Killing for a ‘Caring’ God or Ritual Animal Abuse Justified with Man-Made Religious Baloney

By Pat Regan

A recent BBC article on animal abuse and ritual slaughter recently grabbed my attention.

Millions of animals are being ritually killed in what many folks see as highly barbaric ways each year. Rather than being humanely stunned these frightened animals are killed – whilst still conscious!

Sanctimonious religious leaders resting on their laurels say it’s all OK, but animal experts (including many vets) say it’s most certainly ‘not’ OK.

The monotheistic religions that uphold these more primeval practices base all their cock-eyed tenants on decrepit credos from obsolete scriptures that are of course as easily dismissed as being ‘bogus’ as Christianity is. The Dark Age superstitions that the leaders of these synthetic faiths, e.g. Islam and Judaism, promote to their trusting flocks are therefore accountable for barbarism against the animal kingdom.

Ordinary Muslims and Jews need to think exceptionally seriously about their old-fashioned attitudes to religious ritual slaughter. This is especially so if they ever hope to be considered as being a ‘Caring’ part of the Global Village by the rest of society.

I fully support freedom of belief – but NOT when it leads to the horrors of ritual slaughter. I find such unnecessary animal abuse to be unjustifiable and most especially for the Jewish race when we consider all the brutality they suffered during WW2 at the hands of malevolent fascists.

The message from the Holocaust would seem to me to be based on ‘avoiding’ abject cruelty – not continually promoting it onto other blameless species!

Animal abuse on a massive global scale cannot be justified by manmade religion and adherents of these faith systems must ultimately realise that such bizarre conduct has no place in the 21st Century! Using man-made religions as a validation to potentially create additional suffering for millions of innocent animals is totally unacceptable. More here:



Yes, if one eats meat one should be prepared to kill.  If one eats meat and is not prepared to kill then one is basically a hypocrite!

I kill at times as I am a fisherman. I eat what I catch and I kill quickly. I also know that I would consider myself to be an exceptionally cruel man if I slit the throat of my selected prey and watched it die, as do the self-righteous ritual slaughterers.

Their excuses to justify ritual killing are in my estimation pathetic and based only on their ridiculous concerns to defend their empty (and basically cold-hearted) religious credos. However, the world of today has become different to how it was in the beginning. Once upon a time if a Neolithic family failed to kill it did not get to eat.

In contemporary society we have several types of human.

First we have the TRUE VEGETARIAN (the vegan) that refrains from the consumption of ‘any’ type of animal product. I was once one of these for a few years by choice.

Then we have the half-way house of the PSEUDO VEGETARIAN that eats mainly vegetable and fruit products, but ‘also’ animal items such as eggs, cheese and milk.

The HUNTER GATHERER comes next. This is a person who eats meat and vegetables, yet he/she is also willing and capable of killing his own meat or fish etc.

Finally in this succinct dietary generalisation we have THE SCAVENGER. The scavenger makes up the vast majority of the populace. He or she is totally dependent on the work of the slaughter house and the large supermarket. The scavenger somewhat hypocritically frowns upon ‘ever’ killing his own food. The scavenger also more comically frequently berates the others in this group for their conduct and diet. He is quite happy to let others do the killing for him, whist not soiling his mind with such horrors.

Of course, millions of the more indifferent adherents to Islam and Judaism that rely upon the ritual slaughter house worker ‘only’ pay hollow lip service to the religions that uphold these unkind practices. They follow the crowd over the matter because they are indoctrinated to do so from birth. Their parents did it so they follow the family tradition, just to keep the peace.

If they bothered to THINK FOR THEMSELVES and refused to accept the meat from such ritual killing houses then the debate would be quickly eradicated. Intolerant customs CAN be changed!

I have little time for ‘some’ overtly pushy animal rights groups that want us all to become vegan, or at least vegetarian, overnight. Nevertheless, killing methods based purely on antique, man-made religious concepts are simply wrong and have no place in any modern society! 

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