Lied to Again What We Were Not Told- The Blackout of 1965

I continue to receive emails from across the country concerning sightings of UFO’s , orbs of light and fire balls being seen during the East Coast Blackout of 1965. 

It is obvious at this point that something went on during that day in November far past a unexplained massive  blackout. It is also obvious that what actually went on that day was easily swept under the carpet and kept from the public. 

Many people did try to report strange sightings and events during that time however were met with total disregard , even annoyance and were easily silenced. The entire event is another example of how simple it is to steer society in to believing what they are told to believe as well as how easy it is to silence those who question what is going on around them.

I have received enough reports to know what I witnessed that day was also seen by many others . It became apparent to me through my emails that many who read my account thought I was writing about a comet or something of that nature  streaking across the sky. Please understand I never intended to give that impression. What I saw was something out of control that was on fire crashing through the night sky at incredible speed . I do not think it crashed on earth as the size of the object would have made it impossible to cover up. The object may have made it to the ocean .  I also know stranger things than that happen all the time that we are not  privy to. 

I imagine a possibility of what happened to this enormous object could be many outcomes including it regained control , or burned up completely or made it out of our atmosphere and continued out into space. I have no idea. All I do know is that I saw it slam across the sky. It was huge, and it was on fire. 

For years I have been sent reports from people seeing strange crafts around electric wires . I am aware as I sure you are that many blackouts are associated with  UFO’s.  I wrote an article a while ago about a feeding UFO spotted over a hub of electric towers, cell phone towers and a radio tower by a group of men  here on Long Island New York. The men were walking along a wooded area and came across a isolated area where this group of towers stood . Above this group of towers (which is a major part of Long Islands grid )  hovered a very large black craft with a ray of some kind connected into the tower group. A mini blackout was occurring at the time in the local area. The men were terrified and retreated quickly away from the area. The object did not seem to detect them and they were able to return to a main area. Shortly after their sighting a large blinking of the electric lights in the populated nearby area took place restoring the electric to the area ending the  mini blackout. 

I have read similar  accounts of things like this happening all over the world.  In the past few years I have been told by three different people that they had strange incidents happen while out at night in their own neighborhoods. The areas were all different. The people were all different, what they were doing at the time was different however what they witnessed was the same.

Whether they were standing outside smoking, putting out the trash or walking their dogs the people all noticed a very dark large oval object that at first appeared to be a shadow moving slowing down the street over the tree line.  When they investigated a bit closer they realized it was a solid  dark object slowly hovering along the streets electric lines. All the people who described this same encounter had nearly identical descriptions of  what they saw and what the object was doing. Each one of them also told me independently that once they got a good clear look at the thing they became terrified and  quickly retreated to the safety of their homes.

When the people called the local authorities to enquirer if anyone else had called in seeing this object they were brushed off and treated as our society has been trained to react to those who are brave enough to report these events.  

I spoke to many educated people who have strong science backgrounds about these sightings . We had long discussions on what is likely going on with these crafts seen over our connections to our energy and communication grids.  The idea that the crafts are attaching to our wires of electric or communication  to upload or take energy was ruled out at once. Any craft able to do the feats that we witness surely are far advanced and have no use for our primitive energy. 

The fact is the majority of those I spoke to feel the crafts are downloading in to our grids. Of course they may upload all we transmit by way of our electric , transmitting and wireless technology. The  people with science backgrounds that I discussed this with feel it far more likely they are down loading what they want to invade and  pass into  our homes, our communication and entertainment devices. Any life form as advanced as those who have conquered space, time and universal or dimensional travel are certainly able to control and saturate  us with whatever they  wish via our antique systems. 

I think the likely hood of this is very high. I think the likely hood this has been going on for many years is also very high. I think mistakes happen even with advanced aliens . I believe it very likely that the massive blackout of 1965 and the sightings including the fire ball I saw may have been part of a huge mistake or accident by those who visit us. I think many unexplained blackouts can be explained the exact same way.

Of course this is my opinion however I do believe it is one with legs, arms, and a very alien soul!

I received a very interesting email from a reader who wanted to add his thinking to this subject .  

Please see what he had to say about it all. His email to me is below:

Hi, Chris–

I’ve got a few things relating to a fireball seen during the
blackout of 1965 that might interest you. 

Although coverage of a fireball apparently didn’t appear in the New York Times or Washington. Post  the Chicago Tribune. did  run an article on  July 30th 1968 entitled “Hint UFOs Might Be Cause of Blackouts.” 

 It quotes Dr. James E. McDonald–a prominent atmospheric scientist and UFO researcher of the time–during testimony before Congress on the 29th that there  were reports in upstate New York of a glowing object at the instant the lights went out.  McDonald noted that hundreds of UFO sightings were reported to the Federal Power commission during the blackout.  At the time McDonald and several other scientists–including Drs. J. Allen Hynek  and Carl Sagan–were addressing Congress on the subject of UFOs.

McDonald had a huge interest in UFO sightings that affected the power systems of cars, buildings, or electrical networks because of the physical evidence that might be left behind
as well as any insights into the modus operandi of the phenomenon he might tease out. 

To this extent he tape-recorded dozens of people about their UFO sightings and
many of these recordings still exist.  Pertaining to the New York blackout he interviewed Robert C. Walsh, Deputy Commissioner for Aviation, Syracuse, NY  (interview was on 4
August 1968) also a Mr. Weldon Ross and a Mr. Case.  He interviewed  this group of men all
concerning UFO fireball sightings they’d had on 9 November 1965.  There may have been other recordings in this vein however they most likely no  longer exist as McDonald died in 1971.

I believe the book INCIDENT AT EXETER by John G. Fuller also
has a section on UFO sightings during the blackout, but you
probably already know this.

If I can be of further assistance along these lines, please
let me know.

My best to you, Chris!

  ( name withheld for privacy)

I think you will find this email as interesting as I did. It is really silly at this point not to realize that the major event that occurred over the East Coast of the United Starts in 1965 was not as simple as we were trained to believe. I think we are lucky it did not cause us more harm than a few hours of blackness. I also think it is becoming obvious we need to start to think about who and what may be downloading or uploading who knows what into the grids that we are all hooked into each and every day of our lives. I am beginning to think our thinking is not our own. I seem to believe this more and more as I purposely watch less television, turn off my computer and rarely ever switch on my cell phone. I do not want to be part of something I am not sure of. Being attached to anything for hours at a time that can be interfered with in many ways by many others is not my idea of a good time.

I can only bring you that which is told to me and hope you all with give these things some thought the next time you spend hours talking on, texting on, sitting in front of or holding something that may be downloading right into your brain!

The next time we suffer blackouts for no apparent reason lets become less gullible and more interested in what is really going on around and above us. The days of living in  darkness can only end if we decide to see the light of truth for ourselves.  

Be careful out there  and please pay attention to what is going on right in front of your own eyes.

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