Le Mystere Des Ovnis

France Televisions documentary 52mn
Director Christian author Sulleman

Since time immemorial men have their eyes turned skyward, challenged by the various events that they can see and with the most diverse interpretations often based on the belief in higher entities or divine powers … For example In Greek mythology, natural phenomena such as wind, thunder, lightning were caused by gods who manifested themselves as well ….

Thanks to his research and discoveries, man has been demystifying many of these phenomena and deepen the knowledge of its environment. But the earliest times, in the sky, others are more allegorical visions mentioned in the scriptures of almost all religions … were already manifestations of this extra terrestrial mythology still?

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ITW journalist Jean Claude Bourret (Paris)

As a science as they provide solutions, always stopped by the immensity of the celestial vault men have sought to understand our solar system, it was a first time astronomers with observatories .. In a 2nd time, and c is our time, began with the exploration of space rockets, satellites, probes, space stations and astronauts … shipping …

At the end of the nineteenth century, a new kind of literature appeared: A science fiction works of the 1st on the subject was written by the British en1898 HG Wells’ “War of the Worlds” “He was taken to the radio in 1938 by a famous namesake Orson Wells .. The program simulating the invasion of Earth by Martians in the United States sparked a hysterical panic .. And it was shortly after the end of the 2nd World War that was the 1st reported observations of UFOs called al time “” flying saucers “” the myth of UFOs was born … .. there was cause and effect with the start of this new literature or really anything else?

ITW Bertrand Meheust sociologist on UFOs (Auxerre)

Years 46 to the 60’s was the heyday of UFOs with among others the United States if Roswell in 1947 to cover the chronic and that challenges still today in the crash real or not of a UFO with its square recovery by the U.S. Army and on the discovery of corpses of aliens .. This is despite the denials of U.S. senior military

ITW writer Gildas Bourdais investigator, author of several books on the subject (Paris)
Since the post-war until today has millions of observations of PAN (unidentified aerospace phenomena) have been made … .. The mystery of UFOs has become a recurring fact of life …

– .. 2 photos of UFOs taken by Andrew Lake Chauvet Frégnale … They have been around the world …

The mystery regarding UFOs has become a fact of life taken seriously by the leaders of many countries. In France was created an official-dependent CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) GEIPAN (Group of Studies and Information on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena)
ITW Mr White Director of Geipan (Toulouse)

What is the Geipan? its mission? investigations? its conclusions?
Members of the IHEDN wrote a report on the mystery of UFOs (PANS .. Space Phenomena Unidentified) Cometa report, report questioning the result of investigations … disturbing evocation of these investigations with documents supporting al.

The whole mystery around these “Pans” has raised passions. These are called UFO enthusiasts who as scientists seek to understand and sometimes gather in clubs, associations. Journals dealing with the subject, investigations and evidence is sometimes food for thought for scientists

ITW Mr Joel Mesnard director of “Lights in the night” One of the oldest and serious journals (Saint Julien d’Ars around Poitiers)
Its opinion through experience or the testimony and documents that it may bring!

ITW Mr Luc Cotte (Plauzat AUVERGNE) UFO correspondent Geipan
On June 25 Mr Cotte be followed for the operation “Suricata … the night of UFOs, in which UFO researchers from all over Europe watching the sky and communicate by cell phone comment or the path of light or a suspicious object …. .
– Journalists are particularly interested in the subject
— Jean Claude Bourret
– Robert Roussel journalist and author of several books on UFOs (Toulouse)

UFOs exist? a question that can be asked to research the Geipan face and 23% of outstanding cases in its investigations? How not to ask questions of other witnesses with authenticated as those of
—— Itw Commander Jean Gresle former fighter pilot and captain Air France four times witnessed some parts of other witnesses confirmed (Paris region)
—– Colonel Jack Krini former pilot Mirage IV (Paris region)

What observations do have radar? Lieutenant Colonel Chief of the Division Drink monitoring base 942 Mont Verdun answers

If a lot of pictures or videos that are circulating false or hoaxes, others have been authenticated by an expert in photo, collaborator Geipan
ITW Francis Lagrange showing a picture of UFO or been treated as such and certified non rigged …

Are we really being visited by aliens? if so why? Why no desire to contact them? there was a disinformation on the subject so that today most of the major powers to open their records to the public? c is the case Geipan. C is much more than other questions that are asked of different players!

The Mystery of UFOs is a mystery and a live issue to be resolved!



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