity is obviously difficult to prove.  The deed was done two years later, with the research of past decades indicating that it was likely coordinated by the CIA which utilized hired killers from organized crime and the Cuban exile community, with cover provided by Lyndon B. Johnson, the military, and the FBI.

Whether JFK was killed specifically, as Dr. Salla intimates, because he was too close to uncovering the secrets of MJ-12 and its plethora of “black” projects related to UFO/ET-derived technology is interesting to consider but difficult to isolate.  Certainly the CIA (and those who controlled it) hated JFK enough to want to get rid of him, given his vision for an America that was open, honest, and supportive of human aspirations around the globe.  Such a vision was definitely not part of the psychology of people who essentially wanted to enslave mankind to a society based on violence and corporate exploitation.  That alone may have been sufficient to set the murder plot in motion.

In other words, by the time JFK became president, the secret government was controlled by fascists and had a fascist agenda. JFK was not one of them, so (in the key code words of “The Burned Memo,” as “Lancer” <JFK>  was causing “precipitation in Washington”…a “5412 Committee” …Executive Action (as in “execujte’) became necessary to eliminate “a threat to world peace.”

However, there remain even larger issues that Dr. Salla may want to explore in future works, important issues, which have been hinted at by some UFO researchers.

One question that may be asked is “Who controls the controllers?”

For instance, exactly: Who does the CIA work for?

JFK Confers With Werner Von Braun 

It is impossible to believe that the bureaucrats sitting at their desks at Langley or other clandestine agencies make their own decisions about what people to assassinate, what countries to subvert, what governments to overthrow, or whether to perpetrate events like 911.

In tracing the history, we return to the figure of Nelson Rockefeller, who, as Dr. Salla points out, was so integral to Eisenhower’s intent to reorganize the federal government along corporatist lines in the 1950s.

Another name is Nelson’s brother David Rockefeller, in charge of the family’s banking wing.  We know that David Rockefeller was a bitter foe of JFK’s economic policies, and we know that Henry Kissinger, so closely linked to various CIA plots involving Indonesia and elsewhere in the 1970s, was a Rockefeller family protégé.  So was Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, who initiated the recession of 1980 that threw the presidency from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan in a coup that led to the greatest military build-up since World War II and lay the groundwork for the era of endless wars in the Middle East and elsewhere that has become such a scourge today.

Note too that part of the “Reagan Revolution” was the diversion of vast resources to the development of space-based weapons, including directed-energy, particle-beam, and laser weapons under Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative or “Star Wars” program. Even though SDI was terminated after the space shuttle Challenger disaster deprived planners of their orbital testing platform, research and development continued.  One such weapon could have been mounted in a military cargo plan and used against the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001.  That a directed-energy weapon was used can fairly be concluded by the most recent reported research.  

Was this too part of the high-tech arsenal developed covertly by utilizing UFO/ET-derived scientific knowledge, aided perhaps by information acquired when the FBI confiscated the working papers of Nikola Tesla after he passed away in a lonely Manhattan hotel room in 1943?

Returning to the Rockefeller connection, some would say further that the Rockefellers were only a part, though an important one, of a larger worldwide conspiracy overseen by the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati.  Others would go even further in linking these groups, along with the international financial cabal they control, to extraterrestrial sources of evil, known variously in the literature as the reptilians, the Crusaders of Orion, the Empire, the Others, the Archons, or the Prince of Evil himself.  There are also those, myself included, who say that we are living in a time when planet Earth is in the process of Ascension, whereby humanity is poised to move into a new era known from the Book of Revelation as the “New Earth.”

According to this view, the agents of evil cited above are now engaged in one last gigantic attempt to postpone the inevitable before they themselves are cast down into oblivion.  The psychic atmosphere of anger and angst they have engendered lays on humanity like a shroud. As horrendous is the karmic load laid upon themselves by those people who have bought into the culture of death that the secret government has engendered.  I include in this the makers of many contemporary Hollywood movies.

The evil ones are being opposed by the “good angels” I call the Aeons, who are guiding us to a better future.  Working through certain extraterrestrials, such as the Nordics or The Nine, the Aeons have prevented nuclear war, brought the internet into being to help people communicate globally, and are working through many teachers and groups to bring peace, calm, love, and forgiveness to the fore. This war between good and evil for the fate and soul of Earth and humanity has been raging at fever pitch for a couple of centuries now.  JFK and others like him have been martyrs to this war, but in the end will triumph in spirit.  Other martyrs I have treated in my own writing were the seven Challenger astronauts that NASA killed in their haste to do the bidding of their political masters by launching flawed machinery for dubious ends.

In standing up to the CIA, MJ-12, and the military, JFK proved himself to be …

“A Hero for the Ages.”

If only other presidents since JFK had done the same, modern history would have been far different.  These presidents and their relationship to the secret government have been as follows:

  • Lyndon B. Johnson—complicit in the plot to kill JFK; became president as a result.
  • Richard M. Nixon—loose cannon who was removed from office by the CIA set-up known as Watergate.
  • Gerald Ford—member of the Warren Commission; installed as president as a “safe” place-holder.
  • Jimmy Carter—a Rockefeller protégé but with a disturbing degree of conscience; removed from office by various covert ops, including the 1980 recession and the Iran hostage crisis.
  • Ronald Reagan—ideal front man for takeover of society by the secret government and their banking allies; having failed to assassinate him, the CIA still kept him under tight control.
  • George H.W. Bush—ringleader from the CIA inner circle but a “Bozo” as president.
  • Bill Clinton—while governor of Arkansas, told by a CIA operative they had decided to make him president; they did, and Clinton did as he was told; became completely ineffective after the CIA entrapped him through the Monica Lewinsky affair.
  • George W. Bush—totally without qualifications; trotted out to cover-up 9/11 and start new Middle East wars; Federal Reserve kept his administration afloat financially by creating housing bubble.
  • Barack Obama—equally without qualifications; trotted out to cover-up a final New World Order triumph that may be intended to take place in the near future but which the Aeons are unlikely to allow; meanwhile, American society is collapsing at every level, with the secret government still stoking the flames and fostering myriad political factions that do their bidding, particularly through CIA plants in teleivision and the mass media (since the day that Time-Life Inc. purchased “The Zapruder Film.”.

So congratulations to Dr. Michael Salla in moving our knowledge of JFK and his role in the deeper history of our time further along in such a courageous and coherent manner. There are many indications that the CIA has waned in its influence in the last couple of decades, though its power may have been supplanted by units within the nether regions of the Pentagon and/or other agencies, including the Mossad.

Nevertheless, Dr. Salla’s book Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination is a must-read in furthering our understanding of these tremendously important themes and events.

The human drama set in motion in Dealey Plaza is far from over.

Richard C. Cook

Richard C. Cook is a former federal analyst who now teaches meditation at the Lifestream Center in Roanoke, VA, USA. His latest book is “Return of the Aeons: The Planetary Spiritual Ascension.”   You can Email Richard at:  Richard Cook <[email protected]>

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