The Crazy Way Society Handles the Paranormal!

Do you ever get so disgusted with something that you just wanted to walk away and give up? I am hitting that place more and more lately as I try to find my way along the insane roads of the Paranormal.

It is a land of confusion, delusion, deception and fear. It is filled with users, abusers, fakes and frauds. It also is a place good people with real experiences and good intentions of educating others are stuck swimming for their life among all this other stuff. It is a suffocating difficult place for those who really try to make headway into the unknown.

There are so many issues with this subject matter that it is a wonder there are any good people at all trying to find answers to all that we consider unknown. It is pathetic that as a society we have such a long list of things that fall under the category of unknown instead of known! It is shameful that we do not want to understand the real scien of subjects like UFO’s aliens or ghosts and creatures we seem to encounter and instead just sit in our dumbness happy and blind in full denial of what we should all fully understand at this point in history.

I work with these things every single day and will tell you I have moments when I just want to give up and walk away. I also know in my heart that until I understand what is going on with so many of these topics I will not be able to sleep well or feel at ease. I have encountered the unknown and I have suffered from those experiences. I have spoken to and written about many others who have also faced the unknown and understand how important it is for us to start to really know what it is we are dealing with.

Doing this within the confines of how our society handles the subjects considered paranormal or unknown is extremely difficult.

Let me start with something I deal with daily and frankly always makes me shake my head. 

People email or call me all the time concerning something they have encountered that is considered strange, unknown, and paranormal or whatever else you wish to call it. They will tell me what has happened to them with an incredulous tone of shock and want me to feel the same. I understand that they may have never seen or experienced what they are contacting me about before in their life but I do not understand their reaction that is so astonished by their event that they think the entire world will also be stunned ! 

I have had people repeat the same thing over and over to me waiting for me to fall off my chair in stunned silence which I find both odd and amusing.  I write about these topics constantly and have been doing so for over a decade. I have been published in books magazines and have been on multiple radio shows discussing all aspects of the paranormal. I have written many articles about my own encounters with the unknown. The very reason people contact me is because this is what I do and what I am known for. How is it that now that it has happened to them I am expected to fall off my chair in a stunned reaction?

It is clear to me that the people who do contact me who behave in this fashion do not believe one word of what others have been telling them or that they have been reading as if they did they would not act this way once it happens to them. The fact millions of people report incidents of the unknown yearly seems to have gotten past them. However, once they encounter something which they clearly did not understand that frightened them to death they become stunned and want others to react in the same manner.   Trust me I understand how startling it is to come face to face with the cold dead eyes of an unknown however that is the reason people like me write and talk about these things. We were not kidding you when we told you UFO’s are seen daily. Why are you so shocked when you finally see one? 

Of course there are many people who have become educated to these things and react in awe that they did see something with their own eyes yet realize it is rather main stream for people like me. These are the people who tell you about the event in a manner completely different from those who really did not believe it or thought of it all as a fun bump in the night story to frighten them for a good laugh. That kind of lack of knowledge is hard to take day after day. Excuse me if your story does not floor me, I have heard thousands just like it. Maybe you’re the one who needs to get up to speed with what is going on around you.

It also is clear that the public has no clue at all how many emails and calls people like me who report, write or investigate these things get in a week’s time. It is impossible to live my life at home with my family and friends and keep up with the messages sent or left on my voice mail.  If you are going to take the time to call someone who works in this subject matter please leave a complete message of what you’re calling about, how we can contact you and exactly when we can call back and most of all understand if it is a UFO report please take the time to email it in. That way once we get the email we can post it for everyone to read and share for them to know what to look for. Include the area the sighting was seen and details of what you saw. I never publish names or give out personal information so a first name is all I require.

Do understand I cannot return calls from those saying they have something to tell me yet they do not tell me what it is they want me to know!  I am only one person and do not have the time or ability to field and handle that kind of email or call.

