Living in The Era of 2012

December 21, 2012.  I was recently asked what I think will happen on that day?  My answer was that I  think  many people in the world who celebrate Christmas will be madly wrapping gifts, baking cookies and decorating their homes. Of course I anticipate many parties and celebrations during that time as well. 
 I do not think the world will end  on that day or any other day soon..   I think we will have continued  problems  however I do not think we will have a exploding earth or the end of all things as we know it. 
I realize that  there are endless theories, opinions and predictions  about this specific date. I admit  I have spent many hours reading  articles, books as well as listening to lectures and media specials  on this subject. After all I needed to find out as much as I could about this matter. If the world is really  going to end I want to make sure I start living that way! 

If  I am to truly believe my life may end on  Dec 21st 2012  I want to make sure of my facts .  If this seems to be a  possibility  I need to stop working and start living it up . Who would keep on going to boring jobs or bother cleaning up or eating well if the end was just around the corner?

I talked to the smartest men and women I  could find about this issue. I researched everything I could find concerning 2012 before coming to my conclusions on this matter. I needed to know  if I should I sell everything I own and head for a lovely beach with the ones I love. If the end was coming I intended  to spend my last  days soaking in clear blue water with a wonderful cold drink with a small umbrella hanging over the side. I certainly would not continue the grind of my normal  daily life.  I am sure anyone who truly believed the end was coming would do the same.
After turning over every stone I could on this subject I finally came to my conclusions. As you see I am sitting here typing to you and far from a warm beach. In fact my world is still covered in snow!
Once I was comfortable with my thinking on the 2012 issue I tried to understand why the subject was being pushed upon the public as a certain date of complete doom. So much is true about the era of 2012 being a time of  possible turmoil and change that watching it muddied with  so much that is not true is hard to stomach. I do think the era of 2012 will be a extreme time in history. I do not believe it will be the end of the world.  The one thing we do not need are death merchants preaching false facts to those who may believe them. Not only is this immoral it is cruel. 
 It becomes tedious listening to the screaming doomsday crowd as they spew their   ongoing nonsense  by way of radio shows, web sites and overpriced books that we are all going TO DIE  next year .
 If they truly believed what they were spewing why were they wasting their precious last days sitting in chat rooms or talking to a handful of listeners on internet radio shows?  Come on now -if you really thought the jig was up would that be how you would spend your last days?  I think instead you would be out living your last days of life to the fullest.  You certainly would not be sitting in small groups listening to some fool talk about things that just are not quite true. 
It seems that  2012  is just another subject to terrorize and torment people for the never ending need for attention, fame or money by those who do it.
 I  realized while researching the subject that the claims of many were not based on anything truly concrete and more on opinion, confusion and just plain incorrect information. I am not going to spend my time writing out each item. You can all do the research and will see that finding real facts to fill the huge claims can be a bit exhausting.
The real shame of it  is the 800 pound gorilla in the room has been lost by way of this rush to jump with fraud -over fact concerning the 2012 subject.  After years of looking at this subject I have come to the conclusion that we will all be here doing what we  do during the  Christmas season   of 2012.  
This does not mean that the year 2012 will be an easy year. In fact I do not think 2011 or 2013 or 14 will be easy years either. I think we are knee deep  in what I call ‘The Era of 2012’
The era of 2012 is something I  DO  think we need to be extremely concerned about. I  think this is an era where we all need to be pro active so we all  survive what may come.  
By being pro active I do not mean sitting in chat rooms or listening to shows spewing nonsense on things that will not happen. I mean  in your real time life  preparing for things that may REALLY happen.  
This earth like all living things has cycles and changes that have been going on since the start of this planet and will continue to the end of  the earth’s life span. As far as our scientific knowledge now stands this planet is at the half way point of its life span. Once our sun dies so will this planet. During the life span of our earth many changes have occurred and will continue to do so.
It is normal for the earth to move its land masses. It is natural for the earth to change its climate as well for it to erupt its volcano’s and crack and shift its crust. It is the way of the planet to have devastating storms or times of extreme cold along with covering large areas with drought.
This is the way of this planet and that is not going to change because we  live on it. We are parasites of the planet earth.  We need to learn to be grateful for the life given to us by this planet . We also need to be fully aware we are here to ride the way of the world- not the other way around.
From what we can determine many natural cycles of the world are now not only due but some over due to take place. The magnetic poles are due to shift. Yellow stone volcano is due to erupt too. Earthquakes may happen on large scales as well as climate and land mass movement. 
The sun is changing  as the sun follows its cycles. The sun is also aging as is the earth. The sun can toss solar flares and make changes to our planet with ease. It has in the past and will many times in our future. 
Now add in to all of this natural upheaval the actions and devastation humans bring to the planet. We are constantly at war. We are constantly drilling oil which it a natural lubricant of the earth’s  crust which helps keep the land masses stable. We drain the oil without replacing the lubrication. I once read that salt water is suppose to be pumped in to replace the oil we pump out but seriously do not think this takes place.  We pollute and we manipulate the weather with technologies that are surely stepping on mother nature’s toes. We enjoy using this planet to fill our needs and wants without giving any thought to the fact the planet may be getting a belly full of us!
I have not included the popular theories concerning aliens taking over the earth in 2012. do not think  these are realistic ideas. I do think  this line of thinking is man made fiction without any truth or basis . I am a true believer in alien life forms and visiting UFO.s  I just do not think they have any relation to Dec 21st 2012.
 I have seen UFO’s with my own eyes and have had close encounters during my life time.   I firmly believe  our visitors have nothing to do with our fantasy and fear of 2012. The Era of 2012 will be our cross and ours alone to bare.


