Life beyond Death – the evidence?

Orbs – our link to the Otherworld?

By Pat Regan

Balls of transparent light, which are frequently called ‘Orbs’ remain as a fascinating phenomenon. Many theories abound.

The materialistic scientist often blames camera flaws and tricks of the light for orbs and of course this may well be the case in several instances.

Reflections may also be a cause of unexplained balls of light suddenly appearing in photographs.

Nevertheless, we can also relate to series of photos that may all apparently be recorded at the same times and in the same fashion wherein orbs inadvertently materialise without good reason in just one or two of the snaps.

Some researchers have explained that orbs may be discarnate entities, spiritual bodies drifting in the higher planes of existence, and even perhaps extraterrestrial beings that are monitoring us.

I make no solid claims about what orbs may or may not be, yet the following true account may be of some interest to readers.

As a Pagan I have a personal belief in the spirit world. I see (feel) everything as possessing its own spiritual essence. I deem that at certain times we can make contact with spirits that haunt some places.

Countless psychic aids exist to help practitioners link with the world of spirit and one of the most famous is that old favourite, the Ouija Board.

Regardless of the best effort of self-righteous clergymen to ban such effective psychic devices the Ouija Board has stood the test of time. It has provided an extrasensory gateway to greater understanding to many seekers who held the audacity to go beyond the mundane.

I was recently involved in researching some family history and had been scanning a few old WW1 period photographs. One in particular kept instinctively drawing me back and before long I decided to see if I could bypass the worldly level of existence to seek out more knowledge of these ancestors.

Above: Private Patrick Regan, his wife Rhoda Regan and their son, young William Regan pictured shortly before Patrick was killed in the First World War.

I found myself alone one morning and placed the old sepia photograph of my grandfather, grandmother and my father next to the Ouija Board on a table in my home.

Following a brief period of reflection I allowed my fingers to be guided by the wooden planchette. As frequently happens with the board, a certain amount of astral dross made decoding the jumbled mix of letters pointed out by the planchette quite difficult. However, I requested that my ancestors should give me a “sign” if they so wished to contact me.

Nevertheless, on this particular occasion all was quiet.

I do note that once before in the same room the planchette had, during a session with others, spelt out ‘GI’. Moments later the name ‘Joe’ appeared. Now either this was a self-delusionary part of the event, by one of the practitioners, or alternatively some entity was genuinely seeking to highlight a military/army background.

Anyway, a short while after my initial session I was having a few publicity shots taken to promote my series of books.

When I finally got the photos downloaded onto the PC screen I noticed that two pale greenish white orbs were present in one on the pictures. This had me rather mystified.

One orb was plainly evident, whilst the other is harder to see. Apart from cropping the shot herein it is otherwise unaltered and the floating orbs appear just as markedly on the original image.

The orbs just appear to hover in space and are translucent.

Above: Author Pat Regan with books. To the left of the photograph two pale orbs can be seen. The orbs have not appeared on any other snaps before.


The promotional shots were taken in exactly the same part of the room where I had previously requested a ‘sign’ from my ancestors.

Very many photographs had been taken by our family at this same room location. None had ever displayed orbs of any kind before.


Above: a closer crop of one on the orbs; evidence of existence from beyond the grave?


Was this the sign I had been previously seeking? Was this solid evidence of the spirits, from beyond, of my beloved relatives keeping a watchful eye on me?

All I can say is that I sincerely asked, with a true heart, for some type of sign. It just took a little later to materialise.

I feel that there may be greater opportunities for more psychic investigation here.

I report this occurrence as it actually happened.

Make of it what you will.


Pat Regan © 2011 

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