Long Islanders Witness Strange Lights in the Sky

Strange Sighting Reported Over Long Island New York

By Chris Holly

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In the past  5 days I have had 6 phone calls and 5 emails from different parts of Long Island all telling me that they saw something strange in the sky. 

Three people told me they saw odd  diamond shaped objects lit in solid white light hovering above the Coast line of Long Island.  Two of these sightings came from the east end of Long Island and both of them were seen over the Atlantic Ocean. The people told me just about word for word the same thing. The object was not moving just  lingering above the ocean , was a diamond shaped object and had a solid bright extremely white  glow to it.  Both watched the object for less than a minute before it simply started to gain altitude  at first slowly until it suddenly took off into the blue sky increasing speed until it disappeared.  This same report was given to me by a man who saw the same thing while walking along the beach near Lido Beach , Long Island.  All of the people reported the same object doing the same thing  during the first 14 days of March 2012.

Five people contacted me asking if I had heard about any sightings of UFO in the area as they each watched a strange object in the night sky during the first half of March.  Four people claimed to have watched  large white changing to orange orbs cross over their houses silently at great speed without any flashing lights or strobe lights of any kind. Just a solid ball of light traveling at an enormous speed.   They all said the object passed across the sky quickly so they were only able to view  it for about 30 seconds however all of them were positive it was not a plane . This report came from people living along the North Shore of Long Island in the coastline towns  along the mid section of Long Island  from the towns of   Stonybrook  west to  Old Westbury .

The last three people who contacted me claimed they watched a formation of brightly colored white , red and orange orbs flying over the  east end of Long Island out over the Atlantic Ocean in a  long V formation with one side of the V much  longer than the other at  extreme speed  crossing over the ocean and the tip of Long Island heading towards the coast line of the United States.  

I found the fact so many people contacted me all in the last week reporting sightings seen recently this month unusual.  I can only wonder how many other people on Long Island have had recent sightings who do not report them .  

I think it is time we all took notice of our sky and try to become familiar with the normal things in your sky both during the day and night so you are able to distinguish what belongs there and what does not .  It is only time before we all notice something that is unknown.  I truly believe there is so much activity out there that it is only our ignorance of our own surroundings, denial of what truly is going on around us and our lack of caring that keeps us lost to the truth of  many subjects considered unknown.  Start  looking and when you do see something tell someone. It is the only way we will ever figure out what is going on out there, around us, over us and to us each and every day.

I thank all who took the time to contact me. I wish I could offer a suggested organization that is truly looking for real answers to all these unknown sightings but as it is ,  the  mess of the paranormal and the lack of real research continues to be our biggest failure.  I had one caller tell me that after looking at the absolute garbage on the net he simply decided to tell me as I  am a local and leave it at that.  I fully understood his feelings as it is what prompted me to begin writing in the first place.  I had my own story to tell and nowhere to tell it  that  kept the comical or pure fantasy separated from those who were truly encountering amazing things.   My goal has been and will remain telling the experiences of  ordinary people who encounter extra ordinary events.  

Now more than ever  keep a keen eye on the sky both day and night.  They are out there! 

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