If other beings wanted to control or take this planet as their own they would have done so long before we made  it the stinking , bacteria filled, polluted hole it now seems to be. They would not have waited until we had nuclear weapons to make a bigger mess of things or a larger population to deal with. They would have taken their stand long ago when we were a cleaner planet, smaller in population  and easier to control.
The  visitors to this planet  do exactly what they want , when they want, to us and this planet  and always have. The only ones thinking we are worth  great  effort , time or consideration from our visiting neighbors are the humans .
 I think aliens may find us extremely humorous. We are the ones who cannot get off our planet. We are the ones who cannot stop killing each other. We are the ones who have no clue to what really exists in our own universe yet we are the ones who feel all other beings want or think  we are important and desire or need us as part of their existence. I think we are as important to them as a lab rat is to us.
What we need to fear is not being able to handle the things that are due to happen to this planet in the near future. What we need to fear  is starving to death because we did not have that extra supply of can goods or water on hand. What we need to fear is freezing to death because we did not have some kind of heat source in our homes. We need to understand  a great storm, huge power failure or act of war could easily remove us from the energy grid. What we need to fear is the hysteria of the population because no one was prepared for what will surely one day come. 
Could you live in your home if a great disaster occurred for a month with what you have on hand today? If the answer is no I think you need to give a bit of thought to the danger your placing you and your family in as we wade knee deep in  the era of 2012. 
I listen to  paranormal shows,  read many blogs and  watch the TV shows concerning all the tragic events attached to the  subject of 2012.. They spew out like a waterfall of vomiting trash a onslaught  of Hollywood fantasy mixed with twisted facts, false claims always spiced   with  gloom and doom.. It is show time all the way   I can only feel anger and rage at those  doing this. It is a immoral off handed approach to problems that may become very real . 
If you really research many of the things  claimed you will find they are either false, extremely twisted or half truths.  Often they will tell a part of a fact and leave out the entire full truth on the subject  . Those who do this want a story which would clearly place the subject they are trying to build to a large audience for reasons of  fame or money reward . They will gladly  frighten you to death for their personal agenda. Nothing else is at play here other than private gain. Your life is of no importance at all to those who do these things.
 I find this practice simply despicable. There are many people out there that listen to this garbage who believe this nonsense who might  become so traumatized by  a  dim wit telling them aliens are going to show up on big reptile horses and enslave them on Dec 21st 2012- that they may do harm to themselves rather than face that fate. 
That may be extreme however it could happen. The other side of the coin is that they spit out such ridiculous things that people who should be preparing for the devastating events due at this time in history may simply do nothing at all and not heed  real  warnings . This could end in misery for those who did not prepare for what may come. These people may end up the ones paying the price by not preparing for anything at all by way of the fakes and frauds who pollute the facts we do know with shameful self promoting fantasy. 
I believe   we are now in an Era that  will continue to bring us hard natural disasters, extreme planet changes, devastating  events not to mention staring at what seems to be the brink of serious world wars .
We live in a society that is powered by antique power grids using energy systems that simply will not continue to be our future .  We seem reluctant to change and unwilling to listen that things simply cannot and will not go on as they have for you in the past. Survival will be for those who are prepared to the best of their ability.
The simple stocking of canned good so you and the members of your family can survive in your home for a month is something I think all families should do. Having a heat source and light source would also be well advised along with a water supply and first aid kit. 
I  have had people send me angry emails telling me they cannot afford to feed their families now and cannot afford to keep extra food around in case of an emergency. I tell them they need to find a way.

If you could buy on sale canned fruit or vegetables you would have both liquid and calories needed to survive. I think you could stay alive on two cans a day per person. If you spent the next 6 months adding sale canned goods to a emergency supply your family may make it through a devastation. Heat source may be fire or gas or simply huge amounts of blankets. The point is to think about these things and act on them. I know if it meant my family I would sell anything I had or give up internet service until I had a plan and a supply to keep them alive. I say these hard things because I know for a fact we are due  in our future to face some difficult times. 

 I believe we have been warned about this period of time by those in our past history who had to survive similar cycles and events.  These warnings give me both strength to prepare and hope as I realize those who left warnings also survived past world disasters. 
 This earth has given us a lush life as well as showing us terrible destruction. It will continue to do so. Many have survived these times in the past. Many perished as well.
 Many of us too will survive. Sadly many of us also will not. I promise you those who see it coming and are ready to the best of their ability for the possible difficult days ahead will live to see the good days reappear.
I listen to the people who discuss this subject and know there are those who go completely over board and live as if in a military survival camp . I think this is extreme and not needed. I listen to others who do absolutely nothing but sit and listen to nonsense . Those are the  people  who may have some very hard days ahead. I think the best  approach to our future is to be prepared. Be ready to the best of your ability to swim the tide of nature and man without failing due to the fact you did not have that extra can of fruit or soup to keep you alive until order returns .
I listen to those who feel if they have a weapon that they will be fine. I have to ask myself it they want the weapon to kill others who may want what they have or do they intend to kill others to take what they were too lazy to have ready for themselves? 

