Seagull below, but what is that ‘above’ it? 

Date: 12 August 2014

Weather:  Dry and clear with light cloud

Location: Ainsdale beach in Southport, UK

Click here to enlarge top photo.

This afternoon I was talking a stroll with my son Jason on the Southport shoreline.

We always tend to take our cameras along, so on the way back I snapped a few shots of Jason on the sand dunes. I was facing due east away from the sea and towards the Ormskirk direction at the time that I took the photograph. 

Later on when I downloaded the images to my PC I noticed that a dark and apparently rather large, ‘rectangular-shaped’, UFO was in one of the shots to the right of Jason. 

If you checkout the original un-cropped image you will notice that below this unexpected UFO was another shape, but that was clearly just a seagull passing by. 

Moreover, the cloud bank behind Jason was some distance away, which suggested significant size for this dark UFO. 



On closer ‘cropped’ inspection, the unidentified object appeared to be moving ‘behind’ a low cloud bank.  

I make no specific claims about what it may or may be but I reiterate that it seemed to be relatively big. Jason was as surprised as I was when we first examined this strange shot and like me he had no idea what the UFO was. 

I have reported many times on fascinating flying objects in the Merseyside and Lancashire areas that have not been identified. Here are just a few examples… 



As always, I include this latest UFO report for interest value alone so please don’t shoot the messenger. 

Pat Regan © 2014 

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