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By Chris Holly

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A paranormal researcher friend of mine contacted me about my past interviews with people who have encountered unexplained lost time abduction experiences  He told me he knew a man who suffered from a lifetime of strange lost time events and thought it may be good for him if  to him to talk with me so he would understand he was not alone in this strange unknown of lost time experiences. .

My friend told me the man had been enduring extreme events of high strangeness since he was a small child.  He did not enjoy talking about them due to the reaction of most people including those who investigate or write about them.  Luckily, my friend was able to convince him to talk to me about what he was going through.

I met with Brian. He is a tall attractive man in his mid 40’s. He is well-spoken and friendly.  He lives in a small town in the Pacific North West of the United States with his wife and 4 children. He does not often talk about the odd events that take place in his life, but after telling him about others I have written about (like him) he was willing to tell me part of what he has endured over the last 40 years.



Brian’s Ordeal 

Brian’s ordeal began when he was a child about four years of age.  He was living with his family in a small sleepy New England town at the time.. He recalls waking up in the middle of the night screaming and frozen in this bed, unable to get up to run to his family for help.  He recalls the terror of this so strongly that it has stayed with him his entire life.


The events always occurred at night when his mother was working a night shift and he and his siblings were alone at home with his father.  He recalls that his father admitted he could hear his son screaming for help  on occasion yet when his father tried to move to help him, he found he was not able to move from where he was as he suffered a strange paralyzed sensation, and could not help Brian because he could not move.    His father would remain paralyzed during these encounters unable to move his arms or legs .


When he could finally rise, he would run into the room only to find Brian alone terrified and crying.  These encounters  remained a family mystery as they never did understand what was happening to them during those strange night time events. Brian would scream for help and his father would not be able to move his body, which would be frozen in a strange state.  The family felt the encounters only lasted for a few minutes, but they were never really sure about anything that took place during the strange events.


Brian’s life continued on as a typical little boy on all other levels beyond the strange events at night. That is until he was in his 8th year.  He has a clear memory of an incident that happened to him when he was 8 years old.

He was alone in his room playing when a very tall (at least 7-foot tall) being entered his room. The strange creature was more of a shadow-like being as Brian cannot recall it having any clear features other than wearing a robe type garment.

The being had light behind and around it.  Brian will never forget the crippling fear that he felt as this being came towards him while he sat playing in his room.  He recalls the fear was so overpowering he was not able to yell or move.  He only remembers up to this point and has no memory at all of how the encounter ended.  The fear he felt during this encounter was so horrific that he can still feel it to this day.  He told me he thought his heart was going to pound out of his chest, he was so terrified at the being standing before him.  He does not recall anything else from that point on.


Brian lived his childhood and teens in constant fear of having one of these ongoing strange encounters.  He often experienced the feel of a rush of wind pass over him leaving the sound of being in a wind tunnel in his ears.   During this stage of his life, he would also suffer from a pounding vibration in the front of his head.  During these experiences he can recall being touched by hands on his wrists, and eyes.  He could recall the sensation of floating during these episodes, and of being trapped in a dimly lit environment.  He  would feel extreme fear after one of these events occurred, one which would last with him for a very long time.



Life was not secure or happy for Brain as a child…


despite the strangeness of his childhood, Brian grew up and went about his life as “normally” as he could.  He joined the military, and went about the business of becoming and being a soldier.  His life seemed to remain on the road of normal as he went about the work of his military service.  He was discharged after his enlistment ended, and he returned to the ranks of civilian life.

After the military tour, he married and quickly had four children.  He had difficulty holding jobs and found he had to move his family often due to his need to constantly change jobs, which was becoming the ongoing way of Brian’s family’s life. 

He also found that he was having strange lost time events that were causing him terrible problems with his wife and employers.  Brian would go out to buy milk, or to do an errand for a boss andhe’d be gone for hours instead of the short time the task actually would ordinarily take to do.  He told me that he would start out going about the business of what ever it was he set out to do and end up waking up as if he had taken a nap in a strange place a few hours later with no recall at all how or why any of it happened.  He thought he was having extreme mental issues, which terrified him and had no answers for his odd disappearance.  These events did not take place often but did occur enough to cost him two jobs. 

Brian also was aware that, after these strange experiences, he would suffer a few weeks of illness with stomach issues that  also made it difficult for him to hold a long term job.  His stomach issues became more serious with each event until he ended up in the hospital dealing with them.  

His marriage was also suffering from the strangeness in his life.  He was barely able to support his family and was ill to the point, with odd health problems, that he was not able to be much of a father to his children either.   One ordeal really damaged his marriage when Brian went to do a fast errand to buy milk and bread before dinner for his family and did not return for two days.  He could not recall at all what had happened or where he had been.  All he knows is that he set out in his car for the market a few miles from his home, but woke up two days later to find he was sitting on the town Library steps.  He was just sitting there.  He came around confused and feeling sick as if he had the flu. 