The major flaw with this plan on all sides is that if you have a weapon chances are everyone else who survived does too. If that is the outcome I suggest you all put down your weapons and try to rise above that level of thinking and figure out together how to continue to survive.  If not I assure you he with the food , water and gun will end up surviving. The gun only gang will starve before they are able to overpower those prepared. That is just how life works. We all need to understand and think about that.

To those who think aliens will land and make all woes  better-  well I just do not think that is going to happen. They may watch from a safe distance to what is happening on this low level planet. They may shake their heads at how unprepared and savage we allowed ourselves to become.
I do not think that they will interfere and certainly do not think they are going to show up to make all your problems disappear. No crafts full of food ,  medicine or hope will be in our future. 
 Aliens are not our Moms and Dads. Aliens are visitors who simply do what they do and move on. Our needs are not their concern. If it were they would have helped long ago. This is not the first go around this planet has had with a era of cycles where horrible things happened to the humans living on the planet. They did not stop or help then I doubt they will now. We are on our own and we need to grow up and understand and  own that fact.
I will admit I do feel that a perfect time for a visiting species to   infiltrate or develop a foot hold or  advantage point on this planet would be  when we are weak and  on our knees fighting for survival. I think it easier to deal with anything  when it is at its weakest point.
As far as our entering a time of enlightenment. That is a very private and misunderstood concept in my thinking. I believe we all are here on this earth to test our free will. Our will that walks us along our roads in life along the paths of good and evil- right and wrong. We walk our journey alone . We all make our own choices. If this is your time of enlightenment you have to understand it has nothing to do with anyone or anything more than your facing your own journey and your own choices. Nothing is going to happen that will swoop down and wipe out all wrongs and lift you to a new wonderful place of light. Please do not sit and wait for that to occur.
Your road to enlightenment is by way of your own hard work. We all need to look at our own life choices and actions. The road to light is by way of a life well lived. If you are a back stabbing, mean spirited self agenda me me me only type of person chances are the road to enlightenment is presently closed for you.

If you are a fair kind person who loves without condition and has done the right thing by those along your life path – you are on the road to light . I do think this era of 2012 will be a testing point for many to the true nature of their souls. With that said it will be a time for redemption and choices that may indeed place those who follow the road of good and turn a back to that of evil  to a time when enlightenment may be your final reward.  The worst of times bring out the true nature of mankind. Only you can decide how you will meet the demands that may come your way.


If we are in a time when we will all face the next path to take in life  you need to have a honest talk with yourself and what your actions in life have been. If you need to make changes and have not been a good person this is the very moment to start. You are your own ladder to enlightenment. Start climbing that ladder today.  The past is gone but every choice and path you choose from this day forward will be your ticket to or not to that place of light we all hope to achieve.  
So there you have it. What I believe and fear about the real Era of 2012. I know many will be very angry that I do not walk hand in hand with the typical paranormal fads and popular topics. I do not know what to say other then I have to walk this planet like everyone else and I plan to do it with the most understanding and knowledge I can. I want to survive. I want to know what happens next and why. I want to be a good person and find my own light. One way for me to reach those goals is to write what I truly believe. I am fully aware I walk my own road . I never was one to follow a path that was not my own.
It is obvious I do not agree with or take part in a great deal that is popular in the world of the paranormal. It is maddening for me as I do know UFO’s exist as well as the fact alien beings  pilot them. I talk to people all the time who have had incredible events happen to them but due to the condition of the paranormal world do not want to come forward.
I do think we have been warned that the days ahead will be difficult .  It is obvious we are entering a time of wild weather patterns as well as  other natural events like earthquakes , floods and  volcanic activity. We cannot stop these events . We have been warned these events can be catastrophic for the human race. What we can  do is be as ready as we can possibly be to weather what may come our way. We know hard days will cross our paths. We need to  be ready and we need to be able to  save our  species with awareness and hard work. Otherwise we will perish .
What we do not need is for those claiming to be experts in the world of the paranormal continuing  to  pitch ridiculous scenarios that we are all doomed to die  or are destine to be slaves to another invading species.   I think this is  reckless behavior being done by  people who do not care about anything other than their own reward. I find them despicable people.
I hope each and every one of us will be sitting here in 2015 and years beyond. I wish it were not a time in history to worry or prepare for horrific events.  Unfortunately I think mother nature and the cycles of this planet have other plans for us all.  I truly want to be wrong on all of this however I do not think I am.
Whatever our destiny may be I think it wise for each and every one of us to prepare for the worst and hope for the best . That is the best defense for what may come. . I will prepare and I will pay attention to my surroundings. I also will pray never to see  days I have prepared for.
For now stay alert and be careful out there.

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