Life after Death. Yes, it’s real!



Life after Death

Yes, it’s real!

 By Pat Regan



The anguish of bereavement is a subject that many try to avoid like the plague. This is chiefly because we are psychologically conditioned to see death as the end. My own spiritual experiences however tell me that the truth resides in the opposite.

I have lost friends, parents, pets etc like everyone else to the Grim Reaper. 

I have cried in rage, bewilderment and pain at the sky for taking them away from me – we all have, or at least probably will one day. Grief, in any form, hurts so badly and there is no mistake about that. 

I hope the following will help others to attain the same enhanced state of understanding that I’ve recently achieved after my dear canine companion Seth closed his eyes for what at first ‘seemed’ like the last time… 

I lost my dog Seth, my comrade. I loved him greatly and the feeling was always mutual. His loyalty was second to none and he would have given his life for me. The pain has been enormous at his passing, yet there is more, and this is ‘not’ the end.  

This is NOT just something I believe – it is something that I in fact actually ‘know’.

Above: Seth my friend

After many years of losing loved family members and friends I now finally have the handle on this greatly misunderstood and feared grief business.

Those gravestones in the cemetery may seem imposing; they stare back at us with a sense of horrifying finality. They mirror our darkest fears, yet we must cut through the materialistic illusion to find the essence behind death.

What I am about to share is real and given to the world with a sincere heart. The pain of bereavement is fleeting and my desire is to help others in distress see through this veil of passing sorrow.

Why the pain of bereavement exists

First I have to tell you that death is ‘not’ something to be feared – it is something to be properly understood. 

Fear only blocks out future progress and mortifies the mind into a state of depressed stagnation. However, if one dares to open the doorway ‘beyond’ fear and distress then the light of understanding is there for the taking.

We dread what we do not understand, what we hate to face, yet I personally now know that what at first ‘seems’ to be the end of a loving relationship is nothing of the sort. This is just a transitory stage in the evolutionary process of the spirit and not a conclusion. There is much more… 

In simple terms – this is now how I ‘know’ grief works, and why the initial pains we feel ‘have’ to be endured… 

 Death the New Beginning: why time heals

In life we build loving bonds with people and animals that are close to us. This bond goes well beyond the physical realm and is an eternal spiritual relationship. This loving link, so long as it is sincere, cannot be destroyed – ever!

Now, when one part of the relationship ceases to function ‘physically’ (i.e. die), the pain experienced by the living party left behind is immense and a great emptiness is created.

At first the heartache is intolerable, nevertheless it will not last – but why? 

My gut instinct, subsequent to Seth’s ‘physical’ departure, tells me strongly that the pain lasts only so long for a very good reason.

When the spirit of the deceased first enters the spiritual realm both parties concerned are in an appalling state of transformation, disbelief, vast anguish and internal bewilderment.

The bond is however only broken in a physical sense and is now in fact  incredibly strong between the two. It is so strong in fact that shortly after the departure the living may even see the departed again, in the form of a ghost.

As the spirit of the deceased progresses on its inevitable journey towards the light of the Summerland, Heaven (whatever name one cares to give to the realm in which the recently departed goes to) or even another reincarnation perhaps, the pain initially experienced decreases for the living party; and also for the spirit of the one who has crossed the bridge. 

The confusion; the pain and the hurt, which is primarily felt, slowly start to subside. It fades away like an ebbing spring tide and is replaced by greater inner strength, understanding and happiness.

When the spirit of the deceased is content and settled in the ‘New World’ so will be the party that has been left behind. This is a symbiotic relationship with both parties following a similar progressive path, albeit on divergent levels of existence.

This is exactly why time does in fact ‘heal!’

This is no picturesque coincidence but simply the natural way of things. 

I trust my instincts, my inner voice, and I know this to be true.  It’s not some quaint New Age philosophy picked up on the internet or in a fancy metaphysical book – it’s a basic human realisation of deeper truth within.

I feel blessed and extremely honoured to now hold this wonderful truth in my heart and this short personal account is written in the hope that my personal experience will aid others in their darkest hour. 

Once we take the great trepidation of death out of life the heavy clouds lift to reveal beautiful blue skies. The dearly beloved, who have moved on to the next phase in existence, are never gone, of that I am 100% certain. They are just waiting patiently until the next time we meet!

Rejoice with a glad heart the love between you both, for that sacred bond never ends. You are ‘not’ alone.

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