Las Vegas Mutual UFO Network Symposium!

Courtesy of MUFON

Publisher’s Note: This past weekend (July 18-21) the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Symposium was held in the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort, Las Vegas NV. Dirk

By Riley Snyder

It’s easy to stereotype the sort of people who attended the annual Mutual UFO Network Symposium in Las Vegas this weekend.

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After all, it takes a special kind of person to travel to Las Vegas, fork over close to $250 and sit through dozens of speeches about faster-than-light travel, alien DNA analysis and ‘new’ information about 70-year-old alleged alien encounters.

But even though the topic matter seems a bit fantastical, and despite a handful of alien-encounter zealots, a large number of conference attendees were not the type of tinfoil-hat wearing crackpot conspiracy theorists that are often associated with the field of ufology, the study of unidentified flying objects.

In fact, many attendees, such as retired military medic Marc Johns, said the reason for attending the conference and studying ufology stems from a desire to use scientific methods and research to tie the subject to respected fields such as astronomy and physics.

“There’s an awful lot of people out there who aren’t kooks who are interested in this topic,” Johns said.

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If any reader attended the event please send us your photos and any comments you may have regarding the MUFON Symposition. Thanks Dirk

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