At first, he had no idea where he was.  He was disoriented, ill and worst of all wearing clothes that were not his.   He had no idea where he had been or what had happened to him since he had left his house two days prior or how he ended up wearing someone else’s clothes right down to the shoes!

Brian began to panic as he was afraid he was having a mental breakdown of some kind and went to a nearby hospital for help.




At the Hospital …


Brian told them what had occurred and they admitted him for observation.  They helped him with his flu-like symptoms. However, they found nothing else wrong with him and released him.  They told him his ordeal may have been due to stress.  Brian knew differently, but had no idea where to go for help .

Brian simply tried to pulled himself back, “into life,” and hoped against hope that nothing like this lost time event would ever happen to him again.  

This event did however have distinct differences from the others in his past.  Forone thing, the “lost time” was obviously much longer, but this time Brian did have some residual memory of other beings around him. 

He had flashes of memory of a woman who was with him for part of the ordeal, as well as, creatures he could only describe as part human, and part something else, that he thought may have been examining him and the woman in a small room with silver walls that seemed to be made of light, unlike any walls he had ever seen before.  He also was able to locate his car about 6 miles outside of his small town parked behind an old warehouse.  The car had burn marks on its hood and trunk.  A pen and a cheap Bic lighter that was left on the dashboard had been melted into a pile onto the dashboard and the car had a nasty odor 



Black and Blue Bruises – A Sign of Sexual Abuse?

Shortly after this event occurred, Brian was home with wife and kids when he decided to take a shower before going to bed.  His wife was in the bedroom when he entered after his shower to get ready for bed.  His wife took one look at him and started to yell at him in a rage . 

Brian had no idea what had set her off as she blew up at him and started to accuse him of cheating on her.  She pointed at his private parts and demanded to know how he became so black and blue and bruised? 

He looked in the mirror only to discover that he was, indeed, covered in bruises and realized he had been sore and uncomfortable in that area for a few days. He thought little of it until he viewed the extent of the black and blue contusions around his groin area.

Although his wife knew that he was the victim of something beyond his control she became frightened for her children, and for her own safety.  So, his wife packed up the children and moved across the country to live with her parents, leaving him broken, and with a feeling of total helplessness in his situation.

The above story, recounted by Brian, was the last contact that I had with this man, and that was about five years ago.  

Then, I was contacted by the man who introduced me to Brian.  He told me that Brian continued to suffer from stomach issues and he continued to have problems keeping jobs due to his occasional lost time events.  His friend also told me that Brian was able to recall more about the strange beings that were taking him and told my “paranormal friend” that he knew they were draining him, but could only remember what they looked like, and still, he had no recall of what fully took place during his abductions.  Brian was now able to recall a bright light hitting him just before the lost time events occurred, and he had a second car that was burned and smelled oddly after one of these events.

The hardest news to hear was that Brian never was able to return to his family.  Brian became extremely ill after one very harsh lost time event.  He was able to drive himself to an emergency room and sadly, I am told, that is where Brian died.

He was 49 years old.  

I know many of you reading this may say he was simply crazy, or a secret drug user, or have many other reasons to explain the utter strangeness of this man’s life. However, I can only tell you what happened and what those who knew him think happened to him.  His family, friends and those who knew him, all claim that the lost time events and horror of Brian’s life were true events and these events are the cause of his death.


Rosetta 5- MT

“Lost Time” – “Missing Time”

During my years of talking to those who have had similar abductions and “lost time” experiences, aka “Missing Time,” I have learned that most of those “taken” have stories very much like Brian’s experiences.  The people that I have interviewed talk about the aftermath of these events, including illness, debilities, as well as, spine and neck problems that worsen as the events continue throughout their lifetimes. 

I have to admit that in my findings, broken bodies, and frustrated hearts are an ongoing theme among those who are taken against their wills, harmed and returned to a society who views them as unstable, or liars, insane or attention seekers.  Going through such terrible ordeals, and to return, to not be able to find any help at all, does cause these people to become bitter and closed-off, and to become outcasts from society.

I wish I could be one of  those who report all wonderful things by way of abduction, but sadly I have found only hardship, and difficulty, for those taken, which adds another layer of abuse to be cast upon these people.  When it comes to the unknown in the area of abduction, we humans fall on our faces and only further abuse those enduring these events.  I feel sad about it all. 

I also know that Brian is not the only one who has had his life end badly due to the interference of those who are involved with these “lost time abduction” events.  I do know that after years of writing about it, I am sure that Brian was not the first, nor will be the last, to have his life end in this fashion.

I wish we as a society could stop being so ignorant and arrogant about things that we do not understand, and start wanting to know what really is going on “out there” before we allow any more to be sacrificed to the unknown. It is time for us to  understand, the real mystery is why we refuse to want to know, 


Chris Holly

Long Island, New York 

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