Following the recent release of my latest UFO book, ‘UFO: THE SEARCH CONTINUES’, things appeared to quieten down a little.  

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Previous experience with the UFO phenomenon however reminded me that this misleading ‘calm’ would not last. 

During May 2015 I was contacted by a lady called Lyn Richardson. Lyn is the director at South Central Community Transport, a charity based in South Liverpool. 

Lyn had witnessed something strange and this had also been seen by her partner, Mr Brian Russell.  

Both Lyn and Brian were amazed at what they had seen and wanted to report it to someone. This is their story, which I am more than happy to transmit.

Location: Greenheys Road near to Princes Park, Liverpool, UK

Date:  Saturday, 23 May 2015, approximately 5.00 pm

Conditions: clear skies 

Lyn and Brian were sitting on their balcony and noticed something odd in the sky. Lyn  stood up to get a better look and both witnesses observed eight moving objects, which were seen just  to the left of the jet stream of an aircraft that had recently passed overhead.  


Above: Lyn Richardson 

They watched the UFOs for about ten minutes which appeared to have a set formation. Then one object moved directly into the pathway of another and seemed to disappear in to it.

The highest UFO looked to be the brightest one and the witnesses were astonished at what they were observing because they could make no sense of what was occurring. 


Above: Brian Russell

They have continued to honestly question what they saw since that time, yet no explanation was forthcoming.

Lyn stated. 

“We are both very rational people who have never experienced anything like this and so would just be grateful if we could find out if it was something someone could explain.”

I pressed Lyn more of the nature of what the UFOs actually looked like; she answered with the following.

“One appeared to be one at the top and one each side although a little lower than the top almost like a triangle, below these 3 were a further 5 almost in a line one behind each other.  3 of these bottom ones appeared to merge which was a little scary as they looked like they were going to crash in to each other but instead they just emerged as one with the others until finally they just disappeared  (a good 15 minutes). They looked almost like bright white objects and were very clear to see.”

More UFOs were seen in the same location as well later on. 

Lyn explained… 

“We have discussed what we saw over and over and both us know there is no way it could have been aircraft as they would have collided and crashed, no way was it any kind of balloon or lantern as they were in a definite formation and what really confirms the latter is today at 4 pm in the same spot (we have been looking all day though never expecting it to happen again) we saw two of the same strange objects in what looks like the exact same spot. After a couple of minutes of spotting them today they just disappeared.”

Brian and Lyn are convinced that this was a definite UFO sighting as they could think of no other explanation. 

As many readers are already aware the Liverpool region is no stranger to bizarre UFO sightings. If you saw anything unusual in the region’s skies then do please get in touch.

My sincere thanks go to the witnesses for coming forward with this fascinating UFO report.

Pat Regan © 2015 

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