Lancashire: UFO Close to Hot Air Balloon

Lancashire: UFO Close to Hot Air Balloon

The time was approximately 8.00 pm on 10th August 2012.

The weather was serene with relatively clear skies, holding only a few wispy clouds. I was fishing along the old canal at Scarisbrick in Lancashire with my 9 year old son when we spotted a hot air balloon gracefully rising over the trees.  

(Click here to see enlargement of top left photo.)

I took a series of photographs of the balloon. One shot displayed an unidentified black, triangular-shaped object moving close to the left of the balloon.

Above: a closer zoom and I have ringed the mystery object.  

Above: closer still and the UFO can be seen to be triangular in shape.

Above: a close-cropped image of the triangular UFO in question.

We observed no aircraft, apart from the balloon, in the air space at the time the photographs were taken. Locally – flown aircraft, such as the Tornado and Eurofighter etc, make a tremendous noise announcing their arrival and departure. However, this evening was particularly quiet.

What was this strange black, triangular UFO in the Lancashire skies?

NB. I note here that others have witnessed UFOs in close proximity to balloons before. 


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