Please do not get offended that I do not get crazy when you tell me what you have encountered. I have been doing this for a very long time and have had experiences of my own as well as have heard many from my peers. I am interested in what you are reporting but more concerned in getting the details so I can relate it on to those who want to know what is happening in the world of the unknown. I know it is life changing but cannot explode every time someone reports a new event. I know it is extreme for you but understand it is normal day to day business for me. What we all need to digest and realize is that things considered unknown or paranormal are very real and happening daily to people all over the world. Grasping that concept will help you deal with an experience if it comes knocking on your door. Understanding and becoming informed how others have dealt with similar encounters will give you the knowledge needed to deal with one if it happens to you. The days of funny laughing silly scary full blown denial these things are real really needs to be replaced with intelligent understanding of what is going on around you and an awareness it could very well happen to you at any time.

The reason I am writing about this is due to the fact that the people who become angry I do not meet their anticipated response when  they tell me they encountered something unexplained are the same people who strike out at me with long foul rants and name calling that they send to me in emails and leave on my voice messages. I have no choice but to ignore such behavior but can tell you that these childish cowardly acts are getting very old and boring. It is a shame so many are so low level in their thinking and actions. Some of the attacks are personal which is interesting coming from people who know nothing about my life away from the paranormal  It is sadly what makes working with topics considered  unknown so strange!

Now let me talk about an area that has been under my skin irritating me for years. That subject is TV shows about the paranormal and their obnoxious approach to people like me who write about or run sites concerning the subject.

I have heard others like me complain about these people and their methods and now it is my turn to add my two cents. Like my counterparts in the paranormal we are constantly approached by the deluge of fly by night paranormal based TV shows. The people who contact us have no idea what they are doing, have no clue about anything to do with the paranormal, do not take any of it seriously and are simply arrogant and obnoxious. They write to us asking us to freely hand over our material, names of contacts and information so they can make a quick buck off the backs of those who have been working in this area for years, some for decades. My favorite  part of these emails is that they tell you there is a deadline of a few days for you to get back to them to hand over all our hand work so they can exploit and use and abuse those we write about. 

When this first started years ago many writers were flattered thinking they were somehow chosen and that these people really wanted to work on these topics seriously with them. Quickly it became apparent every single site and writer was getting the same emails and requests. They just wanted to use what they could quickly to try to ride the growing popularity of the paranormal subjects. They did not care if they crushed lives or destroyed the research of those who worked for years to learn what they could about the unknown, they just want it handed over for free so they could line their pockets with money made off the backs of good people. There was no flattery or interest in anything other than to use and abuse those doing all the hard work. 

Of course what developed was an onslaught of terrible insulting shows thrown together by packs of fools which tossed backwards the hard work of many years making sure our dark ages handling and view of the subjects of the unknown stay lost and laughed at. There are a few very good shows out there however they have been sadly discredited by all the awful ones. 

It will remain this way as long as foolish block heads can self-proclaim they are capable of being the ones to question everything when in fact they are sadly lacking all skill or understanding of these topics and spend half the show rolling their eyes and making faces at many aspects of things they do not comprehend. Somehow the ignorance of the host has been twisted as to try to make those with new or different views look bad so the host can sit in his own stupidity without the want to look any further than a quick interview for answers concerning enormous questions. The entire thing is outright insulting to those who can and do think.

I do not see any forward motion coming about in the plight of those who really want to understand the science of or origin of so many things we  continue to consider unknown. We seem determined to stay deaf, dumb and blind to finding a road to real answers. I have my days like this one where I become really disgusted and discouraged by those who simply refuse to want to know what is going on around them and instead sit satisfied with idiotic shows done badly and a society who lives in full denial of it all.

I will continue to write my say on things. People can either consider my thoughts or just ignore them completely.  It is a choice for us all to think or to slide along with what seems to be the fad at the time. Like my peers I am on who has always walked to my own drummer and I find life interesting and complex when looked at with questioning eyes. I would not have it any other way.

TV lands needs to stay to cartoons, ridiculous sitcoms and new talent shows and leave the paranormal alone. It is much too hard here and you may pull a brain cramp if you keep trying to jump on this wagon train. 

Thanks for listening people, I just had to get this weight off my chest before it suffocates me.

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